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Mas Fuerte

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Sigue en tus caminos yo sigo en el mio

a mi me alumbró la luz

Y aunque me persigan tus negras mentiras… 84 more words


10 Canciones Que No Sabias Fueron Escritas Por Juan Gabriel.

Juan Gabriel tenía una voz angelical, era también uno de los mejores intérpretes sobre el escenario pero lo que mas se distingue de sus tantos talentos era su capacidad para componer. 514 more words


Gods of Egypt shots (video)

Some of the final shots from my compositing work on Gods of Egypt

Seven seconds of Love - SSATB div.

I found you
To later realize
You were always there.

How should I say,
Without thinking too much,

If I could catch the green lantern of the firefly… 71 more words


X-Men: Apocalypse, Sky Fibre Commercial


Running at the same time as the Qucksilver sequence in Xmen Apocalypse, my work on this commercial involved retiming Quicksilver; speeding him up while adding trails, and stabilising ‘Daisy’ who was to be ‘frozen’ in ‘quicksilver time’, and adding in glasses lenses. 65 more words

Gods of Egypt

2015-2016 Rising Sun Pictures

The bulk of my work on Gods of Egypt was compositing shots in the sphinx sequence, and I also had some shots on Ra’s space-boat. 256 more words


2015 Rising Sun pictures

The work I completed in Pan involved replacing greenscreen with CG backgrounds of London while the Jolly Roger flies over the top. 284 more words