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Homestead Project #3

Compost bin!

As always, gardening is a year round thing for us. If we aren’t actively growing, then we are germinating, stratefying, or composting. Today our focus is composting. 131 more words


Compost heap after Christmas

My compost heap has benefited handsomely from Christmas – it’s had piles of peelings and egg boxes shoved in it.

At the start of winter, it was nearly up to the top but now it’s much lower.   21 more words

Isle Of Wight

Bin, bokashi or worms?

Composting is totally a win-win. You divert waste from already-heaving, methane producing landfills, plus you create fertiliser which enriches your soil.

When you’re ready to start, first thing is to decide where you’ll put your waste. 985 more words

Garden Love

Winter Curbside Service Announcements

1. Because Christmas and New Year’s Day are both on Sundays this year, there will be no change to our regular curbside collection schedule.

However, please take note of the six-week suspension of compost can collection from January 23-March 10, as well as our guidelines for tree disposal. 271 more words

Recycling & Waste

Widow-makers, compost and a tooth

It’s been an odd week, starting with the widow-maker. And no, in Aussie parlance, a widow-maker is not a psychotic gigolo, it’s a tree, or tree branch that falls without any apparent warning. 357 more words

It's In The Bin - Part Deux!

A touch of pride, and some achy feet and stiff muscles.  Okay, more than just a touch of pride.  I’m pretty much beaming to have not only dreamed up the idea, but then executed it and completed the project in the time frame I told myself I would.   1,135 more words

Animal Compactors

Compost bins, who needs compost bins when you have chickens and goats? Our chickens love watermelon and cucumbers so much that they leave nothing more than skins. 72 more words