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Composting in the desert

Anyone who gardens or simply cooks a lot of vegetables quickly finds out – you must have a compost pile! Vegetable waste translates into useful fertilizer and soil very quickly if you compost, so it is a huge waste NOT to create some composting system – not to mention the cost of buying bags of compost. 439 more words


Vegetable Patch Progress

I have been meaning to do this for a while, and now the seeds are sown, weeding has been done, and the toddler is asleep I have time to myself to write about our progress on the vegetable garden. 721 more words



A little update on my compost pile. The pile consist of grass clipping, leaves and shredded cardboard. It’s design allows for easy turning, and wetting it down. 49 more words


May gardening

I’ve been outdoors. Trees and bushes are sprouting leaves and flowers, and I can almost hear the perennials growing.

There were numerous days when I worked in the rain drenched to the skin. 471 more words


Constructing our first compost pile at the farm from pallets

If there’s one thing that gardening produces a lot of, it’s green waste that needs composting. So while we have a small compost bin for the farm’s kitchen scraps, a proper compost pile is needed for the garden, even at this early stage. 176 more words

Growing Our Own Food

My Easy, Cheap, DIY Worm Compost Bin

This morning I revamped my worm composting bin, after clearing out a ridiculous amount of fruit & veggie scraps from a bag in our freezer. We eat a lot of veggies in this house and sometimes (read: most of the time) we are too lazy to bring it outside while we’re cooking, so instead we usually fill a brown paper bag in the freezer which, unlike a countertop bin, prevents fruit flies and obviously can sit without rotting for as long as my procrastinating little heart desires! 973 more words

DIY Trash Can Composter Tutorial

By Cat DiStasio

Composting food scraps from your kitchen is an easy way to reduce landfill waste and create nutrient-rich potting soil for your garden. You probably already knew that. 805 more words