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Widow-makers, compost and a tooth

It’s been an odd week, starting with the widow-maker. And no, in Aussie parlance, a widow-maker is not a psychotic gigolo, it’s a tree, or tree branch that falls without any apparent warning. 357 more words

It's In The Bin - Part Deux!

A touch of pride, and some achy feet and stiff muscles.  Okay, more than just a touch of pride.  I’m pretty much beaming to have not only dreamed up the idea, but then executed it and completed the project in the time frame I told myself I would.   1,135 more words

Animal Compactors

Compost bins, who needs compost bins when you have chickens and goats? Our chickens love watermelon and cucumbers so much that they leave nothing more than skins. 72 more words

Autumn Leaves: Putting the Garden to Bed...Again

Yes, it is that time of year again. Time to empty out pots; lift and divide plants; prune hedges and shrubs and generally to do all of those little autumn gardening jobs that need doing before winter really takes hold. 637 more words

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Pumpkins in the compost bin

So we’re now past Hallow’een and Guy Fawkes’.  Our pumpkins are now in the compost bin, where they’re compressing all the stuff that’s already in there. 18 more words

Isle Of Wight

Compost bin at the start of November

I hope that my compost bin will benefit from all the pumpkin innards that have gone in there.  My Mum often mentions how disgusting she finds the inside of pumpkins and I have noticed a sort of gassy smell.   39 more words

Isle Of Wight

Plant of the Month: October

There is something quite enchanting and mysterious about the plant I have chosen for October. Perhaps it was the way this plant has been captured in stories that not only mesmerised my younger self but also inspired me to grow them later in life. 847 more words

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