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All the sunshine has done the apples on my apple tree a lot of good.

If I were a better gardener, I would thin the apples out so that they grow far bigger.   136 more words

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Composting and DIY Compost Bin

I want to start blogging again and what better way to start then to talk about my attempt at composting?  Not really… But I took photos when I made my DIY compost bin so why not? 505 more words


Gardening delight

The other day I got into some hardcore weeding.  I’d let quite a few beds get disastrously overgrown and it was rather a problem.  In particular, the bed with the broom had loads of long grass which is quite similar to broom itself and was swamping all the plants.   340 more words

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A beginner's guide to composting in your apartment (without worms)

Composting on my fire escape was the first big step I took towards living a more sustainable life.

Three years ago, I was buying much more than I could consume, since it is literally impossible to find a “marital status: single”- sized container of milk in our XL country. 787 more words


Compost Bin

I have had a recurring issue this year worth a raccoon digging his why under the left side of the compost bin. The leftmost of the three bins is the one I use to store kitchen scraps before combining them with yard waste to perform active composting. 148 more words


Compost heap

My compost heap seems to have slowed down a bit lately – I blame all the dead herbs I shoved in there when I had to redo my herb garden.   46 more words

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The chives in the bed in the front garden have become rather rampant.  I ended up chopping them as they’d fallen over, crushing my new rosemary, and the flowers had gone over.   77 more words

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