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One thing I love about my garden is the compost heap.  It’s brilliant, we never have to put smelly banana skins or eggshells in the bin any more and it makes me feel really “green” (although, really, I am not). 587 more words

Isle Of Wight

Progress Report: Weeks 18 through Whatever Week This Is (41, Maybe?)

So…long time, no post. I was getting tired of posting about my lack of progress, which is probably because as a modern American woman, I am prone to define my fitness progress solely by the number on the scale. 286 more words

Compost Bin

What I found out about my Neighbours

Since my hubby has been laid up, it has been my responsibility to empty our Garbage/Waste Bin, Recycle Bin and the Compost Bin.

In our local area, the Council is responsible collecting our Garbage/Waste and Recycle Bins. 314 more words


The heat is on!

Only a few days ago, my compost heap was jammed to the rafters. Then I took out a bit of almost finished compost at the bottom – the bit at the front which was accessible – but the rest will have to stay until I have a place to move the bin to, so that I can turn the whole lot. 125 more words


A little inefficiency can turn out to be a good thing! - Connacht Tribune - Galway City Tribune

I can’t seem to stop talking about compost. But really, it’s probably my favorite part of gardening. All the rest of it takes so much waiting! 451 more words


How to Build a Compost Bin | This Old House

Today, we’ll talk about outdoor composting! As an added bonus, at the bottom is a link to a This Old House blueprint for building your own outdoor bin. 960 more words


Trash or Treasure?

Ah yes … One (wo)man’s Thrash is another (wo)man’s Treasure, right?  True too, is the saying – Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder. 203 more words

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