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Worms as Bait!

Earthworms are popularly used as Fishing worms, which act as the bait for fishing. However, do fish really like earthworms? Do they truly appreciate the taste? 225 more words

Compost Bin

Writers' Homework: Go to the Ant and 2 Reviews

There’s an ants’ nest in the compost bin, and all the worms have disappeared.

Hopefully, they’ve moved to the apartment below, leaving the ants with the penthouse. 820 more words


Emptying Your Composter to Harvet the Garden Gold

We have been busy as bees out in our yard doing some reorganizing.  As such, even though I had been avoiding it, our composter needed to be moved. 360 more words

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Compost for Your New Veggie Garden

Wow, we finally hit Day 10 of Garden Tribe’s Vegetable Garden Boot Camp. Yay! Subject of today’s post–COMPOST.

It almost doesn’t matter where you’re getting your information, it’s likely you’ll find this is one of the top recommendations for any garden, vegetable or otherwise: … 810 more words


What Does Not Belong In My Worm Bin?

“Johnny, where is your homework assignment?”  Asked Mrs Peterson.

Johnny:   Oh, well the worms were hungry and its Thursday, so I used it to build their bed this morning.” 638 more words

Compost Bin

Composting I: Building Your Bin

Not long into my real food journey I realized that I had a lot of fruit and vegetable scraps going into the trash can.  I started thinking about the idea of composting when it just so happened that  my local library was offering a free one-hour workshop on the subject,  and I decided to check it out and see what I could learn. 457 more words


March Show and Tell

It’s a show-and-tell kind of day. Warm weather has brought auctions, junkin’, and to-do projects. Read on for a glimpse of what I’ve been up to. 341 more words

Show And Tell