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Joy oh joy - The compost bin repaired!

Love, love, love our rotating compost bins! 

Here it is brand new. It rotates around the middle end over end. Great mixing of components for compost in a hurry. 241 more words

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How to Build a Compost Bin or A Compost Heap?

Building a compost bin can be all challenging, easy and tons of fun. First of all, you should know and decide what your true needs are and what will meet those needs fair and square. 240 more words

Compost Bin

Wiggly wrigglers

Peeling back the plastic cover, umpteen wriggling, squishy creatures object to being disturbed.  Centipedes, beetles and spiders scuttle for cover.  A tomato wears a beautiful fur coat; a soggy cucumber end with a big fat slug attached to it; a germinating avocado stone.  36 more words


Do I Need a Worm Farm, A Compost Bin or Both?

Kitchen and green wastes should be never in the garbage! It can make a great difference to your garden if you have one. Organic wastes should go to the compost heap, a worm farm or both. 101 more words

Compost Bin

Compost bin in September

The snake / slow worm is still in the compost bin – I keep catching glimpses of its tail before it disappears.  I’ve had a quick google and I’m now thinking that it is a… 22 more words

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All the sunshine has done the apples on my apple tree a lot of good.

If I were a better gardener, I would thin the apples out so that they grow far bigger.   136 more words

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Composting and DIY Compost Bin

I want to start blogging again and what better way to start then to talk about my attempt at composting?  Not really… But I took photos when I made my DIY compost bin so why not? 505 more words