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Temporary Compost Bin

Since we have to get our goat barn built and some other priority work done, building a compost bin is going to have to wait. I have a ton of food waste though and don’t want to not use it so we made a temporary bin. 87 more words


Our DIY Composter

Composting is seriously the coolest thing ever. Okay, it’s really not. It’s all just dirt in the end.

Still, being able to take a bunch of “waste” and turn it into something useful is pretty cool and no small accomplishment. 821 more words



After everything was assembled, one of the doors I had made for the compost bit was a smidge fat.  Thankfully, I brought my #4 plane with me, and I took a few shavings off until it fit correctly. 169 more words

Into left field

When we last saw our compost bin project, it was at the end of the shop phase of the construction.  Now, it’s on to the field install portion.  482 more words


Once the frames were all lapped together (4 frames, 4 corners, 2 sides to the joint, 2 cuts per side is 64 different saw cuts just to get the frames up.  441 more words


Our new project for the week is a little different from the commissions I usually get.  I got an email from a lady who had seen my work at… 269 more words

May 2017 in Photos

1) Compost bin for a flower shop in San Francisco Chinatown.  2) Perks of working from home: treating myself to Humphry Slocombe’s vietnamese iced coffee ice cream on a warm day.   57 more words

Photo Diary