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A beginner's guide to composting in your apartment (without worms)

Composting on my fire escape was the first big step I took towards living a more sustainable life.

Three years ago, I was buying much more than I could consume, since it is literally impossible to find a “marital status: single”- sized container of milk in our XL country. 787 more words


Compost Bin

I have had a recurring issue this year worth a raccoon digging his why under the left side of the compost bin. The leftmost of the three bins is the one I use to store kitchen scraps before combining them with yard waste to perform active composting. 148 more words


Compost heap

My compost heap seems to have slowed down a bit lately – I blame all the dead herbs I shoved in there when I had to redo my herb garden.   46 more words

Isle Of Wight


The chives in the bed in the front garden have become rather rampant.  I ended up chopping them as they’d fallen over, crushing my new rosemary, and the flowers had gone over.   77 more words

Isle Of Wight

We Found Something Growing in Our Compost Bin

A couple of years ago, my beau and I put together this compost bin to tackle all the leaves and grass clippings from our yard, because compostable yard bags suck. 228 more words


Our Compost Bin

Our backyard now has a compost bin!

Tim did all of the brunt work… but I helped! It was at very low cost, too. Our main expense was purchasing 120 square feet (11.15 square meters) of chicken wire, an idea we lifted after seeing online photos of various types of homemade compost bins. 501 more words


June 2016 - Garden Post

After being sick all week, there was a lot garden work to catch up on today.

My strawberry plants did not like this past winter and I lost most of my plants. 510 more words