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Earth worms !!

How exciting! It took quite long to get here but now it is! The future home of a bunch of thousands of earth worms.

Yeah, you really read that, earth worms! 406 more words


Adding, Resting, Using

If this post had a theme song, it would be The Circle of Life.

Know why?… COMPOST.

It’s the perfect picture of the circle of life. 304 more words


DIY Garden Raise Bed

Below is what i did for my garden bed

Step 1 :

Scrape the grass on top .Dig a square shape out, at least 1 foot deep . 291 more words

My Garden

How does your garden grow?

When I was a kid, back in the 70’s, we used to watch a t.v. show called The Good Life (it has now been renamed as The Good Neighbors). 361 more words

Growing Vegetables

Compost pile of life

Andrea began a new sermon series called “Be Still and Know.” Today’s sermon was “Listen and Wait.” Part of the sermon series is a painting that is being used. 669 more words

Compost Furnace goes "on line" !

As the last event of 2014, a newly installed pump is now circulating  90 – 100 degree water (heated by compost pile)  through the 2 loops in the Studio floor and benches ! 119 more words

Compost Furnace

Winter’s Bug Buffet

MiAsa and her chicks are moving and scratching so fast, they are just a blur. It’s time to turn the compost and add more litter to it. 95 more words

About My Chickens