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How to Start a Compost Pile

Creating your own compost pile is a great way to add nutrients and helpful microorganisms to your soil, save money, and recycle waste. Composting is a great way to substitute fertilizer use, which is good not only for the environment but also for your wallet. 582 more words

What Should We Notice in the Process of Organic Fertilizer Fermentation?

1. Fermentation material air permeability
In strict fermentation process, permeability condition has a direct impact on bacterial reproduction for anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria. You can increase some holes in compost  in order to increase permeability. 368 more words

Organic Fertilizer Production

Building my compost to be something of strength and performance.

Hey all I just thought I’d share a few pics of my compost pile. It’s really florishing right now, I dump scraps in it so frequently its loving life. 63 more words


Compost is composting as planned should be good year!

Hey all so o started this compost pile a year ago, since then my roommate and I have been filling it with all sorts of goodness! 144 more words

How To

Lessons from Baby Jesus

We attempted to build a winter pile named, Baby Jesus… long story. We used llama manure, hay, wood chips, and leaves. The pile had  gotten very hot! 101 more words