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At Odds, Comedic... Timing

At Odds, Comedic… Timing

A.V. Walters

I drove into town the other day and was amazed that, almost overnight, lawns have turned green. There are swollen buds and tiny baby leaves on the lilacs and flowering quince. 365 more words


Signs of Spring

April 11, 2015

My sheep were sold last summer, so my fields are void of baby lambs this spring. I do miss the soft bleats on the wind. 184 more words

April 2015

Vote for Year-Round Food-Scrap Composting in Hell's Kitchen!

Hey, Hell’s Kitcheners, Gardeners, Composters, and all the rest of you Earth-conscious folk:

We have a great opportunity to make composting happen on a larger scale and year round in our community.  211 more words

Climate Change

I Learned how to Garden from a Buddhist Monk

Botanists have confirmed what gardeners have long known – plants communicate.  They communicate with nearby plants by relaying chemical warnings of dangerous pests and diseases when they are being attacked.  837 more words

While I Was Gardening . . .


She didn’t see me through the wooded median between our two front yards.  I had stepped outside to enjoy the Indian summer breeze of that November night.  792 more words

Earth worms !!

How exciting! It took quite long to get here but now it is! The future home of a bunch of thousands of earth worms.

Yeah, you really read that, earth worms! 405 more words


Adding, Resting, Using

If this post had a theme song, it would be The Circle of Life.

Know why?… COMPOST.

It’s the perfect picture of the circle of life. 304 more words