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Oman green update

It’s been six months! I can hardly believe it, but it’s a year since I left Korea, six months since I arrived in my latest home, and about two months since the heat began to ease off enough to allow for exploration. 891 more words


End of Season Garden Maintenance, Compost, and Napa Oil Dry

I get asked “how does your garden produce so much stuff?” and the answer is always the same, it’s really not me. I spend very little time with gadgets, fertilizers, or fidgeting with the plants, I let nature do what it is well equipped to do, grow. 934 more words


White Plains Eastview Middle School Joins We Future Cycle Program

A big shout out to White Plains’ Eastview Middle School Principal Joseph Cloherty who boldy went where no-one has gone before. Right on day one of the school year 2016-17 he had his incoming 6th graders sort their waste for the first time using the We Future Cycle Lunchroom Recycling Program. 312 more words

Composting 101 Workshop

Composting 101 Workshop – REGISTER HERE
Saturday, November 5, 10 a.m.-12 p.m. 
Members: $15 / Public: $20 

Have you been thinking about starting a compost pile but are not sure where to begin? 116 more words

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It feels almost depressing closing the gardens for the summer. We have made a little experiment to how we can get better soil. Last year we sowed cover crop to manage soil and nutrition eruption, although I do not think it worked, because despite our flourishing gardens, the soil felt extremely hard and impenetrable. 92 more words


Wormery Wonderland 

I’ve been wanting a wormery for a few years now but haven’t wanted to get one while renting as having to move it would be a massive pain. 468 more words

Dirty job: composting

Compost bins

Composting is both a dirty job and “Black gold” to enrich vegetable garden….this season’s yield…100 pounds!

For fifteen years, I have used a three step process to mitigate the slime and smell of kitchen waste.   73 more words