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A Practical Guide to Composting

Pick the Best Option for You

Yard and food waste make up 25 percent of the garbage destined for municipal landfills, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 98 more words

Green Living

Composting and bad weather

We got hit with rain, then freezing rain, and then it was all topped off with powdery snow. After temperatures in the low teens tonight, the weather should be nicer for the rest of the 10-day forecast. 62 more words


Even Composting Comes With Sticker Shock - NYTimes.com

VERETT, Wash. — The most bedeviling problem for the company that turns most of the Puget Sound region’s kitchen waste into compost is on a piece of fruit. 166 more words


Composting for a Better Garden and a Better Climate

Making compost is super gratifying and wonderfully filthy, and composting turns garbage into gold. Food waste, yard waste, and even human waste can be made into compost to boost the fertility of gardens and farms, remove biodegradable matter from landfills, and help reduce climate change. 338 more words

Climate Change

Garbage Round-Up

We are now at the point where we are only emptying our kitchen garbage about once every two weeks. Usually it’s just because there is something that’s starting to stink rather than it being completely full. 162 more words

Reducing Waste

Homegrown Renewables on the Menu for Cities

There’s been a growing interest in the potential of sewage as a supply of renewable energy for urban areas, a source we’re only beginning to tap. 1,008 more words