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WASTED! Documentary was time well spent

I just saw the Wasted! documentary. Funny, informative, and encouraging. That’s a lot to ask from a food documentary these days which are usually depressing, if we get down to brass tacks. 197 more words

Feathers and environmental protection

One of the upsides of the Internet is having access to quality press from around the world. Now, I wouldn’t like to claim that the media are a true reflection of the state of a nation but they can give different perspectives. 241 more words


Sometimes It Only Takes One Person

Sometimes, it only takes one person. One person with an idea and the tools and capability to implement that idea, if only there is support. 984 more words


The sky after some rain; produce study

The air quality is, at least on paper, getting better. It rained .2 inches on Thursday night! Note dark-colored soil due to the presence of moisture in the photo below. 187 more words

Composting Biochar Creates 200 Nanometer Organic Coating

This won’t be news to anyone following this blog but researchers have now quantified the result of composting biochar. Rather than composting I prefer soaking my biochar in organic liquids like aged urine (nitrogen and phosphorus), worm tea (plant growth hormones), and compost extracts. 125 more words


Meet the Compost Squad!

WRRAP’s Compost Squad operates a campus-wide food and organic waste collection service. All of the organic material we receive in collections goes into our Earth Tub- a large “aerobic biodigester” that helps us create beautiful compost, free for students to use! 347 more words

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I wouldn’t listen to this alone if I were you. These songs are truly HORRIFYING!!!” said me.

Then you were like “…….”

And I was all “…….”