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The harvest continues

I harvested 4 baskets of strawberries today. Got about 15 pears (low-hanging) from trees in garden. They are still ~75% ripe. It feels like they are ripening very slowly this year. 301 more words


Composting is an essential part of gardening and creating healthy, fertile soil in which plants can thrive.

Compost has four main elements: Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Water. 629 more words


Having healthy soil is crucial for successfully growing plants. Using sustainable and smart practices to make the soil nutrient rich and to give it a desired texture are crucial in ensuring the soil will stay healthy (not be overtilled, have an overly acidic or alkaline composition, etc.) for a long time. 521 more words

Scared to go out

Since we covered their favourite digging and scratching grounds with a couple of inches of compost, the girls haven’t moved further from the door to their run than in the pic above. 14 more words


Animal-friendly brands in YOUR Target #savetheplanet #benicetoanimals #vegan

Do you ever feel like you want to save the planet and all the animals in it but there are so many other fuckers who are just out there fucking it up? 357 more words

Things I've Learned

The 3 P’s

I have worked with the Event Greening Forum (EGF) in the past. In fact, it probably contributed to this blog that you’re reading today. I’ve always been a bit of a “greenie”, but sometimes it’s the touch points and reminders that help to keep my actions aligned with my beliefs. 316 more words


A break in the rain

Heading into the garden this morning I hoped to at least get the compost turned. And I did! I turned pile AB for the first time today, rejoicing in the amount of heat that the pile was giving off despite the cold. 77 more words