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Expert’s Tip: Plants and Poultry

Scott Reuss, Marinette County UW-Extension Horticulture Educator

Poultry are generally not an integral part of a garden design process.  However, for many rural (and a seemingly increasing number of city) gardeners, poultry do take part in a symbiosis of systems that allow for distinctly improved home food production capacity.   960 more words

Outagamie County Master Gardener Association

The Simple, 7-Ingredient Compost Tea That Will Revolutionize Your Garden

Written by: Trent Rhode

Earth, by its very nature, is in a partnership with microbes of all kinds. From the deepest seas, to the highest mountains, microbes such as bacteria, yeast and fungi are a key part of our planet’s ecosystems, performing vital functions like making nutrients bio-available to plants and animals, and helping our soils maintain structure and moisture. 892 more words


Weeds... or free source of nutrients?

We finally got a spot of sunny weather this weekend. I hunted down a hat, found my gardening gloves and headed happily outside to do some weeding… and somewhere my 10-year-old self, my 15-year-old self and even my 27-year-old self are laughing hysterically with disbelief as I write these words.  637 more words

Our Orchard

And Just Like That, the Garden Is READY... Thanks to Our Neighborhood Friends and Supporters!

Did you know that 10 cubic yards of compost would equal somewhere around 120 wheelbarrow loads? Now can you imagine the backbreaking effort it would require to move all of that from the parking area at Arsenal Park through the grass to the garden? 291 more words


Taking the long view

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by Irving, shows the Black Esk reservoir which provides us with our drinking water.  I have often meant to visit it but never have so perhaps this will spur me into action. 848 more words