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Compost Tea for Cannabis Fertilizer

Using Compost Tea for Cannabis Liquid Fertilizer If so, you know that various factors may influence the quality of your yields, such as lighting, nutrients, temperature, water, and CO2. 43 more words

#HomeGardens - Managing space

First Time Gardeners often make many mistakes when it comes to gardening.

The biggest one is not giving the plants enough space to grow.

As you can see, this #homegardener has planted the broccoli and carrots too close together. 138 more words


No-dig beds - phase 2

In our PDC course, we learnt how to make no-dig raised beds from scratch and in our Organic Market Gardening course we covered how to do crop rotation with minimal interference in the soil. 809 more words


Week one or First week

    Photo by Johannes Rapprich on Pexels.comIs this week one or the first week? I’m not sure, do you start counting from one when your having a life do-over? 
539 more words

Common Uses For Finished Compost

Once you’ve put in some of the hard work in learning how to compost and waited for the right amount of time you’ll have your finished compost material. 312 more words


Black Soldier Flies

They’re here!! Yesterday we received our order of black soldier fly larvae, and I am SO EXCITED!!

I had never heard of these things before they showed up in our Portland compost bin a few years ago, so I have to assume that some other folks haven’t heard of them, either. 435 more words

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