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Teaching students to care about the environment

New Rochelle Trinity Elementary School Assistant Principal Inas Morsi Hogans has been for years a stout supporter of the We Future Cycle recycling program and knows that it takes regular refreshers for students to understand why they are sorting their lunch waste in the cafeteria. 260 more words

We Future Cycle in National Kids Science Magazine

We Future Cycle is so proud to be featured in the National Kids Science Magazine called DoGoNews. How cool is that!

And we are particularly proud to have heard from a bunch of people that their children chose that article as their current events project. 6 more words

Recycle Mania at Chatham

Chatham University is again in the struggle for international recognition as a leader in campus waste reduction.  Recycle Mania is a friendly competition between educational institutions.   563 more words

Urban composting system

If you are in a small space or just in an urban environment – it is challenging to compost.

I love this simple solution (partly because it reuses and repurposes milk crates): 6 more words



I’ve read that the optimum soil to compost ratio is 1:1. I was originally going to build two foot tall beds and fill them 18 inches with a soil-compost mixture. 507 more words

Shopping time!

Garden clubs know the good stuff when they see it and are adept at sharing the news of such things. Two examples are the spring club fundraisers for the Here and There Garden Club and the New Neighbors Garden Club. 142 more words

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