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Naughty Nature and Compost Delights

Just one lone daffodil on the allotment today, so we have a flower gap – oh the horror of it!!

I have stuck it in a champagne glass at home to make it look less lonely, LOL. 293 more words


Gardening Tips not found in Magazines

I store three small hand-pruning shears and an old butter knife in this little red mail box.

One of the best ways I learn is by trial and error or through making mistakes. 1,015 more words

'No-dig' - the annual mulch

There is no definite beginning nor end to the gardening year – the seasons cycle round indefinitely bringing constant change but never anything as defined as a start or a finish. 681 more words


Spring Fever

It’s a little early. It’s only February. But this week the temps have been in the mid-50’s up to lower-60’s and it feels great after the snowstorm a couple of weeks ago that dumped 18 inches on us. 501 more words


Never waste a good compost

It’s an uncharacteristically warm day in winter, so I’ll need to go out and turn the compost.  Now, that might not sound too exciting, unless you see it with a little vision (or a lot, depending on your perspective, I suppose…)  My heavy-duty fork and I have an interesting relationship—I supply the muscle but it touches the biologicals.  561 more words

Other Stuff

No Turn Living Root Compost [Idea]

Due to interrupted news reading thanks to Feedly (my news reader) bugs, today I’m thinking about compost and mulch.

What makes a good compost? What makes a good mulch? 666 more words


Another Successful Compost Bin Harvest

I’ve had my compost tumbler now for about a year and this was my second harvest.  That doesn’t sound so good but for the effort I’ve put into it I’m fairly happy.  314 more words