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The Winter Allotment

In today’s gorgeous light, I really do think the allotment looks stunning, if bleak:

However, even in the midst of this, the first signs of the spring to come are here already (hurrah!) and the January daffodils we planted in October are beginning to sprout: 124 more words


When life sends sycamores...

…Make Leaf Mould.

Okay, so suddenly the allotment looks like this:

There’s a long, steep, grassy sward down one side of the actual plots, which always gets covered in leaves, most of which just get left, but I try to sweep mine up as they tend to blow onto my plot and kill the grass (I leave any that fall on the beds.) 247 more words


Maintenance morning

I arrived in the garden this morning to find some strange wet patches.  Investigation eventually established that a timer up the valley had not turned off.   147 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - It's Not This Time of Year Without...

Putting Our Garden Beds To Sleep !!! Let them start composting the mulch, and rest from now till Spring. We had a fantastic season and look forward to sowing them again for the next growing season, but for now it’s time to cozy on up and get to work in the studio – the perfect thing to do this time of year as the frost comes and the holiday season is about to begin. 7 more words

(No) Dig these Master Composters

I attended a celebration for the Norfolk Master Composters on Saturday. It’s ten years since the project was established, jointly run by Garden Organic and… 246 more words

This And That

Too Good To Waste

Flies swarm around the piles of dark, rich soil heaped up into windrows. A mound of rotting produce dumped by the City of Tucson earlier in the morning seeps into the soil. 1,179 more words


Composting Toilets: Easy steps to to preserving clean water and creating humanure.

Every time I hear the rush of water being guzzled down the pipes by the simple toggle of a handle I question the way we use water and how many Americans take it for granted. 441 more words