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You Can Compost More Than Food

Most of the time when we think of what goes into compost, we think of organic food waste and yard clippings.

While that is entirely correct, there are plenty of other natural items that can be added to your compost pile as well. 154 more words

Green City Living

Buscando el nombre para este post, me di cuenta de las razones que tuve para elegir este estilo de vida. Entre muchas, la más importante es que la cultura de lo desechable simplemente no me hace sentido. 1,560 more words


Loving them Berries

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

I’ve got dinner plans with my own mother and grandmother later, so I’ll make this a short one.

Last summer at the… 400 more words


Quiche, The Salty Pie

Photos: Borbala Zergi

Dear Followers!

It’s been a while since I last shared a Yama Kitchen recipe with you so I’m really happy to be back here with some yummy bites and thoughts. 704 more words

Fire Bad, Tree Pretty

I admit to being a die hard fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon’s writing in that series was superb and memorable. Which is why when I thought of this post, the quote “Fire bad, tree pretty” came to mind. 743 more words


The Ubiquitous Coffee Cup

This is a rant I have had for a long time. People need to STOP using disposable coffee cups!

Thankfully, unlike a few years ago, this topic is well covered on the internet. 840 more words