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Zero Waste Essentials

Happy Saturday humans from the internet, and welcome to the last blog post of 2016!

I have recently ordered some Zero Waste essentials online, and although not all of them have arrived yet I thought I’d share them with you because I really want to get the message out there and remind people that this planet is the only one we’ve got (so far), and we simply… 1,488 more words


Union Market utensils

“What a shame that these utensils are going to be thrown away,” remarked my father after finishing up a plate of tasty masala dosa that was just made and served fresh from a food stall. 1,347 more words


Zero Waste Band-Aids

I’m all for cleaning small cuts and grazes with mild soap and water and leaving them to heal uncovered. But sometimes further protection helps the healing process, for example when working in soil or when wearing shoes over painful blisters. 620 more words


My Zero Food Waste Experiment

There’s no garbage bin at my house, we don’t create enough rubbish to have one, so I guess that means my family of four is pretty good at reducing waste. 1,297 more words


Check out our Compost

First and foremost, we care about creating a delicious cup of coffee. Our Compostable single serve capsule brews one heck of a cup. Not only does the design make for a higher water to coffee ratio, but it preserves the coffee’s flavor notes by giving you an extraction like no other single serve cup on the market. 122 more words


What exactly can you do with the collection of take out coffee cups in your car?

It was only a matter of time before I blogged about coffee. But this is a slightly different approach to it than even I thought I’d be taking. 424 more words


Bamboo Toothbrush: Kind of Like Brushing With a Popsicle Stick

Recently, I made the switch to bamboo toothbrush from Brush with Bamboo. I bought a 4 pack on Amazon for $13.99.

Every component of the toothbrush is plant based. 155 more words