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The last (plastic) straw

I remember watching a video of a poor sea turtle with a plastic straw up its nose, showing a heartbreaking proof of a situation we could start reverting right now… 440 more words


In praise of the humble bar of soap

When did we fall out of love with the humble bar of soap? Growing up in the 70s I have no memory of liquid soap or shower gel (or showers for that matter, which were generally viewed with suspicion in 1970s Britain). 384 more words


Essentials in Sustainability - biodegradable vs degradable vs compostable 

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’ve been a little wrapped up in a few projects this week and last, and I think I over did it a little, putting my back out… So, I’m stuck in bed and since and haven’t had the chance to write to you guys, there is no time like the present! 516 more words

Swedish Dishcloths ?!

Ok, I admit I contacted a friend of mine who has lived in Sweden to see if this is a real deal or marketing scam. 146 more words


All Natural Bamboo Drinking Straws: 9.5 Inch Set of 12 Reusable Bamboo Straws - Includes 2 Bonus Nylon Cleaning Brushes - 100% Natural, Sustainable, Non-Toxic & Safe, For Home & Work - Elemental Home

These All Natural Bamboo Drinking Straws by Elemental Home come is a set of 12 and they include 2 nylon cleaning brushes. You have the option of the 9.5 inch (which I purchased) or the 8 inch tall ones. 488 more words

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Ban-the-straws movement

the Jumbo paper straw

the Colossal size straw fit for bubble teas

Since last April 2012, Miami has banned the plastic straws!!
In theory, no more sipping in south Beach … in theory! 350 more words


Get Plastic Waste Out of This Place

During my summer abroad, I saw the result of the waste from San José making its way down the Tarcolos River (see picture above). A year ago, this beach was littered in primarily, if not entirely, of plastics. 394 more words