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First and foremost, we care about creating a delicious cup of coffee. Our Compostable single serve capsule brews one heck of a cup. Not only does the design make for a higher water to coffee ratio, but it preserves the coffee’s flavor notes by giving you an extraction like no other single serve cup on the market. 122 more words

What exactly can you do with the collection of take out coffee cups in your car?

It was only a matter of time before I blogged about coffee. But this is a slightly different approach to it than even I thought I’d be taking. 424 more words


Bamboo Toothbrush: Kind of Like Brushing With a Popsicle Stick

Recently, I made the switch to bamboo toothbrush from Brush with Bamboo. I bought a 4 pack on Amazon for $13.99.

Every component of the toothbrush is plant based. 155 more words


Dining without plastic

Kris Ferguson, owner of the Kalaheo Cafe, said it is a challenge incorporating ocean-friendly practices into her restaurant, but she thinks it’s worth it. In fact, the restaurant hasn’t been using polystyrene take-out containers for nearly a decade. 566 more words


The Story Behind the Silk

RADIUS partners with the CORSEDA Cooperative to manufacture our luxurious Natural Biodegradable Silk Floss & Floss Sachets which are hand-spun from pure, natural silk. CORSEDA, which stands for Cooperative of Silk, is a family-owned and operated Fair Trade Co-op whose members are typically low-income families of farmers in Cauca, Colombia that use their knowledge in farming to build and manage silk products inside their homes.  22 more words


Extreme Composting: for people who don’t like waste (and lists of don’ts)

For the past 15 years I’ve considered myself a lazy composter (lazy about how I do it, not lazy as in sometimes I compost and sometimes I don’t), that is until I discovered ‘extreme composting’. 893 more words

Zero Waste

ECO Luxebaby Fully Biodegradable Compostable Disposable Individually Wrapped 3D Nursing Pads

Introducing the first FULLY BIODEGRADABLE/COMPOSTABLE nursing pads. Disposable, made with SUSTAINABLE materials, the 3-D design contours the body. These pads are ultra absorbent and designed to wick moisture away to keep you dry. 28 more words