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It's H-1B Visa Filing Season, but is it "Cheap Labor"?

Here we go again. The start of the H-1B nonimmigrant visa filing season is once again upon us. And once again, immigration practitioners around the country are having difficult conversations with their clients who wish to hire foreign nationals into what are called “specialty occupation” positions. 1,029 more words

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The Folly of Building Walls

When I was in middle school there were bullies who understood that the best way to consolidate their power was to designate a person or group of people to scorn or fear. 810 more words


Voting Biblical Values? It's not what some might say...

There are few current political issues which the bible directly addresses.  But, are there political policies that God cares about? Many Christians believe invoking God’s name gives rationale for their vote.  623 more words


U.S.C.I.S. Proposes the International Entrepreneur Rule

I think my colleagues in the immigration bar will agree that in order to achieve your client’s immigration goal, whatever it may be (e.g., a “Green Card,” citizenship, or whatever), sometimes you need to take baby-steps (e.g., enter the U.S. 747 more words

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Provisional Waivers Promote Family Unity

Back to the law. Although the Supreme Court ruled against the Obama Administration in the case Texas v. United States, 15-674, one of the immigration “reforms” that the Obama Administration proposed back in November, 2014, which happily was not part of the lawsuit, was recently implemented. 631 more words

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Plan Integral de Justicia para Migrantes

La orientación de la plataforma del Plan Integral de Justicia para Migrantes está dirigida hacia la justicia en lugar de cualquier conveniencia política.

Esta es la creencia de aquellos que planteamos en esta plataforma que la justicia puede hacerse únicamente cuando la injusticia del sistema actual es completamente y cuidadosamente expuesta.

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It’s The Debt, Stupid

In 2008 and 2012, Republican candidates ran for all sorts of Congressional offices, as well as the White House on a platform which contained a clear and present danger signal, the National Debt. 500 more words