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What is this "Diversity Visa Program" that President Trump is Talking About?

On Halloween, 2017, an Uzbek immigrant purposely killed eight people in New York City with a rental truck he rented from The Home Depot as he drove down a bike path in lower Manhattan and mowed down several people before crashing into a school bus.  797 more words

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Dear President Obama, Turn The Grief-Bearing Ship Around

In a different form, this article originally appeared in the Mobile Press Register, 2011. Altered, it appeared in Patheos.com, August 29, 2014.


Dear President Obama and Members of Congress, 837 more words

Trump Supporters Being Told They Support Obama's DACA Plan After All

by Scott Creighton

How many times have you seen a report on Fox or CNN talking about how Trump supporters SUPPORT his flip-flop on DACA? Here’s another one. 382 more words

Scott Creighton

Just Another DACA Tease?

There was so much excitement after the announcement by Pelosi and Schumer that they had somehow forged an “agreement” with Trump on making DACA the law of the land. 487 more words

Sensible Immigration Reform

The Undocumented Worker: Hated Until Needed

Some will point to Republican hatred toward immigrants since 2006, and others will point to Bill Clinton’s immigration act which created 287(g) and increased enforcement without fixing the system, but all of this time later, and after $150 billion in Harvey damage, now, there’s a freak-out over the target that hovers over the undocumented laborer who would be tasked with rebuilding Houston if everyone just looked away, especially Trump and his ilk. 391 more words

Sensible Immigration Reform

Trump has given Congress six months to replace DACA. These are its four likeliest options

Having decided to rescind DACA—Barack Obama’s executive order that protects from deportation some 800,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as children—US president Donald Trump has given Congress six months… 986 more words

Trump Uses DACA "Crisis" to Push Bush's Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The DREAMers are the “crisis”. Big Business is the victim. Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the solution. And it will all be brought to you by your populist President of Orange and his Goldman Sachs administration. 83 more words

Scott Creighton