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Pride and Prejudice: Austen for Nerds

Are you a romantic?  Know any nerds?

I’m both.  Today my romantic side lectured the nerdy side on why Jane Austen is so great.  Maybe your nerd might be interested. 484 more words


Revamp Gives a Laby-GI Compressor of Burckhardt Compression a New Life

The very first Laby®-GI Compressor of Burckhardt Compression was used as an MSO (minimum send-out) compressor. The compressor is installed on the FSRU (floating storage and regasification unit) vessel Golar Freeze, which will now receive a new lease of life. 394 more words

Hardware Defined All-Flash Arrays for a Software Defined World – Storbyte Briefing Note

While software-defined storage (SDS) captures the attention of the market, enterprise IT professionals know that the hardware still matters. The problem is that while a multitude of SDS solutions have come to market the hardware selection pool is essentially limited to three or four hardware providers. 729 more words


Why Compression Tights Shouldn't Be Just For Your Grandmothers.

It seems pretty universal that POTS specialists recommend compression clothing for people with POTS. Individuals with blood clotting disorders, lymphedema, swelling issues, hypotension, and even athletes are advised to wear compression socks/tights or abdominal binders. 1,275 more words


Odyn Unboxing Debut ...

As promised, my Odyn Pack arrived from Singapore today via DHL. Thinking on my feet, I did a photo spread for my Instagram.

Nicely bagged in an Odyn Pack. 16 more words