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Database Compression

What Is Data Compression?

Data compression is reducing the size that certain databases occupy by trading CPU cycles (abundance) in order to reduce I/O effort (constrained). 99 more words

Medium telephoto lenses for street photography

Given how widely practiced it is, its no surprise that street photography has many rules-of-thumb, and one of them has to do with focal lengths – the traditionally preferred ones have been on the wider end such as 28mm, 35mm and 50mm. 832 more words


The best compression leggings I own

DOMS = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

After a tough run or workout, a combination of the toxins created and your body trying its very best to repair the damage causes pain signals (typically peaking 48 hours after the event). 256 more words


Bone Fractures

What is an acute bone fracture?

Could be partial or complete disruption of the bone that can either be closed or open, aka through the skin or under. 363 more words

Late Night Infomercials and the Data Center

Today’s storage administrators are looking for the best performance for the lowest cost to satisfy their enterprise data requirements. Performance is often improved by adding more solid state drives, but these come at a cost premium. 483 more words

Software-defined Storage