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B and K 160-203HC CPVC Compression Couplings, 1/2

Since our beginning in 1917 as the Mueller metals co. And later Mueller brass co., Mueller industries has built a well-earned reputation for offering the finest-quality plumbing, hvac, refrigeration, and industrial products in the industry.
How do I get..

Kymira socks review

Kymira is a relatively new company who has developed a range of performance and recovery enhancing sportswear that incorporates a unique, patented KYnergy infrared technology. The fabrics they use contain a clinically tested textile known as CelliantTM, which is made of a hollow polyester fibre filled with 13 ‘thermo reactive’ minerals. 301 more words

Goodbye restless legs... I hope!

For a long time my OH has been massaging my legs around twice a week at least. I heard somewhere that massage is very beneficial for lippy/lymph ladies, unless the limbs are painful to touch. 515 more words


A D Jameson & the Avant-Garde


  1. I’ve been writing exclusively in long-form the past twelve months and become exhausted. Simultaneously, my writing has become more self-conscious, self-reflexive, and unwieldy, constant over-qualifications and anxious tangentials interrupting its focus.
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Does compression clothing make you run faster?

  Taylor Gibbons

Optimism is finally starting to creep in. If you’re from the Pacific Northwest, you know what I’m talking about. Sure, you are probably into all things outdoorsy, but now you can finally break out the shorts with temperatures spiking past 60°F and all (or for those of us north of the border, heat waves registering in at about 15°C). 591 more words


"FreeVST Racks" comin' at ya

Announcing a new series: “FreeVST 64bit Racks“, free Ableton Live racks corresponding to free VST effects.

Every month a different developer who offers free VST plugins will be featured. 707 more words

Ableton Live

Art As Engineering

A Conversation with Gabriel Duquette and Haley Thurston

Gabriel Duquette is a co-founder of Liposuction (tagline “aesthetics without all the fat”). He started the site with Haley Thurston, who studied art at Yale before contributing to… 3,533 more words