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Crushed To Hell: My Thoughts About Mastering

For the second time in my life I have realised that reaching out to a mastering studio to put the “finishing touches” on my music is completely pointless. 2,012 more words

Making Music

Decompressing Data with the DEFLATE Algorithm in JavaScript

The code below, when run, prompts the user to upload a compressed file in GZIP format, which will then be uncompressed, and the uncompressed data will be displayed both as hexadecimal digits and as UTF8 text. 2,932 more words

3PAR Dedupe + Compression Deep Dive

Getting Trim

HPE are a bit late on this release, it’s normally January that people want to start losing weight.  Well not 3PAR it’s gut busting, data crunching release comes in the form of the 3PAR OS 3.3.1 which combines existing data reduction technologies with new ones including compression. 1,237 more words

News / New Features

I have just been mixing a track from the EP that I recorded with Hush Mosey. I was real happy with the snare sound so thought i’d write a blog post about how I went about getting the sound. 289 more words


Year 2 week 7

12th – 18th February 2017

This week, for some reason, since the op I have felt a lot more uncomfortable. I haven’t been in pain as such – it’s more just sore and every now and then I get a sharp pain up my arm. 323 more words

Weight Loss

Got Servers? - Get Storage - NooBaa Briefing Note

One of the requirements facing buyers of software defined storage (SDS) is that, by definition, it still requires hardware. SDS Vendors deliver some solutions in the form of either a dedicated appliance, some offer flexibility by specifying a Hardware Compatibility List (HCL), and others can deploy in VM environments. 831 more words


3PAR Mega News Bundle - Including Compression

3PAR Announcements

Today HPE announced a significant number of enhancements to the 3PAR product plus some changes in how the product is owned. The feature enhancements are enabled with the upgrade to 3PAR OS 3.3.1 which has been announced today. 929 more words