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Copy Data Management is Ready for Prime Time

The data center’s biggest challenge is not dealing with the capacity growth of the primary data set, it is dealing with the growth of the secondary data set. 1,094 more words


Ask Hank: To compress? Or not to compress? (Hint: Run naked).

Dear Hank,

I have an internal debate each time I get dressed to run. Should I wear compression pants, shirts, and socks? Or should I wear loose fitting shorts with no underwear and a loose marino wool shirt? 179 more words

Tip #18 Stacking Compressors

This isn’t new, This isn’t super creative. This is a necessity if you’re making HipHop or Pop Music or any Music that you really want your vocals to sit up front in the mix. 199 more words


Vocal Compression And How To Use It

Behind only EQ, compression is one the most important, yet misunderstood, components of a good mix.  This is especially true of a vocal mix.  Compression tames erratic levels of a singer’s performance.  183 more words


Entropy Isn't Just for Physics

Usually the first thing people think of when “entropy” is mentioned is the heat death of the universe, or the second law of thermodynamics, or some other physics principle. 1,059 more words


Packing and unpacking files using Tar archives in .NET

You must have come across files that were archives using the tar file format. Tar files are most often used on Unix systems like Linux but it happens that you need to deal with them in a .NET project. 359 more words