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What's Wrong with DRaas?

Many people feel DRaaS is the next wave in data protection. Just like flash solves so many problems in the primary storage world, DRaaS solves a ton of problems in the backup and DR worlds. 367 more words


Tip: Compressors Are Your Friend

Compressors are your friend. They will add the professional polish to many of your patches just as they do in the studio. Each of the compressors respond in a slightly different manner and are best used for certain types of sounds. 79 more words


Helping Ourselves To Be The Best That We Can Be

Until recently, I purchased running wear that was available at my local department stores.  Mostly name brands like Under Armour, Champion and Reebok and some other miscellaneous mixed in.   703 more words

Brenna Gimler

Stylish support stockings!

I’m not a fan of ‘flesh-coloured’ medical undergarments and support stockings. I don’t even like beige pantyhose. To me, none of these items ever look like anyone’s… 349 more words



RICE(D) principles are part of the acute management of soft tissue injuries, sporting or otherwise.  RICE(D) stands for rest, ice, compression, elevation and diagnosis. The following is a brief summary of each principle. 577 more words


How to Solve Storage Challenges in Software as a Service (SaaS) Data Centers - Kaminario Briefing Note

The software as a service (SaaS) market is projected to be a $117 billion dollar market by 2019. While most of these solutions incubate in the public cloud, successful SaaS providers reach a point where the disadvantages of renting the infrastructure outweigh the advantages. 599 more words