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How Impala Works with Hadoop File Formats

Impala supports several familiar file formats used in Apache Hadoop. Impala can load and query data files produced by other Hadoop components such as Pig or MapReduce, and data files produced by Impala can be used by other components also. 6 more words


Zipping and Unzipping Files – The Fast and Furious Way

Recently while working on a customer project, we were required to zip and unzip hundreds of files of varying size. The objective was to import IIS Logs from over 100+ servers to Microsoft Analytics platform system for further analytics. 488 more words


Compression Theory - Attack and Release

Before attempting to understand Attack and Release, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the basic goals of compression and of Threshold, Ratio and Gain Reduction… 367 more words


Compression theory: Threshold, Ratio and Gain Reduction

The fundamental controls of a compressor are Threshold and Ratio. The fundamental effect these controls bring about is Gain Reduction.

As the first step, we can understand the simple mathematics behind how this works through something we understand well already. 505 more words


Compression theory - Starting from zero

It took me a while to understand the fundamental concept of compression, but here’s my understanding of it in 200 words!

In presenting a song to an audience, we want to present the… 310 more words


EQ: Before or After the Compressor? | #mixing

I know this has been discussed all around, but I still see people with this question all the time. And I always answer: depends on the use. 265 more words


Mixing Basics

New York Compression Trick OR Parallel Compression on Drums

Technique that was used back in the time by almost all New York producers.

This helps too beef up the drums for example. 92 more words

Ableton Live