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What Lie Is Holding Your Music Back?

We all listen to (and believe) lies every day. Specifically in the audio world we hear a constant barrage of recording myths that are spread around so thick and so often that we come to accept them as truth. 568 more words

Product Review: Tiux Compression Socks

A few weeks ago I received an email from Steve Saepan of Tiux Premium Performance Compression Socks. I’m a sucker for a good compression sock or sleeve so I agreed to review a pair.   1,380 more words


Thankful Thursday: Run Edition

Since it’s Thankful Thursday, I figured I would share some things that I didn’t appreciate before becoming a runner.

  • Sunrise/Sunset: I know lots of non-runners appreciate sunrise/sunset.  
  • 888 more words

Spectra’s NVR3 helps IT tame the Video Storage Beast

Video surveillance is starting to overwhelm storage infrastructures in many companies, as requirements for more cameras, higher resolution videos and longer retention times become the norm. 1,112 more words


Spinal Cord Injury, "Answers"

1. What imaging do you use for patients with possible acute, traumatic spinal cord injury?

Patients who can be cleared using the Nexus or Canadian C-spine… 2,511 more words

Silicon Valley - HBO's comedy gem with fucking TJ Miller

Have i blogged about this one already? It’s so good im doing it again. I love this show. Making fun of the underbelly of the cradle of innovation….Silicon valley….TJ Miller rents a house to a group of nerds who invent an algorithm that compresses data. 62 more words