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The OTN database forum supplied a little puzzle a few days ago – starting with the old, old, question: “Why is the plan with the higher cost taking less time to run?” 1,290 more words


Week 29: The Critical Bandwidth :O


This week’s post is going to be a bit more informative as opposed to the past few weeks where I have just given my opinion on what’s been going on. 757 more words

Blog Post

Body Wraps: Meh

Clearly I need to set up some sort of regular day to type up entries, because it’s been waaaay too long…my bad :x I’ve been ridiculously tired lately, partially because of the hour long drive to/from school, but also because I haven’t been falling asleep til 6 or 7 in the morning. 686 more words


Compressed to importance

My friends are missing, busy, or gone

I seem to be increasingly alone.

Whether by fate or by design,

I know the one thing that is mine.

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The Strong Force

What is the Strong Force?
It is quite a phenomena indeed.

Normally, when the volume of a
Nucleus is compressed, the protons
Repel each other. But if you keep… 99 more words


Some basic techniques

Now that you have a fully decked out home studio you might want to know a few things about basic recording and mixing techniques. To help you out we’ll go over basic ideas for micing vocals and a guitar, and the basics of EQ and Compression. 365 more words

5 Minute Musings: Case of the Mondays

I have to write today. I, for once, have a plan for this chapter. It will be “easy.” And yet…

Mondays got me like:

Compression is the actual worst. 53 more words

5 Minute Musings