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The end of an era?

TMMI recently announced that it is dropping its lawsuit against Dimension regarding ownership of fractal video technology, because it is pursuing a different approach.

This is a welcome development, and hopefully Dimension will follow suit and also cease promoting fractal technology, as it has long been known to be stillborn, especially for video. 265 more words

Compression Study #5 - Urei 1176LN Ratio Curve

This post is a continuation of the previous blog post, exploring the shape of the gain reduction curve created by the 1176LN RevD at different frequencies and ratios. 540 more words


Compression Study #4 - Urei 1176LN GR Curves

One of the many key characteristics that gives a compressor it’s sound is the shape of the envelope in which gain reduction is applied and retracted. 641 more words


Compression Study #3 - Urei 1176LN Ratio

The 1176 compressor is famous for its selection of gain reduction ratios. They are selectable by pressing in one of four vertically positioned rectangular buttons, with a satisfyingly tactile mechanical click. 473 more words


How to Reduce Swelling in your Feet

What causes swelling, and why are YOUR feet retaining fluid? The better question is: How can you be relieved of this discomfort? The answer to all of your questions, including SEVEN different methods to treat swollen feet, can be found in the article listed below!

Reduce Swelling in Feet

All About Compression

Should you always stick to a routine?

As readers of this blog may well know I am retired, perhaps not a man of leisure but with time on my hands.  My company being the kind of company it is sent me on a retirement course where I was given all sorts of advice about how to handle time  without employment.  360 more words

Living It!

Just like a bad hair day, but with compression.

My last post was a tad on the serious side, so this time I wanted to write something a little light hearted.

I am always mentioning compression in my posts, mostly because I love them! 423 more words