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11 Things I'll Never Compromise On In A Relationship Ever Again

1. Spending more because I make more.

After years of floating back and forth with what I wanted to do and being in various careers all with various zeros (or lack of) at the end of a number, I’m all about fairness and respect with someone’s income. 791 more words

Have you ever wondered about the number of compromises you make every single day of your life? Be it the trivial little things like putting up with the baby in the neighbourhood who’s always crying, or more substantial things like knowing your local political goon gets away with a lot of stuff that “ordinary” citizens like you and I could never get away with, and keeping quiet about it. 424 more words



Betterment: (n) the act or process of improving something.

I spend a lot of time considering the difference between the words “satisfied” and “content.”

Although I am sure others could come along with much better analysis of the situation, I believe the true way to live a full and abundant life is to be content while you pursue better ways to be satisfied. 184 more words

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Compromising in Relationships: When Is Enough, Enough?

Join us as we discuss Compromising in Relationships. Are you the partner that does all the compromising? The one that refuses to compromise? Is compromising similar to getting the “short end of the stick”? 17 more words

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To compromise or not to compromise?

What is your deal breaker when it comes to buying a house? It seems the fixation on ‘location, location, location’ no longer holds true, with buyers citing it as only eighth most important thing to stand their ground on. 1,043 more words



Followers – here are some things we need to stop doing when we tango:

Compromising balance & axis to accommodate our partners: Our motivation is to be helpful, and that’s very nice. 261 more words

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Compromising Oneself.

I came to a sudden realization after visiting someone close to me: I have compromised my self for another. I have sacrificed doing the things that I believe are right and best for my family to make someone else happy. 48 more words