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There are different types of relationships that you can experience in your lifetime.I jus thought of sharing some of the relationships with you,I gave them names but they might be called differently in different parts of the world.These will help you define which relationship you are in or you were once or twice in. 606 more words

Parenting: Compromising Without Caving

Kids are exhausting. Yes, they have their moments of heart-melting sweetness and cuteness that can temporarily make you forget everything else. Those are awesome moments. Hang onto them. 1,625 more words



During this past week I was going through some slides that had been taken in the early 1960’s. One was of my mom and dad when they were living in Nigeria. 765 more words



The reason we don’t have any plants in our garden and are having to invest in hanging flower baskets!

Growing Up

Relationships and compromising

Relationships are insane. I want to say hard work but they are beyond fucking exhausting sometimes.

So to give you an idea. I have been in one for the last 3 years. 195 more words

Reviews and Opinions

by Lori Dixon

What takes a mere second to leave our lips could result in a lifetime of hurt to another. We need to measure our words carefully when giving opinions or speaking to others. 426 more words


When the creative juices flow

Every now and then, I sit down to have a serious one-to-one chat with yours truly. Okay, so the conversation is generally one-sided, as I haven’t progressed to doing different voices for different sides of my personality, but the purpose of these little tete-a-tetes is to remind myself why I write. 1,455 more words