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Yesterday was Day 1

I keep compromising, and I’m not going to make another move until it’s not compromising.

I need my own career. I need a job that doesn’t involve my husband. 118 more words

Poem - Compromising

Down below I will flow, knowing up above is where you’ll show

For I no longer bare to dream, as all I see is damning to breathe… 125 more words

Baby Naming

When it came to naming my little one it wasn’t that hard for i had fallen in love with the name Amelia years ago.Honestly can’t remember where i saw it but i thought it to be the sweetest, most lovely name ever.So as soon as the ultrasound confirmed that it was to be a girl i began calling her  190 more words

When life puts you in a corner

Today’s topic is quite a story; I hesitated to publish it yesterday, but finally, I decided to go with it.
I read something on Marriage Today… 1,010 more words


Hello Sweetheart,

Welcome to the World.

I wish the circumstances under which I wrote this for you were better, or had me feeling more positive for you. 763 more words


How Much Is Too Much Compromise?

As much as in a prefect world we would be doing what we want to 100% of the time in life it’s not really possible. Especially in a well functioning relationship one needs to say “yes” to things that don’t seem too exciting and “no” to others that seem amazing… 708 more words


Together Again

I would like to say we slipped back into life as a couple easily again…..like Pete had never been away, but things are never that simple. 490 more words

Military Dependants Life