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No Compromises

Sometimes there’s no room for compromise.

Sometimes you have to fully and entirely take action without being kind or making decisions with others. Somethings are too powerful to compromise. 57 more words


My name is Ivana I’m 26….. I’ve liked this guy for nearly two years, it started of as friends with benefits, no strings attached. He took my virginity , we met at work. 366 more words


Compromising Picture

This blog will not make me rich. Not in a million years. Unless I think of something really smart. Seeing this photograph I came up with a brilliant idea. 87 more words

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Life In The Middle Of The Road...

Life in the middle of the road generally appeals to those who prefer to avoid leaning too far to the left or right. The sense of balance comes to mind with this phrase.  155 more words


Shoo Distractions!

Note: If your heart is anchored in love and truth, it’s harder to be swayed in compromising positions. Get your heart and mind in the right place so that when distractions and unforeseen circumstances arise, you are aware and know where you stand. 153 more words


The dance of deceit...

The pulse of the beat emanating from the loudspeakers made even the most gauche and stiff person nod their heads, sway in their seats or tap their feet to the rhythm of music. 1,773 more words

Creative Writing


There are different types of relationships that you can experience in your lifetime.I jus thought of sharing some of the relationships with you,I gave them names but they might be called differently in different parts of the world.These will help you define which relationship you are in or you were once or twice in. 606 more words