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You just got to work with it

I worry that with my anxiety and lows that my son doesn’t get out enough and I often find myself using the TV as a babysitter, I know I know, don’t shoot me. 174 more words


Bend Like Gumby

Staying flexible means being able to forego what we believe are our rights. Rights to resources like our time, energy and money. We’re able to move from one thing and invest in an endeavor that has bigger potential or works better. 161 more words

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If Buying Replica Wheels Means Compromising With Safety? | Splash Magazines | Los Angeles

If you have got stuck in the same confusion, no need to muddle more over this topic as we are here to emphasize on this topic. 9 more words

5 Things Babysitting Taught Me

When I was four, my younger brother Kurt was born. This is where my love for kids began and the skills for babysitting were beginning to develop. 769 more words

My Journey

Closing the Distance with Your S.O.

You’ve made it – the wait is over. Your long distance relationship has begun the next chapter, and you can’t wait to finally stop waiting. However, there are some things that you need to know when reuniting after a long distance relationship to make the transition a smooth one. 603 more words


Compromise Is Not Always The Right Choice

So often when it comes to love, we compromise. And compromise, when done in a spirit of peacefully negotiating with a spouse or trying to get the kids to school in one piece can be absolutely fine. 869 more words

11 Things I’ll Never Compromise On In A Relationship Ever Again

Leo Hidalgo1. Spending more because I make more. After years of floating back and forth with what I wanted to do and being in various careers all with various zeros (or lack of) at the end of a number, I’m all about fairness and respect with someone’s income. 12 more words