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Giving away myself..

Sometimes in life, we go crazy for certain people. Like we could cross any boundaries for them. Like we could go beyond our limit just to make them feel good about themselves. 252 more words


5 Things People Give Up To Maintain A Relationship That I'm Not Willing To Compromise

1. Prioritizing your significant other.

We’re supposed to make our partners our priority, but it’s only natural to want to put our needs before theirs. … 463 more words

Should a Christian Judge..

For the last few days the word “judging” has been on my mind because there have been some issues at the church we attend which are compromises away from the old paths and slowly leading towards what seems to be as the emergent church.  515 more words



Lately I have been thinking quite a lot about so many different things and this has been holding me back from writing on here.
Decisions are hard – whether they would be about a blog post topic or deeper matters of one’s life – but they must be taken… 248 more words

No Compromises

Sometimes there’s no room for compromise.

Sometimes you have to fully and entirely take action without being kind or making decisions with others. Somethings are too powerful to compromise. 57 more words


My name is Ivana I’m 26….. I’ve liked this guy for nearly two years, it started of as friends with benefits, no strings attached. He took my virginity , we met at work. 366 more words


Compromising Picture

This blog will not make me rich. Not in a million years. Unless I think of something really smart. Seeing this photograph I came up with a brilliant idea. 87 more words

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