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Letting Go

How do you know when to let go?

From the time I can remember, I have always visualized myself as an entrepreneur. A big shot, working hard to make the money, having all the opportunities for myself and my family. 325 more words


Relationships and Social Media

As we scroll through the day to day lives of ourselves and others  what do we see? Endless selfies and snapchats of us lip-singing, flexing on vacation with friends, and even progress of working out gains. 464 more words

I Compromised

I compromised,
I thought whatever you said was right,
I compromised,
My right was wrong and your wrong was right.
I compromised,
Let you play with my mind and guilt trip me whenever you did something wrong, 102 more words


The Ministry of Commitment

“So now finish doing what is well, so that your readiness in desiring it maybe matched by your completing it out of what you have. For if the readiness is there, it is acceptable to what the person has, and not according to what he does not have.” 2 Corinthians 7:11, ESV…

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Journal Entry - Sunday, 9 July 2017

I feel that I am falling behind in my slave training. This is probably the first time that I am admitting it. I realised this while I was having a coffee on my own this evening and reflecting on a few things. 103 more words


Yesterday was Day 1

I keep compromising, and I’m not going to make another move until it’s not compromising.

I need my own career. I need a job that doesn’t involve my husband. 118 more words

Poem - Compromising

Down below I will flow, knowing up above is where you’ll show

For I no longer bare to dream, as all I see is damning to breathe… 125 more words