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5% of Americans suffer from Compulsive Buying Disorder- 3rd year student CHARLOT KRISTENSEN recently produced this short graphic novel exploring the impact of the condition: … 11 more words

Are You a Shopaholic? ...part1

“When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better nut then it’s not , and I need to do it again “ Sophie Kinsella… 237 more words

Personal Development

July 28

Three fourths of the agency is still on holidays, which means I have nothing to do and PLENTY of spare time to dive into the depths of the Internet. 153 more words


Zalora vs Zalando (1)

Almost everyone who lives in Netherlands already know about zalando, the site that sell fashion stuff online. In the funny commercial, we can find woman who browse zalando site like crazy or the man who do impulsive shopping. 288 more words

Woman Things

"I Like Purple"

Many years ago my husbands Grams passed away. While at her viewing, we noticed our niece wandering around, seemingly a bit confused, with a “What is this place?” look on her face.  441 more words

Caring For Aging Family

Compulsive shopper? Me? Don't think so mate

According to Oxford Dictionaries shopaholic means “a compulsive shopper“. Well that rules me out. I think. I hope.

I don’t shop because I… 385 more words

FOR SALE INSANITY...Oniomania...Oh-Nee-Uh-Mey-Nee-Uh...

…from the Greek onios meaning “for sale” and mania meaning “insanity”….

Miss D fits the bill for the above. Throw in a pinch of obsessive compulsive disorder and a dash of social anxiety and you pretty much complete her psycho-socio-package. 382 more words

Caring For Aging Family