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Healthy Byte: Menstrual Cycle Fueled Cravings

NOTE: It took me a very long time to figure out why once I month I became completely reckless in my eating. Ever since I noticed the pattern of euphoric binge eating in line with my cycle, I have been able to temper it because I know what it is and have found substitutes to temper the cravings. 511 more words

Healthy Byte


You know you’re getting older when you decide to start “watching what you eat” in an attempt to curb your acid reflux.

“Watching what you eat” invokes a certain rebellion in me. 283 more words


How to hold space for your food thoughts

You know how it goes.  You’re busy living your life – working, walking, talking with a friend.  And suddenly, something enters your stream of consciousness.  A tiny flame kindles within your brain.  586 more words


Day 364

Today is day 364 of consistent, continuous abstinence.

Day 1. Day 3. Day 46. Day 59. They were all were one day at a time. 243 more words

A Secret Friend?

Sometimes I wonder how many different theories about weight loss or gain, metabolism and self-image most of us have investigated over the years.  How many programs, schedules, “good or bad” foods?   596 more words

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I treated myself to a new phone last night. Contacts came over from Google.

Contacts whose names I had not seen in over 2 years. 514 more words


Seeds of hope.

For all of us who struggle with any form of compulsive behavior, or who feel inadequate, unloved, uninspired, let today be one in which we… 48 more words

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