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I Feel Fat: Breaking the Bad Body Image Legacy

I’m so excited to have a guest blog today by By Andrea Wachter, LMFT, co-author of The Don’t Diet, Live-It Workbook and the new children’s book  1,236 more words

From One Extreme to the Other

I have been at both extremes with my weight. When I was in high school I started running more and eating less. I looked pretty good. 349 more words


Day 9

It’s hard for me to believe that I’m not only on the 9th day but that I’ve been going to meetings and calling 3 people a day! 793 more words


Day 8

Things are going really well for me so far but I know that things can change in a moment if I don’t stay proactive in the program. 456 more words


Some next-level sh...

I happen to be living the sweet life at the moment. Just Married to the love of my life. I not only have a driver’s license, but I even have a cute little car for running errands in a cute Kentucky town. 600 more words


Day 4

Question: Read step one (Chapter 1 in 12&12). Discuss and reflect upon the effect food has had upon you over the years. Do you truly see yourself as a compulsive eater? 296 more words

Day 3

Today’s Question: Discuss how much weight you have gained and lost, what medical attention you have sought for the problem and your attempts at maintaining your weight losses. 379 more words