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Hide the Jar

As a child I once witnessed my mum pour my grandmother’s alcohol down the kitchen sink of the holiday home we were staying in at the time. 926 more words

Binge Eating

Living in interesting times

I am afraid. There is an old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. Well, I am living in interesting times. And I am afraid. 725 more words


You Can't Really Control What You Eat (damn!)

In your efforts to adopt a nutrient-rich eating style, have you ever—after a mac and cheese rampage, maybe—chastised yourself with, “I’ve just GOT to make healthier food choices!” Or perhaps, upon emptying the cookie jar, “I just gotta stay motivated, stay focused! 457 more words

Longing and weight gain; best purple cabbage ever

Years ago my best friend in the newsroom, the sunniest person I’ve ever known besides our younger grandson, asked if I’d ever been sad for something I’d never had. 648 more words

Emo Eating

So What DO You Eat (if you don't eat meat, bread, cheese, or olive oil)?

As a nutrient-rich vegan, people often ask me what I eat. When I tell ‘em, “fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, and seeds,” they almost always respond, “Oh, I eat most of that stuff, too.” 555 more words

This is not a vacation 

I am in New York City for my usual yearly visit. I come this time of year because there is a big convention (for lack of a better term) for people who don’t eat sugar and who keep boundaries around their eating. 228 more words


You Are Programmed to Avoid Immediate Danger (which makes it hard to eat right)

Why is it so hard to stop eating foods you know are contributing to your early expiry and supplant them with foods shown in a preponderance of nutrition research to be life-promoting and disease-resisting? 649 more words