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Week Recap: Better, Happier

This is one of those weeks that was by no means perfect, but that felt easier, with a couple of really easy-feeling, intuitive days. I shared my day on Wednesday, and that went really well, and Thursday was a similar story; following on from the success of Wednesday, I was able to make some really intuitive choices. 507 more words


What I Ate Wednesday

So I’ve never done a ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ before, but having seen a few other recovery blogs do it and been really fascinated and inspired, I thought I’d give it a go! 852 more words


Ac-cen-tuate the positive*

Last week I set a goal of listing (and posting) habits I have improved. Now why would I do that? Why don’t I concentrate on what I still need to change? 329 more words

Compulsive Eating

Week Recap: Bleurgh

Ok, so I’m probably in quite a negative headspace this evening which may be colouring my recap slightly… But this week didn’t feel great, recovery-wise. I started the week with pretty much a binge on Monday (which I wrote about), then overate by a lot on Tuesday, overate a bit on Wednesday, by Thursday I was back to slightly more normal if pretty indulgent eating… But after a couple of meals out and not thinking about nutrition, I was feeling incredibly ill and unhealthy by yesterday afternoon. 305 more words


Mini cookies

Katie left out a plate of mini cookies. Not too many mini cookies, just a few. Well I mean there’s kind of a lot of them. 271 more words


My compulsive eating history

I am taking part in a step study group for Overeater’s Anonymous (OA) and our first assignment was to write an inventory of our disordered eating. 856 more words


Gut bacteria revolting

I am fascinated by the notion that my body is simply a cosmos for supporting my bacteria. When I read that our gut flora may be affecting our behavior, I started feeling a warm fuzzy feeling about my microbes. 302 more words