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A nice reminder that I used to be kind of crazy, and now I'm kind of not

I started writing 3 handwritten pages every morning, just stream of consciousness. It is not a diary. It is not a story. It is simply meant to get thoughts trapped in my head out into the world by putting them on a page. 663 more words


Compulsive Eating

Compulsive Eating is classified as an eating and psychological disorder. Some doctors believe the compulsion is related to the addictive properties of the food itself as with Wheat and Dairy products. 465 more words

Weight Loss

Compulsive eating: How to get rid of it?

Do you claim that you are a foodie? Does your mouth start to water on seeing your favorite food & you can’t stop yourself from having it even if your stomach is full? 1,214 more words

Overthinkers Anonymous

Do I obsess about food, or do I eat mindlessly?

Do I eschew control or relish it to the exclusion of making good choices?

What is moderation, really? 307 more words


Hide the Jar

As a child I once witnessed my mum pour my grandmother’s alcohol down the kitchen sink of the holiday home we were staying in at the time. 926 more words

Blog Post

Living in interesting times

I am afraid. There is an old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. Well, I am living in interesting times. And I am afraid. 725 more words


You Can't Really Control What You Eat (damn!)

In your efforts to adopt a nutrient-rich eating style, have you ever—after a mac and cheese rampage, maybe—chastised yourself with, “I’ve just GOT to make healthier food choices!” Or perhaps, upon emptying the cookie jar, “I just gotta stay motivated, stay focused! 457 more words