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Until I can melt back into my couch 

Tomorrow morning I am back on the road. To Corpus Christi. Yet again. First, to a kitchenette hotel for 2 weeks until our apartment becomes available. 356 more words


The Other Shoe

I’ve been doing something dangerous recently: taking better care of myself.

After a very long downward spiral of diabetes/low thyroid/weight gain/depression feedback loop fun, things have begun to move in the other direction since spring. 322 more words


What makes for a pretty damn sweet life

I am back in the airport again right now, heading to South Carolina to meet up with my husband who has been there for about a week for work. 374 more words


You have no power over me

The other day, for the at least second, or possibly 3rd time, I had a particular guy from junior high pop on my Facebook feed. Not by mutual junior high friends, but by people that I don’t think know him personally. 965 more words


Mindfulness - Every Day, Hopefully

It didn’t take me long to realize that I was getting myself in trouble by numbering days in the titles of these posts.  From this realization, and my focus on mindfulness over the past few weeks, I have  570 more words

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Mindfulness, Day 2, Living in the Present

Day Two was really yesterday (Saturday, August 27) but I am writing this in the morning of Sunday, August 28. One of the main ways of observing the Sabbath in Jewish tradition is to refrain from creating (which includes writing) in any way that is considered to mirror the process of original Creation as described in Genesis. 302 more words

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Mindfulness, Day 1, Goals

Make peace with the past, live in the present, and look fearlessly toward the future.

Investigate with honesty and courage roadblocks and detours that have guided my choices and decisions, and led me to places I don’t want to be. 168 more words

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