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A Secret Friend?

Sometimes I wonder how many different theories about weight loss or gain, metabolism and self-image most of us have investigated over the years.  How many programs, schedules, “good or bad” foods?   596 more words

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Seeds of hope.

For all of us who struggle with any form of compulsive behavior, or who feel inadequate, unloved, uninspired, let today be one in which we… 48 more words

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Food IS love

I finished it. I love books that make me cry. Writing that hits you right in the feels. Geneen Roth, if you’re out there, thank you. 437 more words


Making a new friend of an old enemy

You may know from last week’s post that I have had an infection in one of my gums. I went to the dentist on Monday and she told me that she thought it was the result of a broken wisdom tooth. 938 more words


The bare minimum, my bad attitude, and the realization that even flossing can't save me entirely.

I am in a perfect storm of misery lately. I have an infection in one of my gums, and that means: 1) I feel sick from the infection. 1,011 more words


Sticks and Stones--Words do break bones!

There are many words that can strike terror in the heart of someone who struggles with compulsive eating and body image.  Obese.  Overweight. Massive.

My inner concept of myself as small and helpless, and at the same time too large and obese, creates so much emotional confusion. 463 more words

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Round and round she goes!

When I clicked on “add a post” to write about patterns, the page came up with the “post settings,” “preview” and “publish” icons ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE. 422 more words

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