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Praying to a Magic 8 Ball or sitting in a chair

I was talking to some friends recently and one of them gave a beautiful analogy about faith.

There is a chair. Do you have faith in the chair? 522 more words


Kicking into ketosis

Right … so … this ketogenic diet/lifestyle thing? It works, but it’s also complicated. It’s not the Magic Thin Pill. Woe and alackaday, it demands thought and effort and more thought and analysis and then some thinking. 1,759 more words

Flab To Fab

Identifying Trouble Times

I’m so sorry to have gone AWOL.  I dislike whining, but the last week has just been insanely busy with plenty of stress.  On the nights that I didn’t bring work home, I came home so tired that I couldn’t form coherent enough thoughts to write. 381 more words

General Musings

You Don't Have to Like It

“You don’t have to like it.”

If she said it once, she said it ten times during our session.

“Yea, but, I want to feel comfortable—“ 802 more words


I’ve been following Jane Plan for 6 weeks now. I still weigh around 140lbs and have only lost weight in the first week and a half. 422 more words

Healthy Eating

Sorry, not sorry

What are you willing to do to win?

Are you willing to lie? How big of a lie? A little lie? How big can a lie be before it’s not a little lie anymore. 559 more words


A gift ~ Pain Free 15-minute Guided Meditation


First whoever is reading this, thank you so much for taking the time to subscribe to me. It means so much to have people that believe in you. 74 more words

Compulsive Eating