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Confessions of a Compulsive Hoarder

6th August 2017.

Since I was a young child I’ve always had a very strong sense of sentimentality. I’ve forever placed a, perhaps, unhealthily-intense focus on memories, no matter how seemingly insignificant or painful they may be. 1,732 more words


Garbage disposal war. Germany, Ireland, Italy.

Years ago, approx on 2003, I met a manager of a very important garbage recycling factory in Italy.

This person used these words to mean the importance of what we contemptuously call “rubbish”: <It’s more precious than oil or gas, as it can produce quality energy and it’s daily produced by people without any extraordinary effort. 621 more words


Acknowledging Compulsive Hoarding

Addicts have it easy, strange as it is to say, compared to others suffering from uncontrollable conditions. We have groups and whole industries at our disposal to help bring us to sobriety. 267 more words

The Hell of the Hangover


Hangovers were far more than just physical for me. In addition to feeling like a train wreck, it also involved feeling guilt, anxiety, paranoia, and ultimately depression. 44 more words

*growl**grumble**curmudgeonish snarl*

Mornin’ all.

Winter is over and the bears have come out. And not “internet” bears…

*If you don’t already know what the internet calls a “bear”, then you don’t live a life where the info would be very pertinent. 1,530 more words

Beth Reason

Understanding reasons for hoarding and strategies for coping @Alz_Live @AlzToronto

According to the Alzheimer Society and well documented in medical journals, persons with dementia experience memory loss, mental confusion, disorientation, impaired judgment and behavioural changes. But did you know that one of these changes may include “hoarding”? 337 more words