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The Future of Comics Is Now

Greeting, Legions of the Unspoken! Emily Scott here, hoping you enjoyed our Six Weeks of Punishment! I would say I hope you also enjoy the new season of… 410 more words

The More Things Change...

A fun video of contemporary kiddos attempting to use an old computer with the Windows 95 operating system made the Internet rounds recently, and by “fun” I mean it is now either time for me to die or move into the retirement village. 363 more words

Original Essays

In the mid to late 90’s Blogs were a mere twinkle in the eyes of the inter-tubes. Internet Diaries, or Journals, were the thing.

One could join a… 217 more words


25 Years Since the First Web Site

Today I was reading and thinking about all of the different ways that various governments around the world are trying to somehow control and regulate content on the web. 644 more words

The Industry