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Proof the set of all total Turing machines is not recursively enumerable

Problem: Prove that the language {code(M) | M is a TTM} is r.e. In plain language, prove that the set of all total Turing machines (TTMs) is not recursively enumerable (r.e). 296 more words

Turing Machine

Turn your brain into supermassive black hole

here it comes here it goes! Today I am writing probably the last post from Brazil since I am leaving in Tuesday. Maybe tommorow after seeing Christ in Rio, I will be able to write another one. 494 more words


Algorithmic Thermodynamics: Statistical Mechanics meets Algorithmic Information Theory

Today, I viewed a recording from FQXi 2014 where Scott Aaronson from MIT talks about the Physical Church-Turing Thesis. He brought up irreversibility. That made me think about the claim made by  523 more words


Inside Computability and Logic

Philosophy is a logical interpretation of ethical values. It’s an interconnection of ethical and logic, combining ethical values with logic or we have a tendency to will say that philosophy may be a logical conclusion of moral values. 355 more words

Von Neumann

It was the anniversary of John von Neumann’s death last Sunday. If I had an intellectual hero it would be von Neumann; he basically was an expert in… 1,135 more words


An introduction to Turing machines

The story of how Alan Turing made important contributions to the allied war effort in World War II as part of a team cracking German codes, only to later end up being prosecuted for homosexual activity and chemically castrated as punishment, is well-known. 4,374 more words


Types of Numbers Part 8: Computable Numbers

A computable number are numbers that can accepted by computers if computers had unlimited precision. Basically a number is computable if there exists a computer or a turing machine that can produce approximate up to digits. 113 more words