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Women in #CompChem and the rest of STEM

In the past I’ve avoided this topic for various reasons. First, because I strongly believe that focusing on labels perpetuates them, and as scientists, we should always rise above them, for is science and not scientists what’s important. 940 more words

Computational Chemistry

New review on computational calculations and microwave irradaition

This review, published in Chem. Soc. Rev., provides an overview of the use of Computational Chemistry in MAOS to provide a theoretical understanding of the factors that can be used to explain the improvements in MAOS and how computational calculations can be used as a predictive tool.

Computational Chemistry

Publicación convocatoria Ayudas para la formación de profesorado Universitario FPU-2016

Se han convocado 850 contratos predoctorales de cuatro años para la realización de Tesis doctorales en Universidades y centros de investigación.


Estar matriculados en un programa de doctorado en una universidad española en el curso 2016-2017. 95 more words

Computational Chemistry

Convocatoria de contratos predoctorales para la formación de personal investigador en el marco del Plan Propio de Investigación UCLM

La UCLM ha convocado hasta 30 contratos predoctorales para realizar tareas de investigación con las siguientes características:


23.000 € anuales durante los tres primeros años. 68 more words

Computational Chemistry

Compiling VASP-GPU on MS Azure GPU VM

After a long wait, the GPU VM has become generally available on MS Azure service. I will use it to test the capability of VASP-GPU version before deciding to invest in the pricey GPU servers at our center. 246 more words