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The Mental Health Problem in Grad School

Mental health problems in graduate students have existed for ages. The constant and ever-increasing competition both in and out of the academic realm puts an extra toll on young students who already must deal with harsh economic conditions, an uncertain future, and the general unrecognition from society, not to mention sometimes a bullying environment from advisors. 573 more words

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Calculating Madelung Constant with Python

Madelung constant is commonly used to determine the electrostatic potential of a single ion in a crystal.  The method is approximating the ions as point charges. 143 more words

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How do nanomaterials from e-waste transform in water? Computational chemistry helps find the answer

The development of nanotechnology has been an exciting route to chemical innovation that has changed the way that we live. Fields as diverse as medicine, water treatment, and energy storage have all used nanoscale devices and nano-sized architectures to improve technologies related to human health, communications, and transportation. 785 more words

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Optical Structure Recognition: Where Patents and Homework Collide

At this very moment, there are hundreds of pages of unreturned Organic Chemistry I assignments sitting on the floor of my office. These papers collectively bear well over one thousand Lewis structures, some computer generated and others hand drawn. 880 more words

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The devil makes the pots but not the lids.

il diavolo fa le pentole ma non i coperchi

The title of this post is the literal translation of a proverb. The proverb means that Devil’s pot of wickedness sooner or later will boil – and, as there’s no lid, someone will see its content and reveal the truth.

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