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Computation as Anti-Holos

Here is a technical sketch of how all of nature could arise from a foundation which is ‘aesthetic’ rather than physical or informational. I conceive of the key difference between the aesthetic and the physical or informational (both anesthetic) is that an aesthetic phenomenon is intrinsically and irreducibly experiential. 999 more words


Why embodiment does not make mind copying impossible

A while back, I highlighted a TEDX talk by Anil Seth where he discussed that cognition is largely a prediction machine.  Apparently Seth more recently gave another talk at the full TED conference, which is receiving rave reviews.   1,160 more words


From Aristotle to John Searle and Back Again: Formal Causes, Teleology, and Computation in Nature

The richly eclectic Ed Feser has brought my attention to his latest paper. If you don’t know Ed’s work or at least his blog (as well as his popular writings), … 507 more words

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