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0005: Paths to Superintelligence


– 3 paths … Connectionist (Neural nets), Computationalist (Symbolic), Robotics (embodied) … Uploading … big data … other paths
intelligence explosion

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Reading "On Cunning Automata" by Nick Srnicek & Alex Williams


“In the , the algorithms of high frequency trading (HFT) systems encode the results of chains of inferences made by quantitative finance experts, but in themselves they operate solely at an informational level.”

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Media Ecology Monday: Golumbia and the Political Economy of Computationalism

In The Cultural Logic of Computation Golumbia raises questions and addresses issues that are promising, but then proceeds in making an argument that is ultimately unproductive. 405 more words


How to Tell if Your p-Zombie has Blindsight, Falling in a Chinese Forest

In order to make the question of philosophical zombiehood more palatable, it is a good idea to first reduce the scope of the question from consciousness in general to a particular kind of awareness, such as visual awareness or sight. 881 more words


The simulation argument

In a recent post over at Scientia Salon

Mark O’Brien asks a question and gives his own answer with:

Could a computer ever be conscious?

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The intuitional problem of consciousness

by Mark O’Brien

Could a computer ever be conscious? I think so, at least in principle.

Scientia Salon has seen a number of very interesting discussions on this theme which unfortunately have failed to shift anybody’s position [1]. 3,020 more words


Modality Independence


A striking feature of language is that it is modality-independent. Should an impaired child be prevented from hearing or producing sound, its innate capacity to master a language may equally find expression in signing […]

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