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Face and cranial base

Dimitri Neaux and colleagues have published a series of comprehensive analyses on the influence of the cranial base in facial morphology of humans and apes. … 381 more words


How is a CT scan different from MRI?

With the advancement in technology, modern medicine has advanced beyond x-rays. The most widely used tests besides x-rays are Computed Tomography (CT) scan and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). 257 more words

Ct Scan

Hyena paleoneurology

A series of works by Sharleen T. Sakai’s group have correlated the proportions of the anterior endocranial region with social behaviour in hyenas. They found that in… 213 more words


Cranial thickness

The cranial vault is composed by three bone layers (inner table, diploe, outer table), and its principal function is to safeguard the brain from impacts. Bone thickness is a crucial parameter to understand the biomechanical factors contributing to skull deformations and fractures after head injury. 131 more words


Free skulls!

Lynn Copes has posted online 705 cranial CT scans of modern humans for free download. The dataset is part of her PhD sample which comes from archaeological sites in Alaska, Greenland and Oceania, from the… 53 more words


Virtual Reconstruction and Computational Biomechanics

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Virtual Reconstruction and Computational Biomechanics Workshop

The Centre of Human Anatomy Education is organising a workshop in the application of Virtual Reconstruction and Finite Element methods in human biology at… 37 more words