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Non-human primate microCT dataset

A new dataset of non-human primate microCT scans is now available. The original specimens (59 species) belong to the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. 84 more words


Endocranial shape variation: Japan

Yusuke Morita, my colleague at Ogihara laboratory (Keio university), published a paper entitled “Three-dimensional endocranial shape variation in the modern Japanese population“. Quantifying variation in human endocranial shape is important for interpreting endocranial morphogenetic mechanisms, and to investigate how ontogenetic changes may have influenced the course of human evolution. 100 more words


Introduction to my Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to Educate the CT Tech blog!  I’m excited about putting this blog together as I have been working to get this together for a long time.   493 more words

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Why is Peter Okoye Getting a CT Scan? Is he sick?

Peter Okoye shared photos of himself on Instagram getting X-ray computed tomography. 79 more words

Celebrity Gist

Falx and tentorium ossification

The falx cerebri and the tentorium cerebelli are two large folds of dura mater that extend into the cranial cavity. The first separates the two brain hemispheres and the second separates the cerebellum from the occipital lobes. 285 more words


The diploic vascular channels

The diploic channels are placed between the vault cortical layers (external and internal). The calvarial diploe contains large and valveless diploic veins interconnected through a complex network of microscopic channels. 276 more words