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Craniovascular morphology

Studying anatomical variability in paleontological and archaeological context is a challenge to look behind (and beyond) the bones. In the case of cranial remains we are able to make inferences not only on bone morphology but also on part of the vascular system. 308 more words


What Is a CT Scan?

Everything You Need to Know About CT Scans

CT, CAT, MRI…  The list of alphabetizations in the plethora of medical jargon could go on and on.   652 more words

Medical Treatment

Initial Results of an Acetabular Center Axis Registration Technique in Navigated Hip Arthroplasty with Deformed Acetabular Rims!



In cementless total hip arthroplasty, imageless computer-assisted navigation is usually used to register the anterior pelvic plane (APP). The accuracy of this method is influenced by the subcutaneous tissues overlying the registration landmarks. 139 more words

Notoungulata endocasts

Notoungulata is an extinct order of ungulates, endemic from South America. It has two main suborders: Toxodontia, including the large-bodied ungulates, and Typotheria. Researchers from Argentina have… 164 more words


The things you should know about a tumor in the head

What are the symptoms? Why brain tumours cause symptoms ?

Brain tumours cause symptoms for two reasons. Firstly, because they take up space inside the skull as they grow. 449 more words

Non-human primate microCT dataset

A new dataset of non-human primate microCT scans is now available. The original specimens (59 species) belong to the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. 84 more words


Endocranial shape variation: Japan

Yusuke Morita, my colleague at Ogihara laboratory (Keio university), published a paper entitled “Three-dimensional endocranial shape variation in the modern Japanese population“. Quantifying variation in human endocranial shape is important for interpreting endocranial morphogenetic mechanisms, and to investigate how ontogenetic changes may have influenced the course of human evolution. 100 more words