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An Elementary Computer Algebra System in C++

A computer algebra system is a program that performs symbolic computation. What does that mean? Symbolic computation is performing computations via the use of symbols rather than the use of numbers. 1,474 more words


Numerical Algorithms: Variational Integrators

When I was rummaging through my digital attic I found code that I had worked on a few years ago. It is not related to data or database technologies but it is in itself interesting, so that I thought I’d better share it. 971 more words


Line: a mathematical fiction

A friend of mine once asked me “Why is the equation of a straight line y=mx+c“?. The question itself had surprised me, because it was very elementary to me. 989 more words

That CAS I was working on...

I have recently posted two posts regarding my intention to use and then my intention to not use a Java app called Jasmyca. In the second, I explained that I intended to write and post the code that I had written while working on the project to add my own version of CAS/JAS programs that I had been working on. 747 more words


My New Toy: FluidMath!

A few weeks ago, I downloaded and installed this new software called FluidMath. I think it is the most revolutionary tool to hit math and science classes since the graphing calculator. 54 more words


A Passion for Math

Today I would like to introduce you to Murray Bourne, an Australian who lives in Singapore. I recently became aware of his squareCircleZ blog, browsed through it a bit, then couldn’t stop! 1,017 more words


Mt. Mayon's Mathematical Beauty and Elegance

Mayon volcano refused to show its glory last weekend. It was like a beautiful but shy girl that hides her face behind a veil of clouds. 794 more words