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Digital Maps Are the New Game Changers in the Digital World

Can you ever imagine or wonder about our world without maps or any kind of navigation without maps? Such a scenario has the capability to make you completely blind and cannot find your way, when you are travelling towards your destination via sea route or land route. 394 more words



我的 github 竟然上 maven/dagger 的首页了 ~

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Yahoo Customer Care Service number for instant Yahoo Support

Yahoo mail is widely used web based search engine that has provided excellent email services for its users. Today, millions of users across the globe used its services in a large amount. 410 more words



当初面亚麻的时候有个面试官问我平时对技术是否感兴趣,我忘了具体怎么回答的, 但好想提及了自己的博客。 现在回头看看 08 年到 10 年那几年的博客内容, 基本都是记录自己作为一个菜鸟如何捣腾 ubuntu, 以及一些编程时候的心得体会。 纯粹是出于兴趣,我当时也并不知道自己最终会走上码农这一行,但那些点点滴滴的兴趣培养和折腾让我现在受益匪浅。

没想到到了亚麻后来了一个大倒退, 工作的几年里基本是都是按部就班做着组内的开发工作, 对其他组的东西几乎没有接触, 公司外的各种开源项目更是听都没听过。 这样的懒惰状态直到去年准备跳槽时才总算有所改观:参加了亚麻内部的系(tiao)统(cao)讨(pei)论(xun)班, 然后把九章的系统设计讲义里的阅读材料都仔细读过, 感觉自己终于又找回对技术的热情。 只可惜看了很多,一直没有真正动手实践。 现在就给自己定个计划:

1. 用 python 把 leetcode 简单和中等题刷一遍 9 more words

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Go for Web Templates Designed by Sacramento Designer

Most of the people get attracted by look and feel of website templates. Even, some of the web designer sacramento offers, the kit to design your choice of template. 436 more words

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Looking for Bright Career in Designing

The web design sacramento is the field which encompasses changes and innovation at the different step. Yes, it is well-known facts, and the one who is going to work on design and strategy of the web must acknowledge this fact. 438 more words

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The Perfect Benefits of hiring a Web Designer

In this digital era, every person wants their brand to gain maximum visibility. For that, they are creating the website to speak about their brand. Basically, the audiences like to navigate and go through the website that is eye-catching and appealing. 412 more words

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