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Microsoft Exchange Support Great Choice for Small-Sized Businesses

The technology has developed in such way in our world that made the world faster. In such running technical universe we find the things which are completely altered in such way what things took time to be done now that same task is going on very faster and easier as well as giving very long lasting per… 251 more words

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Free Access to Digital Design Resources and Inspiration

There are lots of blogs, tutorial and wiki sites are being available online to gain knowledge. Most of them are limited to provide essential knowledge in specific areas of study. 225 more words

Graphic Design Inspiration

Optical elements font

Create elements on AutoCAD for precision

Copy them to Illustrator to edit: Scale, position, brush stroke (5pts for thin lines and 12pts for thick lines) … 21 more words

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Uzi Grindler - The Importance of Family

People generally think of family and the value of having one only after one feels a need for it. People start to miss their loved and close ones, their family when they fear making any decisions that they believe might go otherwise. 299 more words

Uzi Grindler

Quote of the day: Reasonable decision making

“Two key facts about data scientists: they’re in short supply and most people don’t actually get what they do.” — Toby Wolpe (ZDNet, Cut the marketing nonsense: Will the real data scientist please stand up?

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A Weird Windows Update Problem Causing Application Installation Trouble

I have a Windows laptop that was not used often. My wife decided to blow the dust and take it for a trip. Since she wanted to take care of some work in travel, she needed to install the VPN client on it, which is Palo Alto GlobalProtect. 878 more words

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Direct Link/Host File on Google Drive

Sharing Preview URL

It is easy to upload a file to Google Drive and share with anyone. After you share the file, you’ll get a URL sharing link like: 514 more words

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