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Computer Animation 2: Blarney McKnob Room (Update)



Who is Blarney McKnob?  No more than a deadbeat Leprechaun who lives in a hollowed out tree somewhere out in the woods.  After gambling away all of his gold; Blarney is a wanted leprechaun, not only to the goons he owes money, but to the government as well.   126 more words

Non Time-Based

Computer Animation 2: Character Room

To demonstrate our understanding in Maya, we had to create a room for a character prompt given to us. We had full creative freedom to interpret the rooms based on the prompts, and were allowed to create as many elements of the room as we wanted, provided that it showed off our understanding of modeling, texturing, lighting, and placement within the program. 235 more words


Rendered Family Room

I decided to go with a tank like home within a home itself. The process for making this family tank was a long task to do. 74 more words

Non-Time Based

Computer Animation II: The Room

The project for Computer Animation II was to create a unique room that was to fit one of the proposed criteria. The room I created was for a young Lizard child who is OCD, the thing about it that makes it appropriate for the child is because of the three large orange heat lamps that are above the bed. 31 more words

Non-Time Based

Maya Room Project

For this project, I used the idea of a leprechaun on the run as the basis of a room built in Maya. I first created basic furniture and smoothed all of the pieces. 48 more words


Computer animation 2: Room project

For my computer animation project, I centered my room project around Kevin the  wealthy bachelor. He is a frog that has climbed his way to the top of society all by himself causing his arrogant attitude, but despite this arrogant nature he is a very spiritual man-frog taking fung shui into consideration into everything he buys. 114 more words

Non-Time Based