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Self Critique

Over the course of this semester I believe I have indeed grown as an animator. In the past I have only dipped my toes in animation but with this class I have started truly delve into what Maya can do. 434 more words



It is always a very hard thing when you have your heart broken. It hurts both mentally and physically. To give your heart to someone for several years and then to have it torn to shreds by a simple word or action. 840 more words

Computer Animation

Visual Media Project: Interactive Authoring

Emotions and feelings are of a fickle nature, especially for someone with a mental disorder.

Here is my Visual Media project. Here I took four very different songs with different themes. 756 more words

Computer Animation

Music and Loops- A dance with death

The song I used for this is called Fiend, from a game called Shin Megami Tensei 4. This song is a macabre battle with the grim reaper himself, a sign of death and the end of life itself.   277 more words

Computer Animation

Peer critique

Video I am critiquing 

In this animation Thomas Casterline has created a walking cycle dubbing it a moon walking. However this animation is no such moon walk. 159 more words