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Animation Demo Reel

This is my animation with maya demo real.

Using Norman as my rig.

Best Work

Computer Animation 3 Peer Critique 3


If the character is on his phone texting, then his walk would need to be slower as if he has little clue of what is ahead of him and is distracted by the phone. 82 more words


Computer Animation Peer Critique 2


I really like how there was a buildup from the reclined position to the action of standing up. The animation was very slow as the character was in the process of standing and that the character needed to lean forward a little more because it seemed liked the weight wasn’t shifted properly has it stood. 32 more words


Computer Animation 3 Peer Critique 1


Over all the animation flow was pretty smooth. Though the character didn’t seem to have enough of a struggle or was struggling too much as she was pushing the chair. 57 more words


Pace Animation

After having a class critic on my pace animation I had to go back and fix certain issues. 45 more words