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FREE Online Logo Maker With 4000+ Templates

Take a look at the online logo maker called DesignEvo. Great way to make logos for letterhead, your company, blog, etc…; featuring over 4000 templates. Very easy to use… 29 more words

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Best Fullscreen Weather Map (no ads) - MSN Weather

When bad weather is heading my way, my “go to” radar image map is the MSN full screen radar map (see source link below). I like that it not only shows the weather in motion and is zoomable; but, the main selling point with me is that there are no ads. 19 more words

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Geek Squeak (from c|net) - PicMonkey Dumping Flash For Updated Web Technology

PicMonkey, a popular online photo editor, will no longer rely on Adobe’s dying browser plug-in. An overhaul is in the works to dump the Flash Technology and to also turn the photo editing tool into a design tool, as well. 24 more words

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Remember WinAmp? Well Here Is An Online Version

Now this is a pretty cool find by ILoveFreeSoftware… Remember WinAmp? Well here is an online version.

Winamp2-js is a free online Winamp music player… 60 more words

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Desygner | Design online from your computer, tablet or phone

For my Chromebook was looking for a graphic design program and stumbled across Desygner which is an online web app that you use in your web browser. 106 more words

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7 Free Online Baby Names Generator Websites @ ilovefreesoftware

Noticed on one of my favorite websites, ilovefreesoftware, that they have an article posted up titled, “Free Online Baby Names Generator Websites”.

Names generators are excellent resources not only for your baby; but, for helping with the naming of a cat, dog, turtle, hamster, etc… — LOL.   84 more words

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