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Edmonton police chief says 100 new officers needed to police online crime

In a wide-ranging year-end interview, chief Rod Knecht proudly spoke about the work Edmonton police have done in 2016.

However, in computer crimes, Knecht acknowledged there’s work to do. 521 more words


Be wary of fake speeding tickets sent by email

On Nov. 24, Kay Hedstrom received a suspicious email claiming she had been charged $18.03 for negligent driving on April 11.

The email said the ticket would be forwarded to her mailing address but that she could see “photo proof” of the incident immediately by clicking on a link in the email. 438 more words

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Cara Mencegah dan Menghindari Cybercrime

1.Gunakan Security Software yang Up to Date

Penting untuk menjaga Security Software Anda tetap terbarukan atau up to date. Perlakuan ini akan memberikan pendefinisian kembali atas ancaman cybercrime maupun virus yang belum didefinisikan pada versi sebelumnya. 471 more words

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Contoh Kasus Computer Crime

Pencurian dan penggunaan account Internet milik orang lain . Salah satu kesulitan dari sebuah ISP (Internet Service Provider) adalah adanya account pelanggan mereka yang “dicuri” dan digunakan secara tidak sah. 905 more words

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Casino Rama hit by alleged cyberattack, warns customers to watch bank accounts and credit cards

RAMA, Ont. — An Ontario casino says customer information has been stolen after an alleged cyberattack.

The Casino Rama Resort in Rama, Ont., says its customers, vendors and current and former staff should keep an eye on their bank accounts, credit cards and other financial information. 104 more words

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Pengertian dan Definisi CyberCrime dan Computer Crime

Pengertian dan definisi dari Information Technology Crime, Cyber Crime dan Computer Crime disimpulkan dari berbagai buku, web dan sumber lainya : 890 more words

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Malware Can Hide, But It Must Run

by Alissa Torres, SANS Certified Instructor

It’s October, haunting season. However, in the forensics world, the hunting of evil never ends. And with Windows 10 expected to be the new normal, digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) professionals who lack the necessary (memory) hunting skills will pay the price. 1,079 more words

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