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Health Clinic Sued Three Days After Announcing Massive Security Breach

Some people don’t like to wait when filing lawsuits;
Aug 8, 2016 01:30 GMT  ·  By Catalin Cimpanu

Three days after announcing a data breach that might have potentially affected a whopping 3.7 million patients, a US-based healthcare provider was sued for negligence by one of its employees in a class-action lawsuit. 318 more words

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Interpol penetrates zombie servers to catch Nigerian mastermind behind worldwide email fraud

LAGOS — A Nigerian accused of scamming US$60 million from companies around the world through fraudulent emails has been arrested after months of investigation, Interpol and Nigeria’s anti-fraud agency said Monday. 271 more words


Chthonic Banking Trojan Distributed via Legitimate PayPal Emails

Victims would have a hard time spotting malicious emails

Jul 26, 2016 23:50 GMT  ·  By Catalin Cimpanu  ·  Share:

Legitimate emails sent from PayPal’s official email address included links that redirected users to a website that distributed Chthonic, a newer variant of the infamous Zeus banking trojan. 277 more words

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Backdoor Account Found in Dell Network Security Products

Dell SonicWall equipment came/comes with a hidden account

Jul 20, 2016 21:04 GMT  ·  By Catalin Cimpanu

Security researchers have discovered six serious security issues that plague several Dell SonicWall products, one of which is a hidden account with easy-to-guess credentials. 324 more words

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Take Our Challenge !! CYBERSECURITY IN 2016

We are a Managed Service Provider for ISP’s, MSP’s, Reseller’s and Var’s using back end
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Huge Spam Wave Drops Locky Variant That Can Work Without an Internet Connection

New Locky variant uses a weaker encryption method
Jul 14, 2016 00:35 GMT  ·  By Catalin Cimpanu

During the past days, the crooks behind the Locky ransomware have amped up their operations and distributed hundreds of thousands of spam emails that contain malicious files, which, when opened, would install a new version of the Locky ransomware that can work without an Internet connection. 406 more words

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Digital detectives: Evolving world of online crime keeps Edmonton cybercrime investigators clicking

In a time when murder investigations are as likely to involve a search of a cellphone as a crime scene, and IP addresses can leave a better trail than tire tracks, the separation of investigation into cybercrime and crime is getting thinner. 521 more words

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