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'We can't protect public from cyber crimes': RCMP boss

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson bluntly warned Canadians Wednesday that legal restraints on police access to personal Internet data means there is no guarantee they can help victims of cyber crimes. 699 more words


Five things you should know before you start your workday on Nov. 25

Good morning. The champagne lifestyle of fast cars and faster living may be drawing to a close for London’s traders. But a whole new world of opportunity is opening up for young women. 969 more words


Yahoo Mail begins blocking users with ad blockers installed

This is wrong..this is all about money..if they want to take care of of the malware that comes from there compromised adds..then I would not have a problem otherwise just block Yahoo period..which I personally would hate..comsumer protection is just as important as them making money from the ads… 250 more words

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Uh-oh. Has an Amazon account security problem been uncovered?

Graham Cluley | November 20, 2015 12:52 pm

Tech journalist Kirk McElhearn appears to have stumbled across a disturbing security problem on Amazon.

In a nutshell, Kirk found that after enabling two-factor authentication on his Amazon account his browser ended up logged in to someone else’s account – his son’s. 401 more words

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Malware Turns to DNS and Steganography to Hide C&C Communications

Beware have good malware protection

Malware operations evolve in a clever way
By Catalin Cimpanu    19 Nov 2015, 16:36 GMT

Dr. Chris Dietrich from Crowdstrike and Pierre-Marc Bureau from Dell SecureWorks have identified a trend in malware campaigns where operators resort to the DNS protocol and steganography to manage botnet communications. 420 more words

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31 Frightful Films - #10 Unfriended

I paid six bucks on Amazon Video to rent Unfriended. It’s a film that takes place 100% on a computer. The premise is this: one year ago, high school girl Laura Barns committed suicide at school; a direct result of the cyberbullying she experienced after someone posted a humiliating video of her. 301 more words

31 Frightful Films

BBC News reports that security firm Zscaler recently discovered an app for Android which advertised itself as a way to access pornography, but which actually blackmailed its users for money: 368 more words