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The use of Computer Forensics has become inevitable in punishing and finding some of the well-known criminals in the society. The terrorist organizations make the use of the Internet to include the members in their group and the heinous sexual predators use the social networking sites to stalk teenagers and vulnerable individuals seeking for Internet pleasure. https://goo.gl/L9KxkA

Computer Forensics


LAPORAN FINAL OLAH TKP & SIMULASI PERSIDANGAN tentang Transaksi Narkoba Melibatkan Media Sosial.

Bisa di lihat di sini : https://www.academia.edu/21299578/Laporan_Olah_TKP

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Data Breach due to Your Careless Behaviors

How often do you upgrade your electronic device?  I’m talking about ANYTHING, not just a computer.  IPods, Ipads, MP3 players, Phones, Tablets.  For this discussion lets call Personal Electronics anything that connects to a computer or the internet, anything that stores data on it. 334 more words


Examining pagefile.sys

Digital forensic investigations can quickly hit dead ends if the investigator runs out of places to examine for evidence. During my investigations, I like to follow an informal procedure: 564 more words


Expert Certified Fraud Examiners to Ferret Out Frauds and Assist in Delivering Justice

The entire health care system is vulnerable to fraud and smart people do not hesitate to take advantage if it means making more money or getting the benefit without paying for it. 493 more words

Computer Forensic

Mobile Phone Forensics

The digital investigation of mobile phones is increasingly becoming a more complex task, as technology is becoming more advanced and the data from these devices is ultimately becoming more valuable. 114 more words

Computer Forensics

Forensic Analysis of Firefox Browsing Activity

The forensic analysis of web browsing activity is increasingly becoming a prominent feature within digital investigations and can potentially generate significant evidence which can be used in legal proceedings. 147 more words

Computer Forensics