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How Digital Forensics Can Help: Personal Injury Cases

July 29, 2015

How Digital Forensics Can Help: Personal Injury Cases

Regular readers of this blog have no doubt observed that I try to make the case quite often that digital forensics is a valuable resource for legal practitioners involved in many different types of litigation and investigation. 1,253 more words

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Never Use Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Networks

July 22, 2015

Why You Should Never Use Peer-to-Peer

For those of you who don’t already know, peer-to-peer file sharing is a big deal, not only for “legitimate” purposes (i.e., trading of non-contraband files), but also for more nefarious purposes such as trading in illicit images and videos. 1,520 more words

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Link to Forensicator Podcast #102: Jimmy Schroering of DME Forensics

July 12, 2015

Pro Digital Forensic Consulting Principal Consultant, Patrick Siewert sits down with Jimmy Schroering of DME Forensics, creators of DVR Examiner.  They discuss the inception of DME Forensics, challenges & lessons from launching a tech company, the virtues of DVR Examiner and more! 169 more words

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Computer Forensics - Everything about IT security.

Our reliance on computer and network technologies has led to a number of concerns. For example, the use of computers has inspired new types of misconduct, such as hacking or denial of service attacks against computer systems. 1,143 more words

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Detecting and analysing malware in a forensic investigation

Malware is any form of malicious software, this software will hinder or disrupt computer operation, gather information on the user and even gain access to the system. 76 more words

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Deduplication: Why Computers See Differences in Files that Look Alike

An employee of an e-discovery service provider asked me to help him explain to his boss why deduplication works well for native files but frequently fails when applied to TIFF images.  1,673 more words



Since the advent of technology has taken a leap into the air, the activity of Cyber crimes and Cyber terrorism has also deflated the computer technology. 605 more words

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