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FireEye Reportedly Investigating Suspected Clinton Foundation Hack — Fortune

Democrat-affiliated organizations are on high alert for digital attacks. The Clinton Foundation, Bill and Hillary’s humanitarian organization, hired the computer forensics firm FireEye feye to investigate a possible data breach, Reuters reported late Wednesday, citing unnamed sources.

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Sooner Rather Than Later… Please!

August 16, 2016

Sooner Rather Than Later… Please!

In the past few weeks, we’ve received a higher than average number of requests for digital forensic services on very short notice.  1,222 more words

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The Digital Forensic Answer: It Depends

July 18, 2016

The Digital Forensic Answer: It Depends

In life, we rarely ever get solid answers.  The same is true in many forensic disciplines.  Indeed, even when some answers are put forth as solid, after years of scrutiny, challenges and vetting, the answer can be reversed (see: … 1,560 more words

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Detecting Malicious Attacks with Memory Analysis Techniques

Traditional computer forensics practices have often overlooked the need for the capture and analysis of Random Access Memory, particularly due to its challenging and volatile nature. 205 more words

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SSD and eMMC Forensics 2016 - Part 3

What Has Changed in 2016 in the Way SSD Drives Self-Destruct Evidence: Demystifying eMMC, M.2, NVMe, and PCI-E.

by Yuri Gubanov & Oleg Afonin
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Investigating Android Malware Analysis Techniques for Forensic Use


As the smartphone becomes increasingly popular, the amount of malware created for mobile also rises. The majority of malware is created for the Android operating system. 215 more words

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A List of small workplace investigation blunders that result in major losses

A major complaint has come up against an employee at your company? What will you do? I guess you would try to resolve the conflict with some professional help. 283 more words

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