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The Internet of Things Meets the Four Stages of Attorney E-Grief

I lecture about 50-70 times a year, all over the globe.  Of late, my presentations start with an exploration of the Internet of Things (IoT), focused first on my own IoT-enabled life and then addressed to the proliferation of IoT data streams in all our lives.   2,505 more words


10 DFIR Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

by Christa M. Miller

Digital forensics is a tough job. Forensicators must evolve as rapidly as the technology does, which means being in a constant state of learning. 1,300 more words

Skype Bakal Kirim Pesan Teks Secara Bersamaan

REDMOND – Program komunikasi dengan teknologi P2P (peer to peer), Skype memungkinkan Windows 10 dalam menguji dengan mengirim teks dari konsol PC tanpa harus menggunakan… 113 more words

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Hati-hati Arisan Online

Berita Tribun Jogja Hari ini (25 November 2015)

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Meeting A Forensic Challenge: Recovering Data From A Jolla Smartphone

by Davide Gabrini, Andrea Ghirardini, Mattia Epifani and Francesco Acchiappati


During the hacking camp MOCA 2016, at the end of a talk held by Davide “Rebus” Gabrini on passcode circumvention methods on mobile devices, a bystander offered an intriguing challenge: he offered for research purposes a smartphone to find out if and how someone could crack it, overcome security and extract information. 1,621 more words

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What can we learn from the rash of revelations related to sizable hacks in 2012?

Posit the research, which indicates that the average length of an un-detected compromise is in excess of 200 days. Couple that with research from security outfit Bitglass, and you’ve got some shocking correlations that put 2012 into a broader perspective. 49 more words


Cross-Matter & -Vendor Message ID

At last week’s ILTACON in Washington, D.C., Beth Patterson, Chief Legal & Technology Services Officer for Allens in Sydney asked a panel why e-discovery service providers couldn’t standardize hash values so as to support identification and deduplication across products and collections.  3,456 more words