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Techno Mode - The Fastest Way To Access Digital Evidence On Damaged SSDs

by Roman Morozov, NAND Data Recovery Tutor, ACE Lab

Recent statistics show that solid-state drives are getting a good share of the market of storage devices. 1,061 more words

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Computer and Software Forensics Services

Sometimes the key to identifying a thief and winning your business’ court case comes down to computer security and data recovery. In fact, for some cases where Brooks Hilliard was hired as an expert witness, the only computer problem was the missing or questioned data. 91 more words


Detection Of Backdating The System Clock In MacOS

by Oleg Skulkin & Igor Mikhaylov

Recently we received a good question from one of our DFIR mates: “How can one detect backdating of the system clock forensicating macOS?”. 920 more words

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Charlatans In Digital Forensics

by James Zjalic

There’s a topic that is rarely publicized in the world of digital forensics, but is well known to those within the field and stories are often traded between experts when they meet at conferences and conventions. 1,066 more words

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The Necessity Of Developing A Standard For Exchanging A Chain Of Custody Of Digital Evidence Data

by Jasmin Cosic, Miroslav Baca & Peter Grd


Today there is no criminal investigation that does not contain a digital dimension. A large number of criminal offenses, whether official investigations conducted by judicial bodies or corporate investigations, contain digital evidence, which in most investigations is key to the identification of perpetrators. 2,095 more words

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Forensic Fraud Investigation of Social Network Group Control System

Editor’s note: Nowadays, we often received a variety of fraud messages when we used a mobile phone, a little careless will fall into the trap of outlaws. 833 more words


ISO 17025 For Digital Forensics – Yay Or Nay

by Robert Merriott

“Much of the digital forensic community desires to have their evidence seen in court as forensically sound and bulletproof, yet do not want to go through the rigors that other traditional forensic sciences have done to prevent evidence spoliation and other mishandling and misinterpretations.” 2,304 more words

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