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Chapter 107 - The Forensic Experts

M’s former employer and the target of this terrorism hired two computer forensic experts, Steve Williams and Mark Cox.

M hired one computer forensic expert, Justin McAnn. 908 more words

Born Yesterday

I was born yesterday, fell off a turnip truck, and am not playing with a full deck. I don’t have a spam filter or know how to block an email address. 544 more words


Fifth Circuit Upholds CFAA Conviction for Former Employee's Misuse Causing Damage Based on Circumstantial Evidence

In United States v. Anastasio N. Laoutaris, 2018 WL 614943 (5th Cir. Jan. 29, 2018), the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a jury verdict finding Laoutaris guilty of two counts of computer intrusion causing damage, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 815 more words

Computer Fraud And Abuse Act

Chapter 99 - Former IT Director Admits During Trial To Computer Fraud To Shutdown Company

During the trial and Max’s cross examination, by me, Max admitted that he “left the company the way he found it, with no programming code.” Thus, now 14 years later we have him on the record. 218 more words

Ohio Hacker Charged with Child Pornography

MacOS Malware Used for Child Porn, Computer Fraud and Wiretapping

28 year old Phillip Durachinsky has been accused of and charged with computer fraud, wiretapping and child pornography after authorities learned the man had hacked cameras and microphones to both spy on and recorded things that he should not have. 536 more words


Bobby Van service can help you stay safe online

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust is an Independent charity working closely with Wiltshire Police to provide an invaluable home security service. The Trust has been operating this scheme for the past twenty years helping to secure homes for the elderly, vulnerable & disadvantaged throughout Wiltshire. 136 more words


What do we in the United States really want from our cyber laws?

In my newsfeed are articles in prominent publications discussing the problems with the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act from very different perspectives.

In the “the CFAA is dangerous for security researchers” corner we have  435 more words

Computer Fraud And Abuse Act