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Blaneys Fidelity Year in Review - Fidelity Subrogation Podcast - Fidelity at the OBA

Blaneys Fidelity Year in Review

In 2015, American and Canadian courts released a number of decisions of interest to fidelity claims professionals.   We are pleased to present… 221 more words

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FBI Guidance: How to Respond to Ransomware

Spoiler Alert: According to the article below, in a recent podcast the FBI “warned against paying ransoms” and doesn’t like to see companies pay the ransom because, the old law of supply and demand just means that ransomware is more profitable and, therefore, we see more of it. 62 more words

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3 Key Takeaways About Texas' Unauthorized Access Law

The Dallas Court of Appeals recently decided a civil case involving claims under Texas’ unauthorized access of computer law that provides some helpful guidance for this relatively new law that has very little case law construing it. 718 more words

Computer Fraud

Fetishes, Fantasy and the Limits of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

It’s a common scenario: a company thinks an employee is using its computers to do something wrong. Maybe the employee is stealing clients for a new venture, copying data from proprietary research or leaking documents to the media about the CEO’s financial impropriety. 1,517 more words

The #1 Current Cybersecurity Threat to Business in DFW (2/18/16)

Earlier today I attended a monthly committee meeting to discuss the current cybersecurity threat landscape. This is a small group that meets around a conference table, somewhat informally, and consists of members of federal and state law enforcement as well as a few individuals in the private sector who are involved in cybersecurity. 187 more words

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Inside Baseball: The Basics of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) has been an increasingly popular tool for DOJ over the last few years. A recent case against the St. 1,048 more words