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20 Things We Hate On Fifa15 - Extended

Fifa. The game, not football’s controversial governing body. Probably the most widely played and well-developed computer game mankind has enjoyed in the 21st century. EA Sports’ proudest creation has likely turned millions of regular gamers into genuine football fans, and EA’s consistent annual improvements bring it ever closer to the real-life beautiful game in terms of realism. 2,274 more words

WATCH: New Game Weekly - 'Guild Of Dungeoneering'

New Game Weekly; the show where each week Michael finds the newest game on Steam, and regardless of how terrible it may look, he buys and plays it for your viewing pleasure.

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Departing Patsayev Port

My Cobra III in the HIP 16343 System. The Andromeda Galaxy (NGC224 or M31) is visible just below the ship. The Andromeda Galaxy is the nearest major galaxy to our own. Screenshot from Elite: Dangerous.


Game Review: Her Story

The first thing you should know about Her Story is that it’s a game worth going into blind. While this review will avoid any story spoilers, part of the draw of… 614 more words

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Review: "The Last Express" (Computer Game)

Mysteries! Murder! The Orient Express! Yes, what else could it be, but “The Last Express“?

Surprisingly, I hadn’t even heard of this game until earlier this year, when I happened to see… 1,547 more words


Sav Plays Fist of Jesus Episode 1 Fisting with Jesus

In this weird but fun game Jesus and his trusted sidekick Judas must fight off the Zombie invasion led by Lazarus.

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Retro Gaming: Skunny

So it’s been a while since I did a retro gaming post and I thought what better one to do then one of my favourite game series growing up: Skunny. 368 more words