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The Lone Star Project

Ironman is a style of computer gameplay in which the player endeavours to survive without losing a ‘life’ throughout the game. Players generally try this in games like Call of Duty or similar shooter games. 798 more words


Where are the Kenworths?

With my recent posts concentrating on Euro Truck and building a company from scratch it may seem that my American Trucks have fallen by the wayside. 506 more words


Our First Truck

I’ve suggested previously that before taking out a loan and buying our first truck for our new company, we need to have a fair amount of money in the bank. 812 more words


More Basket-Cases

All the experience of fixing up the El Camino was very handy and I’m putting it to good use.   Customer orders are becoming more complicated.   In fact some customers bring their own basket-cases for me to get running.  163 more words



As a change from Truck Simulator and as a result of watching some videos by Squirrel and JNR-SNR Gaming on YouTube I’ve been trying Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 over the last couple of days.   252 more words


7 Days To Die

This game is so addictive it will make you cry. I love survival games throw in a few zombies and well I had to buy it. 458 more words

Grumpy Gamer Girl

Doubling Up

The recent upgrades of Euro and American Truck Sim to version 1.28 introduced double trailers.   The fans have wanted these for a long time :-)   Because of regulations varying from one country to another, the European doubles can only be found in Scandinavia.   44 more words