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Neon Knights

Bathed in Neon
This Knight of the Road
Reflects on past glories


The TURING TUMBLE: A game? A learning tool? It’s BOTH!

When I was growing up, Mattel produced a game called HIGH GEAR.

The object was to move your pegs along the procession of gears until you reached the top gear. 251 more words

Thoughts On Stuff

International Duty

In my recent New Recruits post I introduced the International 9900i. Now I’ve had a chance to get used to this truck mod I feel it’s time for a review. 781 more words


Hatoful boyfriend

I found a game a while ago called Hatoful boyfriend: the player is a girl at an all bird high school where she is the only human, it’s sort of a dating game and you choose  to do and say different things and that decided who you end up with. 745 more words

Non Fiction

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going to be talking about a recently updated game called,” Bendy and the Ink Machine” that’s been receiving a lot of hype recently. 586 more words


Welcome Company

Busy Road,
Much Travelled,
Empty of Soul

Sometimes it’s nice to have company so it’s great to welcome Megan back :-) Oh, and the Playboy mags have been ditched in favour of a Logistics magazine – Must avoid upsetting SWMBO ;-)


Gemstone Keeper - Quest to Linux Part 2 - GenLevelTools

Last time on Quest to Linux, I went through porting the Vigilante Game Framework to Linux, but the quest isn’t over yet. The next big task is porting Gemstone Keeper’s level generator and editor, the GenLevelTools, since I need to be able to get the caverns from somewhere. 681 more words