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I Always Feel Like...

…Somebody’s watching me. And in American Truck Simulator along with its European counterpart, you are never alone! You turn up at your destination with a load to drop off in the most difficult spot imaginable and there’s someone there who clearly hasn’t got enough work to do because they’re able to sit and watch you. 70 more words


In Memoriam: My First No Man's Sky Game

Early last week, I signed in to No Man’s Sky only to discover that my saved game wouldn’t open. It started a new game on a new planet in a new system! 577 more words

Science Fiction

At Last I Can Sleep...

…Where I like!

Recently I’ve opened a second garage in Tucson and I now employ three drivers, all driving the Peterbilt 579 with a couple of minor variations of engine and gearbox. 508 more words


Nobody Else's Sky

What is the point of a game – any game? They can all be reduced to a repeated set of actions, and there might be a goal involved (whether that goal is achieved is another matter). 989 more words


Hard Driving Hardware

Trucking is costing me money… A small fortune in fact. I laid the blame for buying TrackIR at the door of Truck Simulator although it’s also good to have for Elite and Train sim. 1,315 more words


A Review of Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble (Game Gear)


———————–Spoiler Alert—————————

The Story

Blackness. Six gems fall from the sky, glittering in the darkness as they fall to the ground, six different colours brightly flashing among the blackness.  2,148 more words


Continuing My No Man's Sky Adventure

I played a bit more No Man’s Sky today, and made some pretty good progress. But let me show you the third planet I visited. 516 more words

Science Fiction