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The Other Save Slot

This is a bit of a departure from my normal games.. sort of. The game I am trying out is The Hunter: Call of the Wild. 1,193 more words


And I'm Back! Summer News

First, I enjoyed the poetry workshop a huge amount, and I’ve learned a lot, and, possibly even more important, I was motivated to work very hard on poems with a definite audience in mind: the process of trying to translate what I like to write about into something that other people will like too, the process of curating my tastes and passions, is interesting and useful one—writing for an audience might make me more conventional in some ways, but I think in most ways it makes me… 341 more words


So close to packing it in...

I came close to giving up coding this week.

If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know I’m building a virtual pet and that I need it for verification for Coderlist as a personal project. 627 more words

5 Free Game Development Software Tools to Make Your Own Games

Do you have a concept for a video game that’s been brewing for several years? What if you could bring that concept to life, even with no video game advancement experience? 2,026 more words

Best Software Application

Trucking Digest

My Wife talking to her Brother about a family issue… “There’s only the 2 of us working” Me… “Oi – I’ve driven Sacramento-San Diego, San Diego-Phoenix, Phoenix-Yuma and Yuma-Gallup today – what d’ya mean there’s only the 2 of you working!” ;-) 34 more words



This piece contains potential spoilers for the Subnautica computer game. I would urge you to play the game as spoiler free as possible. I bought Subnautica with my own money. 1,014 more words