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Game Development Process Week 5

Here we go again with a new post about the development process of Team 8:s game: Last Signal.

This week I am working on creating the whole level of our game. 560 more words



Trust does not come easy for me. I feel like I am always skeptical, questioning and wondering about a person’s motives. Usually there is none, sometimes there is, but it’s a terrible way to live life. 83 more words

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New Academic Stuff

Since these assignments have been marked some time ago, I thought I would let you try them out! Just to note that these are the compiled applications only, Staffordshire University technically owns the code that I wrote for these so no source code will be available, but for portfolio purposes the application is online for you to check out! 48 more words


Humble Bundle weekly bundle: first impressions (kind of)

At the moment the Humble Bundle weekly bundle is kind of Valentine’s Day themed in that it contains at least one dating sim. I say at least one as I’ve only heard of two of the games before and I’m kind of unclear about whether the others are dating sims or not. 2,091 more words

Computer Game

Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango has a reputation.

‘Best Adventure Game of the Year’ (IGN). ‘Best of E3 1998’ (GameSpot). ‘PC Game of the Year.’ All over the net, it is hailed as the best adventure game of all time, as someone’s favourite game. 710 more words


Images from Recent Travels

Short finals to land at Aubakirov Orbital. You can see the shadow of my ship on the station. God… It’s almost like flying a Cherokee! 85 more words


The Fourth Man

I’m sitting here at Fullerton in the Mbukuravi system pondering the last few hours. For me these have been real hours spread over several days but for the galaxy as a whole it has been somewhat longer as time there continues whether I am present or not. 1,168 more words