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Hayden's War Part 10



Involuntarily, they all looked out the window to the skies above Boston.

They waited.

“On the TV!” said Josh.

Hayden looked over. The face of the black alien filled the screen. 3,345 more words


Review: "Tyrian 2000" (Freeware Computer Game)

Well, it’s been a while since I last reviewed a computer game, so I thought that I’d take a quick look at a freeware game from the 1990s called “ 1,398 more words


Hayden's War Part 9 is now Up! Share with your friends.

The final battle is joined.  Hayden and his friends launch a two-pronged attack against the aliens.  They both must succeed if they are to win the game.  93 more words

Sophisted Project 1

For my first sophisticated project I wanted to write a computer game which I based on the board game my group, Audrey, Mayank, and myself, made the first day of class. 223 more words

Hayden's War Part 9

The second guild group had spread out in teams of two moving through the ship looking for an entrance to the heart of the system. They were trying to find and plant explosives near the giant engines which powered the ship. 3,000 more words

Help. I'm an Addict!

I’VE BEEN SECRETLY harbouring an addiction for the past decade.

For years it’s held me in its firm grip although I did escape for a three year period until it reeled me back in. 742 more words


Are computer games safe?

Today, I went to a website where I hoped to get a bit more information on the tragedy of the Oregon shootings.  Over the top of the news article, a giant pop-up screen appeared asking me to take part in a brief survey. 387 more words