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Safehouse - A Tom Clancy's The Division short story

This story follows on from Cover, the first in this series.
The fight at Hudson Docks had take time and, more importantly, let people know that there was something pissibly worth fighting over. 3,946 more words


Drone warfare dehumanises those doing it and the people they kill: the collateral damage

In 2013 Lesley Docksey wrote ‘Old and New Wars’ – an article published in Global Research. After analysing the complexities of the ‘new wars’ she moves on to stress that the tools and training of modern warfare are dehumanising combatants – and those they kill:  445 more words

Drone Strikes

Clear - A Tom Clancy's The Division fanfic short story

My watch was glowing. A bright orange circle. Like the Black Spot of Death. I was fucked. Work was calling.

“Blend in, work hard at the day job, make friends but keep them casual and don’t get attached” 3,705 more words


Review: "The Blackwell Deception" (Computer Game)

Well, today, I thought that I’d review “The Blackwell Deception”. This is the fourth game in the “Blackwell” series (you can read my reviews of the previous three games… 1,260 more words


Review: "The Blackwell Convergence" (Computer Game)

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get round to reviewing this game, but I thought that I’d take a look at “The Blackwell Convergence” today. 1,172 more words


Review: "Blackwell Unbound" (Computer Game)

As I mentioned when reviewing “The Blackwell Legacy” recently, it was seeing footage of “Blackwell Unbound” that originally made me interested in this series of games. 1,159 more words


Review: "The Blackwell Legacy" (Computer Game)

I can’t remember exactly where I first heard of the “Blackwell” games, but I think that I saw something online about the second game in the series ( 1,655 more words