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No vacation only pitfalls

I have not been on vacation, but maybe I should have taken a break. This month has been full of pitfalls…mostly self imposed pitfals but pitfalls none the less. 1,061 more words


[Pysoy] - Pysoy Development, Part One

In this blogpost, I would like to describe the engine from a game developer’s perspective and as a general introduction to the organization and the engine itself. 661 more words

Computer Graphics

The Corridors of Lucasfilm #4 – Howard Anderson Optical Printer

Not much is known about he Anderson Printer before ILM purchased it from Paramount Pictures in 1975.  It had been used for compositing for Cecil B DeMilles The Ten Commandments in 1956, and shots for Alfred Hichcock’s North By Northwest in 1959.   387 more words

Computer Graphics

Digital Characters with Motion Capture

What is the MoCap? What are markers? How Davy Jones or Smaug are created?

For these and other questions, in this video, we take a look at the technique of Motion Capture (or MoCap ), a method of high interaction between man and technology that allows to capture the movements of people and objects and turn them into digital 3D information. 98 more words


Last Reading for Graphic Design Class

Three characteristics of Bauhaus style: angular, simplistic (for the most part,) and text oriented.

Bauhaus is a very clean style to use, thus using very graphical methods everything has to be in the right place.   28 more words

Computer Graphics

All the Web Banners!

This was my final in my graphic design class (Which for some reason I’ve been calling computer graphics but potato patato, right?)

I decided to make my final project for my art work, which I branded as Lucy Loo Studios (as all of you may know already.)  So I tried to make every banner look different, like an individual character, but connected them all with similar icons and a polychromatic color scheme (which is all the rainbows.)  I decided to use this color scheme because I’m most well-known for the paintings of animals I do in that very color scheme, plus it’s extremely colorful and eye catching.   145 more words

Computer Graphics

Hyperbolic Self-Similarity

This texture shrinks on one axis while stretching on the other – and yet somehow loops every three seconds.

Here’s the full code of a (very) heavily modified version, which fits in one and a half tweets (you can also view it on… 35 more words