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Week 10

We learned InDesign. This program is fantastic for Magazine designs and formatting. All the Adobe programs are connected to make editing very convenient. For example if I changed an image in Photoshop that was also in InDesign, it would change for me automatically.

Computer Graphics

It's Raining

It’s Rainning

short 3d and VFX animation scene + sound effects


Oct 2016 - Self Evaluation

Click here to write your mid-term self-evaluation. Don’t forget to click SUBMIT at the end. If you want to be sure not to lose your evaluation, type it in Notepad (and save it) and copy/paste it into the form.


Week 8

We continued working with Illustrator to finish our Honey Farm project. We needed to make multiple different art boards. We made business cards, envelopes, brochures,  web banners, and posters of Honey Farm using the logo we created last week.

Computer Graphics

Illuminated Name/ Initial & Write Up

     The principle element shown in my artwork is a linear perspective. The motion of the runner shows where his destination is heading to. I created a two point perspective image to change the movement of the audience eyes to not only see where the runner is aiming off to but the environment that is around him. 356 more words

Non Timebase

Illuminated Name/Initial

After doing research into the Book of Kells, I developed an Illuminated Name based off of it. Using the design, I was able to come up with this. 220 more words