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ManvsMachine "Versus" and The Making Of with Cinema 4D.

I am a huge fan of Cinema 4D, and it is pretty insane just how much the tool has grown with each new generation. I mean if you think about it, When Cinema 4D was released in 1993 for the Amiga it was a solid tool, but there is no way the software on an Amiga system could have produced anything like what is in the video below. 160 more words

Design And Art

New movie screen allows for glasses-free 3-D at a larger scale | ESIST

3-D movies immerse us in new worlds and allow us to see places and things in ways that we otherwise couldn’t. But behind every 3-D experience is something that is uniformly despised: those goofy glasses. 439 more words


Digital Surrealism

Alternating Reality

Surrealism is a movement stating that the liberation of our mind, and subsequently the liberation of the individual self and society, can be achieved by exercising the imaginative faculties of the “unconscious mind” to the attainment of a dream-like state different from, or ultimately ‘truer’ than, everyday reality. 18 more words


Siggraph 2016 Day One

Hello Siggraph! Hello Anaheim! Hello palm trees~

Day one begins with a so-so panel of Siggraph intros which aims at maximizing the Siggraph experience. It’s a fair talk because the speakers either spoke very low or very loud, plus the slides didn’t always match what they present. 712 more words

Computer Graphics

Illustrated Graphic Style Poster

Event Depiction

Clients emphasize that posters should be illustrated with a featured pictorial image as they promote organizations, events, or activities.

This is a vector drawing of my church. 19 more words


Pictorial Collage

Voyage of Life

Sharing your journey of life could be either be educational or exciting for others.

My collage includes:

  • Can of AriZona Grapeade; Grape is my favorite flavor when it comes drinks or soda.
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Recovering Memories

Have you ever had the thought of restoring very old, damaged pictures of who you treasure? The skill is called retouching, fixing the torn or bent parts, blemishes, and spots onto the picture as it ages. 52 more words