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Photoshop vs Lightroom

This article will mostly be geared towards other techies like myself, but if you’re a longtime photoshop user (like me) and have recently been hearing about Lightroom (like me) and wonder what the differences are, check… 177 more words


Drawing a Circle recursively with DrawBot

Last year, I picked up and experimented with DrawBot a little bit. It’s a fun little program that can be used to make cool images, and animations. 781 more words


Remediation - Jay David Butler and Richard Grusin (2000)

What’s new about new media? Or in this case, what was new about new media way back in 1999 when Butler and Grusin’s Remediation 1… 4,103 more words


Updated My Avernun 7 Storyline Idea & Creating Game Art

I have decided to rescan and try maybe continuing to work on my story idea for the beginning of a new indy game, possibly Avernun 7. 886 more words

Apple And Gaming

21. "Multiverse Comics and Stories" Breaks the Print Barrier!

How did I get it into print? I cheated.

Well, not really. I’m still looking for a hard-copy publisher, but in the meantime I wanted some hard copies of the comic for the Buck’s County Free Library Comic Con. 528 more words

2D Face Modeling with JavaScript

One common algorithm to perform Face Morphing requires fitting a polygonal mesh on top of all input face images. This must be done in a way such that each vertex converge to the same physical spot of all faces – such as the eye contour, nose tip, chin, etc. 890 more words

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