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Witless Wednesday

The letters H and J are next to each other on my computer keyboard. So that a sign-off to my friend – normally “Big hugs” – became “Big jugs”, a thing neither of us can claim to possess, but a typi…

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Mechanical Keyboards: Long-Lasting And Highly Realible

Looking for a standard professional keyboard for typing and gaming? Must be durable and made from best quality materials? Check out these fantastic mechanical keyboards! Simply connect the device to your desktop or even laptop computers via USB port. 40 more words

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Computer Mousing and Ganglion

People are trying a lot of things to relieve their wrist pain due to computer mousing the whole day. Some may have even used some floating supports that can move along with the mouse, while others end up bandaging their hands and wrists in order for the two to move along with each other. 317 more words

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The Benefits of Using Adesso 230 Portable Computer Keyboard

When it comes to keyboards people often look for something that can work under hard conditions and can be easily transported. The Adesso 230 portable computer keyboard can be bent, folded, and twisted without the keyboard suffering from any damages. 454 more words

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