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There's Some Hoe's In This House.........

Somebody been lying!!

So part of the possibility when you are ‘online dating’ is that you may run into folks you know. Even if you know them in a space where they act like they would never online date.   851 more words

Sex And The City

The 'new' Bar Scene....

I been around a long time!  I remember back in like 94-95, my first husband (RIP) had been deceased for a minute, the trials were over and one day like 23 months in, I woke up one day and was like, I need to see the sunshine.   393 more words

Sex And The City

Shoop Shoopy Shoop Shoopy Shoop..OOh look at that Brother and Hes' coming this way!

“I’ve decided that my dream man is no shorter than Michael Jackson (he was 5’9 1/2)”, Pam age 16.

THIS is where it all began. Sure men have mastered the art of building and deciding that there is a perfect woman and they spend a lot of time looking at her and judging us by those delusional standards but this is 2015 and women have quickly caught up and now we must learn the harsh lesson they have… 584 more words

Sex And The City

The Want Ads....

So where do I begin? Well I begin with…me.  Over the course of this year, I’ve actually written out all the good/bad traits of various Brothers I’ve known (dated and not dated) and for those I have dated, I have jotted down what was the tipping point as to why I decided to date them.   599 more words

Sex And The City

So what brings me out of retirement?

So, as life goes on and all that Jazz, I have found myself all up in the fabulous 49 and…… single   I’ve done the work, the healing and the recovery and some of it I have QUITE enjoyed, but I also know that I’m a relationship kinda person. 556 more words

Sex And The City

Ebonie Camille Releases "All I Do Is Work" Music Video

Today I released my new music video for “All I Do Is Work”. I want to thank everyone that participated in my video and made it happened. 8 more words