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Cleaning your Laptop

Before attempting to clean your laptop, read the User’s Manual to learn what the recommended procedure for cleaning your particular laptop is. Most laptop manufacturer’s recommend thoroughly cleaning a laptop once a year but frequent travelers may wish to clean their laptop more often. 466 more words

Computer Maintenance

Speed up your PC by Removing Unnecessary Programs

Is your computer running a little slow? To improve your PC performance remove unnecessary programs from the Startup. Installed programs are constantly checking the internet looking for updates. 182 more words

Computer Maintenance

Day 16 - Keyboard Cleanup

Thanks to a tip-off from my computer whizz friend Dave Harris I read this piece on computer keyboards. It is pretty grim to think that your keyboard may be more germ-infested than a loo seat. 34 more words


Did Santa bring you a new laptop or desktop computer? If so, here are a few tips on how to protect your valuable new computer. 1,074 more words

Computer Security

Protect Your Critical Business Data with Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Nowadays, all the business organisations are highly dependent on their computer networks for everyday’s work. This reliability can cause severe damage to their company’s critical data from potential threats like natural disasters, power failures, viruses, attacks from terrorists & hackers and much more. 210 more words

Data Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution

Cloud Storage Services in Los Angeles for Businesses

Cloud storage service delivers many companies with money and time saving options. Many industries deal with nation-wide and global objects in order to keep their company running smoothly. 281 more words

Data Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution


  • BIOS is a low level software, the first software to run when you power up the                system.
  • The BIOS provides a number of services that allows users to communicate with            higher level software (e.g.
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