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Why??? We shouldn’t use USB ports of computer to charge mobile or other devices.

Understanding the concept of Volt and Amp supplied by USB ports of computer.

In the age of electronics, all devices feed on power supply. One of the major sources of power supply now a days is battery, which needs charging, and charging through USB (Universal Serial Bus) is very frequent. 241 more words

Computer Maintenance

The History of Computers

It is difficult to imagine life without computers even though the history of computers is actually quite short.  Computers have become so ingrained in modern day society that it is hard to believe that personal computers (as mass-market consumer devices) were only invented in 1977. 668 more words

Networking Support Services By The Computer Repair Specialists

Troubleshooting computer and network related issues become important for the business organisations and the individuals. Reliability of computers has increased the dependency on the computer systems for handling all kinds of work whether it is business related or personal. 268 more words

Computer Maintenance

Judith Woods

Title: Senior Software Engineer
Company: ASRC Federal Holding Co.
Location: Maple Shade, NJ United States

Fortunate to have fallen into a field she truly enjoys, Judith Woods got her first taste of computer programming in college. 244 more words

Computer Programming

Computer’s have become one of the basic necessities of our life. There are few things which are often confusing, like our topic “Turn off, Standby, Hibernate”. 370 more words

Computer Maintenance

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services for Every Business

A disaster of any form, whether natural or man-made, can be disturbing and life-threatening! As the misfortune occurs unexpectedly, a person can suffer serious loss comprising of life and assets. 248 more words

Data Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution

Well… it depends on person to person, and their usage, but we will discuss some of the pros and cons of turning off the computer when not in use.. 349 more words

Computer Maintenance