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Cloud Storage Services in Los Angeles for Businesses

Cloud storage service delivers many companies with money and time saving options. Many industries deal with nation-wide and global objects in order to keep their company running smoothly. 281 more words

Data Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution


  • BIOS is a low level software, the first software to run when you power up the                system.
  • The BIOS provides a number of services that allows users to communicate with            higher level software (e.g.
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Fire Wire:-

– Apple created fire wire i/f to replace serial, parallel, SCSI and any

  other port which can connect Components to PC.
– It is like USB supports 63 devices in a daisy chain manner. 68 more words

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VESA Local Bus

  • The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) 32-bit local bus (VL-Bus) was      the most popular Local bus design and can works at the speed of 33 MHz…
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What Can Go Wrong With Your Hard Drive and How to Fix It?

Article Written By: Nexus Supplies

The most common problem for computer repair is hard drive crashes. As it happens, hard drives are very delicate components and sensitive to external conditions. 281 more words

Computer Maintenance


–> LPX is a non-standard proprietary form factor which falls under the name of LPX,       and Mini-LPX.
–> The LPX form factor is found in low-profile cases (desktop model as opposed to a        tower or mini-tower) with a riser card arrangement for expansion cards where             expansion boards run parallel to the motherboard. 53 more words

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–> With the need for a more integrated form factor which defined standard locations        for the keyboard, mouse, I/O, and video connectors ATX form factor was                        introduced. 85 more words

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