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How to Properly Shut Down your PC

This post is dedicated to a dear co-worker of mine.

I was always under the impression that folks knew the proper way to shut down their computers, until I observed my co-worker.  203 more words

Computer Maintenance

Stay Safe with the Admin Account

The Administrator account is created by default in Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10, but it is not enabled. Although you shouldn’t use this account for anything other than troubleshooting, you should enable it long enough to password protect it because it is a powerful account. 448 more words

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How to Defragment your Computer : Keep it running smooth

How to Maintain your Computer, making it run smooth and last longer.

Defragment – using our computers everyday or moving large files causes computer hard drive to swap files here and there, just like a Motorcycle or a Car it needs to be tweaked. 58 more words

Computer Maintenance

Prevent Computer Overheating

In my years as a tech I’ve often opened a sick computer to find it full of dust bunnies.  Overheating is a big problem for the sensitive parts of your computer. 383 more words

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Have you disabled UPnP in your Router yet? Security Hole

Have you disabled UPnP in your Router yet? Security Hole

This is very simple to do. Check out the How-To Geek link here…

HTG Explains: Is UPnP a Security Risk? 138 more words

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Computer Repair, Data Recovery, Web Design & SEO “Search Engine Optimization”. 45 more words


12 Spring Cleaning Steps for Your Computer

Reblogged from my Tech column. If you’re wondering why your computer doesn’t work as well as it used to, try these 12 ideas:

It’s time for Spring Cleaning. 731 more words

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