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Are 30 thousand species going extinct every year?

Summary: The warnings become increasingly dire and shrill as we approach November’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. One theme warns about the increasing rate of extinctions, described with astonishing numbers — and projected to add… 1,838 more words

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The facts behind the scary new UN population forecast & those doomster headlines

Summary: A new paper by scientists, using computer models to forecast a dark future — this time about world population. Journalists write a hundred horrific stories, mostly devoid of vital context, most with clickbait headlines. 1,238 more words

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It's the carbon intensity, stupid!

Forget the ‘War on Terror’, Obama’s #CleanPowerPlan rightly declares ‘War on Climate’ (i.e. #ActOnClimate + #WarOnCoal).

Explanatory note: Obama may highlight coal but, given that climate change and ocean acidification are consequences of pumping geospheric carbon* into the biosphere, the priority must be to eliminate the most carbon intensive sources first.  194 more words


Computer models pointing to the rapid development of Invest 91-E in the Eastern Pacific

AS OF 9:30 PM EDT 7/28/2015

The National Hurricane Center in their most recent update on the Eastern Pacific indicates the growing support among the computer models of a rapidly growing storm in the Eastern Pacific.   255 more words

Tropical Depression Eight forms along with Invest 91-E in Eastern Pacific

As of 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Not only does Hawaii have to worry about a potential Tropical Depression (which now appears not to be very likely at the moment), they now have to pay attention to yet another potential storm heading for Hawaii, but this time, there’s more fuel. 377 more words

Do models accurately predict climate change?

Summary: Climate models are important for several reasons. Large flows of tax dollars go to their construction and operation. Their predictions dominate the public policy debate about climate change (to the exclusion of other tools, such as predictability studies). 1,313 more words

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Hope For Wet California Winter If Rainfall Prediction Computer Models Prove Accurate

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — There is hope for a wet winter in California if the rainfall predictions on long-range computer models prove accurate.

One of the more aggressive computer models known as the CFSv2 calls for one of the strongest El Nino events on record this fall and winter. 71 more words