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Model suggest improved sugarcane planting technique

As farmers survey their fields this summer, several questions come to mind: How many plants germinated per acre? How does altering row spacing affect my yields? 307 more words

Everyday Science

Episode 198: How is demand for electricity forecasted?

How do electricity providers forecast electricity demand? On this week’s Energy Bite, Richard Huntsinger, a recent PhD graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, has some answers. 297 more words

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This is just a brief observation, demonstrating how my lying eyes get me in trouble with the hard-working, code-apt, computer-savvy geeks who have eyes glued to computer terminals that produce wonderful models. 795 more words

Carbon emissions and pathways to a low carbon economy

Carbon emissions and pathways to a low carbon economy:

A talk about using computer modelling to generate solutions for the planet. 

by Nick Winder; Newcastle University… 558 more words


Measuring success with water quality requires balancing monitoring and modeling

Post by Eric Booth

Understanding how and why water quality changes through time is an important activity of scientists and natural resource managers. As pressures on lakes and streams increase from changes in land use and climate, the public and governing bodies are pushing for management practices that will improve water quality. 1,623 more words


The Cognitive Approach

A new post outlining the cognitive approach to psychology for paper 2 is now out.

This is part of the paper 2 exam for AQA psychology so will be available for both AS and A level students. 37 more words


NASA readies next-generation Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) for NOAA

Significant weather forecasting improvements
with new Technical innovations on board

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL—The new generation GOES-R satellites will carry significant improvements and technology innovation on board. 238 more words