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Carbon emissions and pathways to a low carbon economy

Carbon emissions and pathways to a low carbon economy:

A talk about using computer modelling to generate solutions for the planet. 

by Nick Winder; Newcastle University… 558 more words


Measuring success with water quality requires balancing monitoring and modeling

Post by Eric Booth

Understanding how and why water quality changes through time is an important activity of scientists and natural resource managers. As pressures on lakes and streams increase from changes in land use and climate, the public and governing bodies are pushing for management practices that will improve water quality. 1,623 more words

Yahara Watershed

The Cognitive Approach

A new post outlining the cognitive approach to psychology for paper 2 is now out.

This is part of the paper 2 exam for AQA psychology so will be available for both AS and A level students. 37 more words


NASA readies next-generation Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) for NOAA

Significant weather forecasting improvements
with new Technical innovations on board

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL—The new generation GOES-R satellites will carry significant improvements and technology innovation on board. 238 more words


Cindy Tait, EMT-P, RN, PHN, MPH

NIH’s workshop to consider current policies and practices related to oversight of research involving nonhuman primates is a step in the right direction. The published plan in which NIH pledged to “catalyze powerful innovations, including molecule cross-coupling methods … and human 3D organoid technologies that will be better than animal models” must become a reality in the very near future. 204 more words

Brain Hack

Scientists have create a computer model that can predict unspoken sentences by looking at neutral activity in the brain. In the example pictured above, the brighter the area, the higher the accuracy of the prediction. 116 more words

What If?

Betting Your Future on Computer Models

Computers are a major, if not crucial tool, used by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to predict global warming and climate change from CO2. 714 more words