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Study: Global Warming Actually More Moderate Than Worst-Case IPCC Models

From Duke University, where they validate what we’ve been saying for quite some time: there’s a divergence between climate models and reality.

Global warming progressing at moderate rate, empirical data suggest… 641 more words


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Reality further diverges from the sacred models. Whatever will the hierophants of the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming do?

Harvard-Smithsonian Physicist: Computer Models Used by U.N. Overstate Global Warming | CNS News

So goes the liberal battle cry… If it ain’t true, fake it!

(CNSNews.com) – A scholarly paper explaining why predictions made by climate computer models used by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) tend to exaggerate global warming has ignited a political firestorm.

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A frontier of climate science: the model-temperature divergence

Summary: Today Rud Istvan gives us a brief tour of a climate science frontier, as seen in a hot new paper. It’s a bit technical, an unavoidable aspect of real science. 1,280 more words

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Also, Local Architecture Critic Running Amok

So in non-Momma news: our local alternate weekly has an Eyesore Of The Week column, one of those things you’re supposed to read for the vicious joy of watching some slumlord get called out on, like, how there’s been a garbage bin stuck through the front door for over three years now and it’s been on fire since November and nobody does anything about it. 263 more words


Dry Weather Forecast To Continue For California

Last weekend, California received fairly descent amount of rainfall but dry weather has return. Latest upper air chart (seen on the left) shows the same old pattern that is responsible for California  experiencing dry conditions and unseasonably warm temperatures. 358 more words


We must rely on forecasts by computer models. Are they reliable?

Summary: Computer models have opened a new era across the many fields of science. Our confidence in their forecasts has opened a new era in scientists’ ability to influence public policy. 1,313 more words

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In Vivo vs. In Vitro

So, many people are no longer aware of this, but there are basically two types of observation which may be made in science: ‘in vitro’ and ‘in vivo’. 125 more words