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Relative Time Estimation

Relative time estimation is a method of estimating time for a development project. It can be software development or a building construction. The concept is mostly similar for both scenarios. 302 more words

Computer Programming

How coding will change your life?

Super computer, workstation, Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, videogame, TV, microwave, car….Blah blah blah. Think for a while, how many gadgets do you use in a day which are programmed in order to make your life easy? 279 more words


How to start coding?


So, You are a school/college student, techno enthusiastic or a simple common person. You are here because you are interested in coding and confused about where to start, Right? 402 more words


Game Development Week 10– Blog #8 – Spider Queen!

This week has been a long week for development, I’ve cleaned up a lot of my work and committed it to our main build so that the other members of the team could see the progress I had made. 323 more words

Computer Programming!

Peak Behind The Scenes of Websites with Wappalyzer

Whether you are just learning computer programming or you are an experienced developer, it is often useful to be able to look at the code for a website to determine how they have structured their code and achieved key parts of their functionality. 294 more words

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