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Inheritance vs. Namespacing in Ruby

At first glance, Inheritance and Namespacing may seem to fulfill a similar need in creating objects: the ability to “borrow” one class’s methods into another in order to widen a method’s scope. 543 more words

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These 6 pioneering women helped create modern computers

It seems like a story made for the movies: the first general-purpose computer was actually programmed by a half-dozen female math whizzes. Yet for too long, their efforts have been largely unknown. 1,984 more words


Book review: The World of Minecraft, by Heather E. Schwartz

Schwartz, Heather E. The World of Minecraft. “World of Gaming series.” Lerner Publications, 2018. $30.65. ISBN 9781512483130. Ages 7-10. P7 Q7

Minecraft is popular, but where did it come from? 225 more words

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Time to re-program my life

My name is Georgie, and I have had quite a few different jobs up to now – most notably cake-making/decorating and making specs for prisoners. I’ve enjoyed them, to some extent at least, but I’ve always felt like there’s something better for me: something challenging, something that pays me more than enough to just get to and from work and pay the bills, something I want to stick with for more than a few years.. 780 more words


Programming a simple Predictor using TensorFlow and R

R Language provides interface for TensorFlow. Using this interface, it is possible to create very deep neural networks. However, to create quick and dirty and easy predictors, one can use the TensorFlow Estimators. 807 more words


ajax or database not working

I have been struggling for days. I am doing ajax callback by assigning an input field but I am unable to too. Below is the code: 139 more words


Replacing several lines in arduino IDE

I’m just trying to look for the next lines in my file…

digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led, LOW);

…and replacing them with…


…but i’m not able to search for more than one line.

Any ideas?