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The Triumphant Debut

Did it happen in one day? (NOPE)

Came a long way? (YUP)

The dozen or so in the class hit the ground running last January. Armed with basic prerequisites of mathematics we’d embarked on a highly technical journey.

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D3 formula: Splitting elements into columns

D3 can be a tricky — but powerful — beast. A month ago, I put together my most complex┬áD3 project to date, which helped explain Iowa’s… 317 more words


My Java project

It’s been 13 days since my last post – way too long in my opinion, but I’ve been SWAMPED with work both personally (Final term project in Java due next Friday, homework on bitsets and linked lists due last week, homework on assembly language due this week, and a final to prepare for) and professionally (I’m organizing a conference that takes place in June). 208 more words


The Art of Site Swap Transitioning: How Modern Circus Jugglers Choreograph Performances


Do you like Cirque Du Soleil? The Big Apple Circus ? Ringling Brothers? Most modern circuses have a juggler, or group of jugglers, fluent in siteswap juggling. 1,749 more words