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Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Computer Programmer

Do I have what it takes to be a computer programmer? I get this question completely too often when mentoring college students studying computer science or related majors for programmers. 409 more words

Software Development

The Next Generation of Digital Health

A UC Santa Cruz Live in Silicon Valley Alumni Event

SANTA CLARA CAMPUS—Imagine owning all your health data and being the only one to control how it’s used and who has access to it. 606 more words


FBI Homicide Report (Extraction and Cleaning)

What on Earth ?

This post will be dedicated to a somewhat interesting data analytics project that I am working on. In essence, the FBI released homicide data from 1980 to 2014 under the Murder Accountability Project. 1,974 more words

Computer Programming

When to #OpenSource or Not

If you’re a developer and have no intentions of ever getting paid for writing code, then deciding between open-sourcing your software or not can be a simple decision. 2,014 more words


Learning HTML & CSS

Day 1:

We learned the fundamentals of html and discusses the “skeleton” of html. 

The <head> </head> is where we store metadata of a webpage. For example, if we want to change a title of an html page, we can put <title> This is the title </title> within the head. 179 more words


What Is Programming?

Programming language is a computer language.It a type of language by which we communicate to computer.These all language is called programming language.

First of all we try to know about Computer.computer is a type of machine.And who are writing the program, they are called as programmer or user.It means who use the computer.But the computer machine is only understand the zero and one.It is machinable language.Basically there are three type of language: 278 more words

Computer Programming