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Liberty Eiffel wrapper for IUP toolkit

Since a couple of months ago I’m working in a Liberty Eiffel wrapper to the IUP toolkit. IUP is a multi-platform toolkit for building graphical user interfaces. 143 more words

Free Software

Rethinking Lumidion

Previously I have noted how cumbersome 31 tone equal temperament (31 edo or 31 equal divisions to the octave) can be in MIDI.  My focus on the microtonal part of Lumidion has been to output 31 edo MIDI files.   188 more words

Computer Programming

Learning to Program

I’ve taken a small break from my projects to go through Learning to Program by Steven Foote. I wanted to go through this book prior to taking CS50x and I want to take CS50x ASAP so time to dig in. 256 more words


Round 18 - Orbital Premier Division 15/16

For the first time, all three of the bottom teams went undefeated in a round – Lunar Desert headlining the act with an A+ performance to see out… 117 more words


Two tricks I picked up

These two tricks I picked up while researching and building the lotto simulator.

CSS – Gradient Background

One of the things I wanted was to give the tickets more than 1 flat color. 191 more words

Web Development

Diversify my skillset

I’m currently teaching myself how to program computers to be able to create a portfolio. It’s going swimmingly so far. Hopefully I will be able to get some freelance work that I can do while I travel and prepare to travel. 52 more words