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Google cannot access CSS and JS files on your website

Some had issues following the email sent by Google Search Console: Google cannot access CSS and JS files on your website.

This email was notifying you that Google Bot was not able to crawl CSS and JS files on your website. 85 more words

Computer Programming

Turn Your Public Library Into a Kid Coding Community by Gina Sipley, Mercer Hall

Two years ago, inspired by the viral Hour of Code video, we decided to learn Ruby on Rails. As two suburban middle school teachers with a liberal arts background, we weren’t quite sure where or how to begin, so we headed to New York City to explore our options.  164 more words

Public Libraries

Day 8: Finishing Up

Today we continued to pose and program the robots, and create the art for the stage.  At this point in the program, the kids know their way around the robots.   280 more words

2015 Robot Theater Summer Camp

Day 7: Creating the Individual Pieces

The kids read through the overall script, but there are several components that still need to be written.  The kids will write a description of how to make a “dump cake”, various outdoor sports (winter and non-winter) that they enjoy playing, and things that are related to gardening.   154 more words

2015 Robot Theater Summer Camp



The Planning stage is the stage where programmers decide and define the tasks that should be performed by the program. This involves identifying the problem, defining the problem in simpler terms, identifying the program requirements (inputs, outputs the formulas needed), and finally, planning for the solution. 513 more words

Computer Programming

Creepy, dystopian genetic identification already exists—we’re just not using it yet

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The dark 1997 sci-fi film Gattaca takes place in a world where employers accept job candidates based on the quality of their genes. 580 more words

Teaching Dogs and Programming Computers

Dogs and computers are a big part of my life. They are very different from each other but I’ve noticed that from my point of view, teaching dogs (or humans, I’d expect) and programming computers are similar in some key ways. 1,791 more words