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The Benefits and Evolution of Computer Science

Computer science has changed over the past few years, and has many benefits to society.  Computer science has many benefits to our society and to an individual. 455 more words

Computer Science

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Since the update to Windows 10 Creator’s Update, I have been enjoying Edge a little more than I was before. It was when I made this website, though, that it ruined itself in my opinion. 174 more words

Computer Science

Bee Bot Ahoy!

Bee Bots – have a look around most primary schools and you might find that you have access to one – they are great as a starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming at KS1. 95 more words

Fake News & Google: A Vessel in the Sea of Verity and Deceit

By Lulu Eastman, V Form

Fake News & Google: A Vessel in the Sea of Verity and Deceit

In our Digital Age, Google has become a vital tool to the global population, with over a billion people worldwide relying on the search engine as their guide to the human library known as the internet. 438 more words


Computing Concepts

This document explains the fundamental principles of the computer science aspect of the computing curriculum in England. If you a teacher looking to make sense of the concepts and terminology contained within the Computing programmes of study, or a volunteer looking for some neat ways of helping people understand the fundamentals of computing, then this could be a very useful document! 101 more words

Computer Science

Life @ UPES by Shubhangi Shrivastav

“Keep close to nature’s heart and wash your spirit clean”, this is not just a quote but something which I have discovered in myself so far. 181 more words


1999 in technology and poor people struggles

In 1999, the Internet was still new and rudimentary. Email was a novelty. And computers started to become more mainstream. I had never owned a computer, and that was not unusual, but I had used computers at home and school. 380 more words