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Between 2014 and 2024, the number of STEM jobs will grow 17 percent, but only 36 percent of all high school graduates are ready to take college-level science courses. 119 more words


Finally, understanding!

Hello, folks.

Been in a JavaScript personal hell what little self-confidence disappeared and I’ve flopped around like a fish out of water. However, I have, finally, managed to fully understand that Profile Lookup FCC challenge. 262 more words

The Traveling Graduate Student

I’m not just out in the world wasting away, stringing together hangovers in strange cities. When I am done traveling and living like a hobo my career will continue without so much as a hiccup. 612 more words


TIL that I need to keep up

Since my coding skills are not yet good enough, I do need to keep up and improve. The things I can currently do are pretty limited in scope, and I certainly hope to improve a lot faster. 326 more words


A Quiver Full of Programs

Part 6 of The NetCromancer by M.J.Miello

<<GOTO PART 1.0<<

I asked every upperclassman I knew about Christopher Carpentieri. No one was eager to talk about him. 679 more words


Women Who Reign: Carolina Gamarra

“Que Sera, Sera” means “Whatever Will Be, Will Be.”
It’s a both a quote and song lyric I love.
I try to keep this in mind because not all things workout the way you want every time.
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Women Who Reign

Creating Solar Snapshot Cache

The Living With a Star (LSW) program is a project by NASA with the goal of understanding why the Sun varies over time and how this effects the Earth, more specifically, how it effects human life on Earth rather than just general geoastrophysics. 307 more words