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Cloud Computing Interface with Service Oriented Audio accepted By-Connections

Cloud Computing presents a new approach to allow the development of dynamic, distributed and highly scalable software. For this purpose, Cloud Computing offers services, software and computing infrastructure independently through the network. 128 more words


getline and get function

Before talking about getline and get functions in C++, let us first understand what is input stream and how to grab this concept of failbit? 539 more words


A Computer Scientist Reads EvoPsych, Part 4

[Part 3]

The programs comprising the human mind were designed by natural selection to solve the adaptive problems regularly faced by our hunter-gatherer ancestors—problems such as finding a mate, cooperating with others, hunting, gathering, protecting children, navigating, avoiding predators, avoiding exploitation, and so on.

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C++ :: Exploring The Language

  • After C++98 standard, there was the release of C++03 standard. It was just technical improvement of C++98 standard. Then the standard committee began to work on C++0x where x could be something, 7 or 8 as it was decided to release the next standard in 2007/08.
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C++ :: Journey From Source Code To Executable Code

You can find a lot of online resources about compilers and the process of generating executable code from the source code one but this is my own explanation, or understanding of the process and it is very useful for the beginners who find it difficult to understand the process. 272 more words


Ecosystems with P Systems

Modeling ecosystems is a very interesting topic. Using P systems to do so, even more interesting! Here’s a paper by Cardona, Colomer, Margadila, Palau, Perez-Hurtado, Perez-Jimenez and Sanuy (A computational modeling for real ecosystems based on P systems). 313 more words


What is it with CS and Ducks?

There’s something strange about how we teach things to computer science and engineering students. When I was first taught about inheritance, my professor explained it something like this: 702 more words