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Beomjin Kim receives grant from Parkview Health System (PHS) Foundation

Beomjin Kim, professor of computer science and director of the Information Analytics and Visualization Center (IAVC), received a $20,085 grant from the Parkview Health System (PHS) Foundation. 66 more words


An Informal Explanation of the P=NP? Problem

You have an easy job. Every hour your manager comes into your office and gives you a positive integer. Your job is simply to determine whether it’s divisible by 4. 1,104 more words

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Interaction Paradigm Shift

Since tomorrow I have my oral exam in user interfaces, today’s topic will be about the change in interaction with systems. As you might know, there are three types of interface generations: Character-based, Graphical User Interfaces and multimodal-multimedia. 602 more words

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Why ARM Owes Apple If not for Apple, the company making ARM...

Why ARM Owes Apple

If not for Apple, the company making ARM processors may never have existed and ARM could have disappeared with Acorn. Professor Steve Furber explains why.

By: Computerphile.

Baby steps... and thinking python was first.

When I found the free on line book “Learn Python the Hard Way” (website) by Zed A. Shaw, I was set on starting my journey with self teaching myself how to program. 582 more words


Machine Learning Introduction: Part 1 - Introduction

Okay let’s do this, this is my first serious post, be gentle (or don’t read it) :3

I recently undertaken the task of learning Machine Learning. 619 more words

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Software Life-cycle. Part 2 - From Craftsmanship to Computational Science

I decided to learn the programming language Python. I was steered towards the MIT OpenCourseware ‘Introduction to Computer Science and Programming’ 6.00 course, taught by Prof. 208 more words

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