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Time-to-parity for women publishing in STEM fields

A recent paper by Holman et al. in PLOS Biology presents a new look at the gender gap in publications for millions of authors from over one hundred countries in over six thousand journals.   261 more words


Episode 152 - PHEASANTS!

Tony and Patrick are back! After a quick go around about pheasants on Tony’s campus they get going talking about some exciting ed tech talk. 112 more words


It's About Time

I’m going to bet that most of you reading this have, at one point in time or another, lamented the fact that there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to get things done. 487 more words

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It works! (kinda).

I’ve lost count of how many weeks it has been since I last updated this blog. And I have a very good reason for not updating. 330 more words


FSE#1: File Structure Exploitation 101

We will be discussing file structure exploitation here. There is a disclaimer, I’ll reserve that for the end. In this blog, I haven’t tried to create an exhaustive resource on file structures, but just a basic primer on how to exploit them, so there might be some gaps in between. 1,190 more words

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Week Six Reflection

In this week, we learnt about flowchart. Flowchart is a kind of formalised graph which can show the sequence of operations in order to gain a solution or solutions of a question. 605 more words

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“Actively Maintained” Claims Need Active Maintainence

Software is hard. Free (both as in speech and as in beer) software is hard and often not well compensated. I’m going to whine a bit about very free libraries which tends I bad form. 390 more words

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