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What is Computer Science?

By definition, computer science is the study of the principles and use of computers.

This is true, but computer science is really about solving problems. Computer science allows people to solve problems better, correctly and more efficiently. 118 more words

It is Dangerous to go Alone!

Figure 1: I drew this Link Sprite Pixel by Pixel in SVG.

I am trying to program without assignment statements for the lulz of it. Modern JavaScript – or ECMA script, as it is increasingly being known – is fully compliant with the functional paradigm. 113 more words

Computer Science

IPv6: Connectar-se a l'Internet del futur

Durant la última dècada, la versió actual de la tecnologia central d’Internet s’està completant gradualment per una versió més recent, IPv6 o “IP versió 6”. S’està començant relativament lentament, però es pot preveure que anirà guanyant velocitat a mesura que més i més usuaris i proveïdors de serveis es trobin obligats a fer el canvi, entre altres pel futur exhauriment de les adreces actuals. 141 more words

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Modeling and distributed computing of snow transport and delivery

Human activities in mountain terrain are increasing in scope, as are their impact on the natural environment, such as the effects of artificial snow generation. This PhD thesis describes the working principles, development and validation of a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) computer model of snowfall over a complex orography, with the aim of optimizing ski slope or other installations according to local weather patterns, thus helping the decision-making process. 253 more words

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Informàtica: Batxillerat

Els continguts d’aquesta publicació han estat elaborats com a material destinat als alumnes del programa de Batxillerat lliure de l’Escola Andorrana.

Atenció: els continguts d’aquesta publicació ja no corresponen al programa oficial de Batxillerat de l’Escola Andorrana. 19 more words

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Cyber security In E-Business Project

Write a research paper about the following topic: E-business/e-commerce security

Your Research/ Project Paper should be a comprehensive paper that includes practical and theoretical knowledge about the approved topic. 123 more words

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Perimeter security.

You have been asked to evaluate and explain perimeter security. Prepare a presentation that includes an explanation of perimeter security utilizing 5 of the 10 topics listed below. 119 more words

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