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A screen to see the sky through

Les caractères sur l’écran se fondent, les yeux refusent de faire la mise au point qui leur incombe et décident de ne plus voir que le bleu du ciel.


Digital Motion Sickness - Too Much Sensory Stimuli?

Some people call it cyber sickness and I hope you don’t get it, but there is something you can do to avoid it. Stop staring too long at your computer or smartphone graphics. 209 more words


Computer Screen is HUGE

This “RP TRUTH” made me chuckle.

As my vision has degenerated, I have started adjusting my ZoomText settings on my work computer to make the cursor larger and colors that contrast more. 159 more words

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Poetry 101

Today I am starting the Poetry 101 writing course. the first assignment is to write a haiku poem about a screen, computer, cell phone etc.  We also need to use alliteration so here goes…. 8 more words


Up Close and Personal

Welcome back! In my last post, I left a “mystery” photo. Believe it or not, the image is actually a white laptop screen under close magnification! 410 more words