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Trusting life

Looking through old poems and writing I am struck by how much the sense of longing pervades them.  A sense of yearning. Yet, when I think about it, look at the dates, I realise that many of these pieces were written when I was settled, when I would have said, at the time, that I was happy. 984 more words



In terms of writing, this last week has been a complete and utter fail. I’m not even going to give a word count – it’s just too depressing. 812 more words

rear windows

//- exciting premise marred by an insane third act.

Glasses Minification

In Response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

For non glasses wearer, or even those with low myopia, it might be hard to understand that minus glasses minify everything.

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Going Without Glasses

The Window

Doppler radar,

full and dark,

streaming blue

across the screen.

One winter,

back a ways,

I discovered its

mesmerizing movement,


and transfixed,

I became. 33 more words

Daily Journal

Microsoft's HoloLens : Welcome to the age of holographs

In several months, Microsoft will unveil its most ambitious undertaking in years, a head-mounted holographic computer called Project HoloLens. But at this point, even most people at Microsoft have never heard of it.   1,147 more words


DIY Computer Screensaver

I’ve always hated the pre-programmed Mac screen savers. They’re so boring, and to be honest, I don’t like a photo there either. It’s either too boring, or I just can’t find a good enough photo. 163 more words