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Chthonic Banking Trojan Distributed via Legitimate PayPal Emails

Victims would have a hard time spotting malicious emails

Jul 26, 2016 23:50 GMT  ·  By Catalin Cimpanu  ·  Share:

Legitimate emails sent from PayPal’s official email address included links that redirected users to a website that distributed Chthonic, a newer variant of the infamous Zeus banking trojan. 277 more words

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‘Only hand BlackBerry has left’: Will focus on security boost its smartphone sales?

TORONTO — Zeroing in on security gives BlackBerry Ltd. a real shot at eking out a slightly bigger niche in the smartphone market, but only if the former industry titan can stand behind its claim that it created the “world’s most secure Android.” 796 more words

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Did Russian government hackers leak the DNC emails?

By now, it’s pretty clear that Russian hackers are responsible for breaches of the Democratic National Committee networks that occurred last summer and in April of this year — several forensic security firms have found evidence that traces the breach back to Russia. 1,483 more words


Here's How The White House Plans To Fight Hackers And Cyber Attacks

As hard as it is to believe, for most of the Bush and Obama administrations, the government’s approach to cyber attacks has largely been an ad-hoc process. 232 more words

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A new Phishing attempt

I recently had a phishing attempt via a phone call which was totally new to me. Nothing to do with computers but they seemed to want my credit card security information… 348 more words

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Beware of Cryptolocker and similar nasties

The one thing that really scares me is the type of ransomware (they hold your computer to ransom) which encrypts(1) your data.

This particular nasty gets on to your machine and encrypts ALL your data files; your documents, your music, your pictures… Everything! 438 more words

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Upgrading to Windows 10

This posting applies to any major operating system replacement because that’s what the Windows 10 ‘upgrade’ is.  The old operating system is removed and a new one is installed and… 343 more words

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