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Your Gmail Can Now Be Compromised By Your... Fridge?!

The Internet of Things is Silicon Valley’s catch-all phrase for jamming a computer into everything. Your lightbulbs, your stove, your pants, your pets, no matter what it is, a startup or a major conglomerate is planning to shove some silicon all up in its business. 185 more words


How to write a display virus in Notepad.

How to write a display virus in Notepad. Let’s create a virus using a lot of message displays.  It’s harmless, but scary if you don’t know! 143 more words

Hack Into A Security Camera

Because You Don’t Have Enough to Worry About

While the IoT (“Internet of Things”) promises a plethora of interconnected of devices and a boost to productivity and lifestyle alike, builders of these newly web-connected devices from refrigerators and air conditioners to automobiles and medical devices would be wise to slow the truck down just a tad. 511 more words

Software, Technology, And Wow I Didn't Know That

What does this code do? - Coding is fun!

Open notebook and type.


Function beep(iTimes)

Set oShell = CreateObject(“Wscript.Shell”)

Dim iTemp

For iTemp = 1 To iTimes

oShell.Run “%comspec% /c echo ” & Chr(7), 0, False… 14 more words

Hack Into A Security Camera

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Here are the top stories from the past week so you can catch up with what you missed!

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A port scanner is a software application designed to probe a computer for open ports. This is Want to learn more?used by administrators to verify security policies of their networks and by attackers to identify running services on a host with the view to damage or gain entry.

Hack Into A Security Camera