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Do you have a wireless network (Wi-Fi) at home? Who doesn’t these days? There is a 99% chance that you are vulnerable to the KRACK attack. 776 more words

Computer Security

WPA2 Problem

WPA2 has long been a good security for WiFi access points, but a security has just been reveled. This issue affects all WiFi of course. I am sure that major companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft will be issuing patches soon. 47 more words

Computer Security

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

 Stop Cyber Criminals From Stealing Your Personal Information

Identity theft and protecting our computer data are growing problems in the United States. Aggressive hacking operations backed by countries hostile to the United States are encouraging theft  of our information for monetary gain . 406 more words

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The 'KRACK' WiFi Attack: What You Need To Know

Computer security, especially lately, has become a nightmare, with trusted anti-virus software turning out to be a Trojan horse for foreign spying and ransomware attacks… 404 more words

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One of the 'Biggest Online Security Threats Ever'? Wi-Fi Security May Have Been Cracked

Your internet connection might not be secure.

WPA2, the security protocol used to protect most Wi-Fi connections, has reportedly been cracked. This means that wireless internet traffic could be vulnerable to eavesdroppers and attacks. 296 more words


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Benefits of Social Media Intelligence for Brands-Thinklayer

Social media is becoming a powerful tool for brands all over the world. It’s helping them leave their impact in the business market all across the globe. 929 more words

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