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Uber discloses data breach that may have affected 50,000 drivers

Uber suffered a data breach in 2014 that affected 50,000 Uber drivers across the U.S., the ride-sharing startup disclosed in a statement on Friday.

The company determined on September 17, 2014 that a third party could have accessed one of its databases. 286 more words

Federal departments faced serious cyber security breaches last year

Federal departments faced serious cyber-security breaches months before a high-profile hack forced the shutdown of systems at one of the country’s most important research organizations. 559 more words


[WhatDidILearn] The Classic Buffer Overflow!

Nice weather recently, makes me want to have fun outside, but instead on my computer doing projects ^^; Compared to writing essays, I’m enjoying this much more! 163 more words


Law firms will start sharing security data to prevent attacks

It’s clear that big banks provide a lot of incentive for hackers to launch cyber attacks, given the amount of sensitive data they hold and the cash they oversee. 474 more words

Silicon Valley entrant Dtex Systems lands $15M to stop insider data leaks

It’s not everyday that a 15-year old company grabs a series A funding round. However, in the case of Dtex Systems, which plans to announce Wednesday that it took in a $15 million one, it makes sense. 432 more words

Chip firms put security center stage for the internet of things

Big names in the semiconductor world announced more secure hardware Tuesday, while another outlined a framework it wants to offer startups to help bolster security when it comes to building connected devices. 617 more words

Brainless Stupidity #2

As a general rule I deal with the day-to-day vagaries of modern life by, if not quite ignoring them, at least treating their impingements on my consciousness with what I like to think of as a placid stoicism. 737 more words