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Different Way to reuse an Old PC Instead of selling it

At some point or the other, you must have thought to replace your old computer system with a brand new. But, wait and think – What else can be done with that old machine instead of just selling or dumping it? 438 more words

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5 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Computer

This is officially the first week of 2015. I’m sure you have New Year resolutions, new plans, and dreams swirling around in your head. But have you thought once about a resolution to start 2015 with your computer and other digital devices being cleaned up and healthy? 498 more words

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Virus removal support to fix Facebook Virus

In this article you will learn how to identify Facebook malware so you can avoid its infection and tips will be provided to you that will help you in removing the virus. 487 more words

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Speed up your Windows 7

Windows 7 became very popular as soon as it was launched. It replaced Windows XP and Windows vista. The immense quality of user intractable interface was one of the main reasons why this new operating system got so much famous. 456 more words

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How to abstain your PC being infected by Facebook Virus

There are countless number of images scrolled each day virtually by everyone on the website. The usage of Internet has increased rapidly over the years. The social media has played a big role in the use of Internet. 490 more words

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Common Causes of Failure with your Computer

Faults PC can be two types: the failure of system components: (power supply, motherboard, hard drive, video card, etc.). And bugs in the software: (operating system failures, system registry, applications, malfunctioning or missing drivers). 418 more words

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I Don’t Know Why it Irks Me…It Just Does (9/28/2014)

I just spent over three hours trying to get antivirus software installed on my home PC. The situation is resolved, and now I am relieved. My PC is secure, but I came very close to busting a thrombus somewhere within my brain because some bag-of-shit in New Delhi tried to sell me a 1 year subscription to a service I already pay through my internet provider. 754 more words