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Security For Windows 10 - FreeFile Review

This review addresses how an average user of Windows 10 can easily and effectively maintain security. These are my experiences and observations after more than a year using Windows 10, your mileage may vary. 290 more words

Free File Review

Microsoft wants to crack the cancer code using artificial intelligence

Cancer is like a computer virus and can be ‘solved’ by cracking the code, according to Microsoft. The computer software company says its researchers are using artificial intelligence in a new healthcare initiative to target cancerous cells and eliminate the disease. 231 more words


New Girl at the Office

There’s a new girl at the office. Her name is Janet Simons. Seems the boss hired her from a resume she sent out on the Internet. 624 more words


Some computer security tips you should know

How to Protect Your Computer From Viruses

With millions of computer users browsing the web at any given time, there are plenty of targets for malicious coders. 764 more words

Why the Computer Viruses is Created?

As a computer technician, my clients frequently ask me “Why the computer viruses are created?”, especially after I have been called out to remove a virus from their computer. 710 more words


5 of the worst computer viruses ever

Have you ever had a computer virus? They aren’t very nice.

They can break your computer, delete your files or steal your personal information. And you can inadvertently infect your friends and family with the virus (well, not them directly, their computer). 200 more words

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