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Ransomware Impact

A week or so ago a client of mines office was attacked by a new variant of the Ransomware Virus.  This Virus spread across multiple office computers and also all USB drives connected to the infected computers. 242 more words

Computer Virus

How to write some simple computer virus using note pad...

​:»This post contains trick to write some simple comupter virus code to do prank with your friend pc. 448 more words


Computer repair is a tricky business

As we all know that each and every electronic goods need repairing and computer is not excluded from that list. Whenever there is any troubleshoot in this whole procedure the computer seems to function improperly. 485 more words

Virus : Everything to know about computer virus

Know about Computer VIRUS? Everything you need to know

Hi readers. In a series of sharing study notes for bank exams, I shared many useful resources for exam preparations. 2,343 more words

Computer infected with malware. See the guide

The web is full computer systems. Some are used by good people for positive purpose. Some are bad are used by negative people for negative purpose. 1,818 more words

Computer Viruses – Deadly For Your Personal Data

Sometimes a computer virus goes way beyond a simple inconvenience and starts cyber-security history as one of the dangerous bugs of all time and we will tell you five of the worst viruses which can be so harmful to your PC. 607 more words


Conduit Computer Virus Claims

The Conduit computer virus or unwanted software creates various problems for the user.  The computer is directed to a specific site where various data is compiled and maintained, without the user’s proper consent.  36 more words