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Technical Difficulties Are A Pain

As if it’s not tough enough to be stuck at home in pain, this week I’ve been plagued with technology problems. My laptop crashed a few days ago and I did everything I could think of, which turned out to be a lot considering how foggy my brain is most of the time, to get it working again. 464 more words

Chronic Pain

Through A Glass Darkly by Miss Mae

Where I Got It: Review Copy

Narrator: Owen McCuen

Publisher: Miss Mae (2015)

Length: 1 hour 7 minutes

Author’s Page

Vexen Rheinhart and Remard are aboard a medical transport ship that is about to suffer some major mishaps. 592 more words


Adventures in Malware Scammerland

Two or three months ago an annoying thing kept happening (it seems to have stopped now, though, not knowing how these things work, I don’t know if they’ve wised up to me, got arrested, or just moved on to something else in general). 496 more words


Settling Score

He implanted himself like a virus

In my central nervous system

Making his way down to my core

Tearing down any firewall that ever exited… 25 more words


Linux Ransomware Is Now Attacking Webmasters

A new bit of ransomware is now attacking Linux-based machines, specifically the folders associated with serving web pages. Called Linux.Encoder.1 the ransomware will encrypt your MySQL, Apache, and home/root folders. 208 more words


We do not like saying, "It's...dead."

We’ve had a few dead hard drives come into our computer repair shop in Monroeville, Alabama. It’s always a hard thing to say to a customer, so I thought I would give you a few warning signs so maybe you can get yours to us before it becomes unrecoverable. 196 more words

Computer Repair

Can you trust your computer? Part 2 by John Skinner

By John Skinner

In Part One we discussed the parts of the computer (the Hardware) and the programs (the Software) which help control the computer. We also discussed downloading and installing regular updates from the manufacturer of your operating system and some basic steps to protect your computer from criminals who either want to steal the information on your computer or use your computer to carry out illegal acts. 1,046 more words

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