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ALERT! YOU SYSTEM HAS BEEN INFECTED. Here's what you need to know. 

Once in our lifetime, we all have encountered with a computer virus, heard some news about companies losing billions of dollars to ransomware or hackers using bugs in the system to hack the systems, here is how it starts. 483 more words

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Learn how a research lab works

How do we contribute to the notion of antimalware? Carrying out cutting-edge research projects focused on creating more public awareness of threats that take advantage of technology, and especially the internet. 443 more words

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Professor Len Adleman explains how he coined the term “computer virus”

As you might have read, we decided to declare November 3 as Antimalware Day because it was on this date in 1983, when computer scientist  1,369 more words

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"Bad Rabbit" Ransomware Attack Is Spreading

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NEW YORK (CBSMiami) – Be careful what you click on today. A new ransomware attack which hit Russia has now been detected across the globe. 148 more words


Computer Virus Repair

Viruses happen. They’ve been around for years and unfortunately that doesn’t look like changing. They sneak up on you when you least expect them and when your computer defenses are weak. 144 more words

24 October 2017. Porn Sites are Full of Malware and Viruses... Cybercriminals Know that Most Men Think With Their Balls, Not Their Brains


Last night, I came home to a computer with all sorts of dire messages posted on it. A geekly friend had warned me about such, and about how to get rid of them without paying off cybercriminals. 237 more words


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What is virus

The term, ?virus?, in computer technology, refers to a self replicating application that spreads by making copies of itself by inserting into other programs, other executables or documents, and when executed begins to perform harmful actions on the system. 150 more words