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Virus menace

Virus infect not only living things, but also computer systems.  Yes, but the computer virus is not that type of virus which infects living things. Anyway the principle is same. 111 more words

Computer Virus

20 year old has written 100 Malware programs in two years

Trend Micro has identified a 20 year old college student developing and distributing over 100 Banking Trojans.  He is known online as Lordfenix, Hacker’s Son, and Filho de Hacker. 92 more words

Account Hacking

Don't Call That Number!

It’s very convincing…especially when the audio begins…but DO NOT call the number.

Yes, you do have a bug on your system. However, the folks on the other end of the number are the ones that put it there. 68 more words

Viruses and Malware: The Key to Avoiding Infection (Pt. 2)

The Three Most Common Venues of Infection

P2P Software

Peer-to-peer (P2P) software has a long, controversial history riddled with issues of misuse. While P2P software is not inherently bad, it is often used by individuals wishing to illegally acquire media (movies, music, other software) for free. 519 more words

Information Technology

Isn't Absynthe a name of an Alcohol.

Enough of dudes for a while, let’s try a lady.

Absynthe from Earth 616, also known as Abigail. Sentient Computer Virus that turned on Tony Stark. 23 more words
Simple Work

Viruses and Malware: The Key to Avoiding Infection

Nearly everyone has something installed on their computers to protect them from these types of threats. And with good reason – malicious programs are nearly as prevalent as antivirus installations. 427 more words

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