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Blastocyst hatching

The first project for Computer Visualization was due for critique yesterday. I can’t believe how far the class has come and all of the final scenes turned out amazing. 159 more words

Geometry Is Beautiful

Find nine 14-minute videos on geometry here. They’re breathtakingly beautiful!.

  • 1 Mapmaking: Stereographic projection of Earth
  • 9 Proving: the essence of mathematics
  • 2 M.C. Escher: Stereographic projection of the Platonic solids…
  • 111 more words

Polycystic Kidney

About a month in to the summer semester, I finally have a completed project and some documented work flow. These kidneys were first extracted from DICOM data in Mimix and brought into 3DS Max for some retopologization: 141 more words


Final Animation and Demo Reel!

The semester is over and I officially have a masters degree in Biomedical Visualization!!! :) Here are the final projects I created for my animation class. 64 more words

Medical Illustration

Research Project: UI Designs

I’m still chugging away at my research project, goal is to have it all done within the next couple of weeks! I have all my models created and morphing. 97 more words

3D Studio Max

Spring Break 2012

In graduate school, spring break is not an actual break. It is more of a working vacation. Classes are not in session, and sleeping in is possible (!) but the workload is equivalent to any other non-break week. 294 more words


3Ds: to the MAX!

We are halfway through the second semester, which has proven to be just as arduous, if not more, than the first. The largest chunk of my time has been dedicated to climbing the steep learning curve of the 3D modeling/animation program 3DS Max in Computer Visualization.   89 more words

3Ds Max