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so where is the problem? pc audio

well, after doing a clean install of windows 10 … there is no audio problem. other than the volume level seems a little higher than normal. 331 more words


and praise be to the electric fates

so i fixed the tv set i use as a monitor. a resister blew on the power board … which it basically went “bang!” and then went dead. 181 more words

Computer Wiz

Rant number 490!fX2893G0

first it was ‘must be more than 8 characters’
then it was ‘must contain letters and numbers’
then it was ‘must contain capital letter’
then it was ‘must contain a special character’ 570 more words


Lenovo thinkcentre

she’s purring like a kitten, i’m a genius :) can only say that when you’re not exactly sure what you did, but fixed it anyway. 304 more words

Computer Wiz


it only took a COUPLE acts of god to get her in shape. i was hoping to be able to save the Windows 8.1 she came-with, but must have been a bootleg or bad copy. 598 more words


software subscription prices add up

install a new version of a familiar program — and the controls are so simplified, you wonder if it even does as much as the old one. 455 more words