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and praise be to the electric fates

so i fixed the tv set i use as a monitor. a resister blew on the power board … which it basically went “bang!” and then went dead. 181 more words

Computer Wiz

Rant number 490!fX2893G0

first it was ‘must be more than 8 characters’
then it was ‘must contain letters and numbers’
then it was ‘must contain capital letter’
then it was ‘must contain a special character’ 570 more words


Lenovo thinkcentre

she’s purring like a kitten, i’m a genius :) can only say that when you’re not exactly sure what you did, but fixed it anyway. 304 more words

Computer Wiz


it only took a COUPLE acts of god to get her in shape. i was hoping to be able to save the Windows 8.1 she came-with, but must have been a bootleg or bad copy. 598 more words


software subscription prices add up

install a new version of a familiar program — and the controls are so simplified, you wonder if it even does as much as the old one. 455 more words


dear Synaptic touchpad

got any idea how much time i spend having to fix the settings???? the defaults are so bad, is unreal.

momentum and glide don’t work on the windows 10 driver version. 370 more words


How Much does that Video Cost?

there is a problem with “streaming” to begin with. if somebody purposely wanted to design a system that would severely tax internet bandwidth, they couldn’t have done better than “streaming.” and i’ve been watching it all come down. 491 more words