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Microsoft and Windows 10 needs work

dear Windows,

we need to have a talk.

number 1: the non-option to NOT install problematic drivers. a: because even using the “work-around” of the special program to hide updates require I first uninstall the bad, reinstall good, etc. 534 more words

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Microsoft why oh why

There is nothing like installing a new Windows system to make you question how absurd things can get. And it is the update process, where I would just laugh if it did not cost so much in time and aggravation. 347 more words


a computer should not hibernate

since the days of XP, windows includes a feature called “hibernation.” it is like shutting down, but saves open programs and processes to re-establish once it is brought “out” of hibernation. 613 more words

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review for LG G Pad F 8.0 LTE

the only thing i can’t get used to, is how fragile this tablet feels. like i had better order a folio case and check the express shipping option. 859 more words


How likely are you to recommend this build of Windows 10 to a friend or colleague?

it’s looking better, am still not happy with touchpad driver support. i try using spartan but it fails to perform so end up going back to IE. 288 more words

Windows 10: the good hoping for better

well now i forget what i was going to say. looked outside and decided a storm was coming, and the rest flew out of my head. 1,015 more words


gone the way of

when did old stop being a good thing?
gone the distance
they don’t build them like they used to
how did time become something detrimental… 301 more words