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a computer should not hibernate

since the days of XP, windows includes a feature called “hibernation.” it is like shutting down, but saves open programs and processes to re-establish once it is brought “out” of hibernation. 613 more words

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review for LG G Pad F 8.0 LTE

the only thing i can’t get used to, is how fragile this tablet feels. like i had better order a folio case and check the express shipping option. 859 more words


How likely are you to recommend this build of Windows 10 to a friend or colleague?

it’s looking better, am still not happy with touchpad driver support. i try using spartan but it fails to perform so end up going back to IE. 288 more words

Windows 10: the good hoping for better

well now i forget what i was going to say. looked outside and decided a storm was coming, and the rest flew out of my head. 1,015 more words


gone the way of

when did old stop being a good thing?
gone the distance
they don’t build them like they used to
how did time become something detrimental… 301 more words


Monitor drivers for Dell and Lenovo in #Windows10

Even if the specs for an older machine are adequate and meet Windows 10 requirements, I am running into problems when comes to the graphics (video). 1,125 more words


Windows 10 beta

Windows 10 beta has left their programmers sifting through hundreds, maybe thousands of suggestions and bug reports every day.

well looks like Microsoft listens after all — so they took out the ugly wallpapers and inserted nice scenery photos for the new Windows 10 build. 204 more words