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software subscription prices add up

install a new version of a familiar program — and the controls are so simplified, you wonder if it even does as much as the old one. 455 more words


dear Synaptic touchpad

got any idea how much time i spend having to fix the settings???? the defaults are so bad, is unreal.

momentum and glide don’t work on the windows 10 driver version. 370 more words


How Much does that Video Cost?

there is a problem with “streaming” to begin with. if somebody purposely wanted to design a system that would severely tax internet bandwidth, they couldn’t have done better than “streaming.” and i’ve been watching it all come down. 491 more words


driver support for Lenovo X220 in Windows 10

even though Windows ten APPEARS to install with little need in manual driver installation, today i decided it just wasn’t running correctly. mostly you will notice too much fan noise and over-heating during even simple tasks. 404 more words

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setting up thinkpad x220 entertainment system

so that is my goal for this week, to get the X220 i bought on ebay into shape and where i want it. i ordered and installed an mSATA 64gb flash drive, as well as a 1tb normal hard drive. 649 more words


Microsoft and Windows 10 needs work

dear Windows,

we need to have a talk.

number 1: the non-option to NOT install problematic drivers. a: because even using the “work-around” of the special program to hide updates require I first uninstall the bad, reinstall good, etc. 534 more words

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Microsoft why oh why

There is nothing like installing a new Windows system to make you question how absurd things can get. And it is the update process, where I would just laugh if it did not cost so much in time and aggravation. 347 more words