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Nguồn gốc 10 biểu tượng quen thuộc trên máy tính.

Chúng ta thường bắt gặp các biểu tượng (icon) quen thuộc trên máy tính của mình. Đôi khi chỉ cần nhìn vào biểu tượng của máy tính thì bạn đã biết nó dùng để làm gì (ví dụ biểu tượng nút power). 2,304 more words


Play on Words

Wit or Wise

They found a computer

in the Garden of Eden.

It was an Apple.

But it was no good.

It only had one Byte. 19 more words

Creating a website

Sometimes its really fun to work on your own website and sometimes…in the wee hours when you can’t seem to make sense of things like servers and domains and ftp’s you almost want to give up. 159 more words


Work in Progress

So my dad has brought a new hard drive and the work begins. It’ll be a while yet before even half of my data will be back but if the brain works, it’s worth it. 10 more words


What is Computer Based Assessment? - Test Your Skills

Electronic tools and technology are getting to be standard even in standard experience-to-face learning situations.

The Computer has Made People Worse

The combination of the Computer and Capitalism has not improved the Human Race. They have created an authoritarian business ethic, that has made most people less important. 170 more words