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Roger Samara | Revisiting Ursinus’ lost connection to computer history

Inventors of the ENIAC computer John Mauchly (left) and J. Presper Eckert (right) with the UNIVAC, another computer they designed. Mauchly taught physics at Ursinus in the 1930s. 446 more words

Roger Samara

Cara Mengatasi Fake Serial Number IDM

Sebagian user PC, pasti resah dengan munculnya jendela pop-up register IDM yang selalu muncul tiba-tiba. Yang oleh karena itu, sebagian besar user  PC mengambil jalan mudah, dengan cara meng- 458 more words


What is the Purpose of Gamer's Joy?

About the Author

My name is David Hazward. I am 16…at least when I’m writing this. I have been around games since I was about two years old. 485 more words


Why You Ought to Monitor Your Computer systems To Keep Your Company Running Efficiently

Companies are depending on computers in assisting with daily activities. What would take place if your companys computer systems crashed for a day?

We live in an era where pretty much everything is computerised and we talk in terms of softwares, hardwares, apps, etc.
So, I thought I’d talk about the most important computer we will ever use and have, our mind!

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You’ve probably heard of the children’s story Harold and the Purple Crayon. It tells the endearing story of a four-year old boy who uses his purple crayon to draw his own world to explore. 497 more words



To understand Troubleshooting, we need to understand that it is a similar idea as that of Problem Solving. The following are some thoughts regarding problem solving found on the internet. 721 more words

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