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Gothic Computers

My apologies! I usually try to write a blog post every workday (and answer comments the day…or at least the week…that you all leave them), however, unfortunately my poor computer became overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of the modern world and died unexpectedly.  328 more words

Total War: Warhammer Impressions (Greenskins)

After flushing out the whole map with a wave of “Waaagh!,” I settled the brunt of my armies facing the Chaos Wastes in preparation for the final battle. 1,588 more words

Video Games

Let's Play Stepmania (2)

Chris steps into a time machine and goes back to his college days by playing Stepmania! It’s essentially DDR for keyboards, and while he’s not the player he used to be, it should make for a decent show. 40 more words

Video Games

Search song that plays on your computer (Linux)

Since I am working as freelance developer, I spent most of my “otaku” time with Animenfo Radio. Now, when listening with some nice songs you like, and you would like to know what the song is, then you can use… 171 more words


This Tuesday

This Tuesday, being fairly certain that I have worn thin the kindness of readers who have endured recitals of my moment-to-moment activities combined with editorial grumblings, I am going back to Writing Exercises. 513 more words


On Death

I used to think of death as: delete file and empty trash.

Now I think it more as: make back-up copy and meet the Programmer.


How the Production Cycle Can Grow Your Dental Practice

Over the last four years, approximately 75 percent of dental practices have experienced a drop in production, according to a study conducted by the Levin Group Data Center. 632 more words

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