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This one is a Dell. It also doesn’t work, and is also a bit wet.

Not sure what to do with it.

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This is an Asus:

Sadly it doesn’t work. The charging cable works though.

I’m going to try to sell it to a computer recycler.

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Diversity receiver


What the heck is a diversity receiver?

I found this in a rather wet laptop bag. It was heavy, so I decided to open it up to see what was inside. 122 more words

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Flat screen monitor

Now the only reason I brought this back with me is because of late, I’ve noticed that karang guni┬ámen have been canvassing the neighbourhood every other day. 45 more words

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Apple 14-inch iBook G4

I found this on the way home today. Someone was throwing out 30 years worth of stuff.

I examined it only when I reached home, and discovered that the charging cable is not any that I already have. 62 more words

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Guitar Hero wireless controller (X-box)

I am quite sure this works. Because I used to have one. I threw mine away when I stopped playing the game.

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