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VIP Swap – blue-green deployment in Azure Resource Manager

How do you automate deployment of a multi-VM application from staging to production?

Two high-level approaches might be:
1. Roll out deployment, update one or more VMs at a time… 706 more words

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Smart Phones: I hate to have a phone smarter than me

“I refuse to have a phone that is smarter than me” bellowed a cranky Tom.  However after considerable research, Tom found an early smart phone that was not smarter than him.  6 more words

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Robot Framework Headless Testing

A common scenario for Front End testing is to setup the automation suite to run against a specified set of browsers.  That approach is very common, and has its merits, but how do you tackle that same scenario when the System Under Test (SUT) does not have an output display, such as a Continuous Integration (CI) environment? 148 more words

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Recent Ideas and a Facebook Page

I haven’t posted here in ages, obviously, but that doesn’t mean my mind hasn’t been busy all the time.

Firstly, let me share a Facebook link to a page I manage, and add interesting new concepts I stumble on.   623 more words

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css: make checked checkbox label bold

In many case, we want to highlight the checked checkbox label, so user know it’s checked without mistake. If you know CSS syntax, it becomes very easy: 25 more words

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3 Autocomplete fields reuse same AJax call.

This is a typical customized request, which in one page, they want to enter same ticket number to search, and same time can search 3 fields, and do 3 different functions. 87 more words

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2 steps Ajax calls in one autocomplete field

In our code, sometimes we need update drop down list depends on the content in another field entered. Below is an example to show how to use autocomplete field, after you selected the item, and triggered drop down list option selected. 107 more words