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Jaron Lanier and Social Media

An interview of Jaron Lanier, and why he thinks that Facebook and its ilk are bad for us both as individuals and as society.

He’s absolutely right, of course, but the damage has probably already been done. 36 more words


Amish PC

I once had an Amish PC.

The case was wooden, the motherboard was wooden, the power supply was wooden. The only problem was, it wooden turn on! 6 more words

Computers And Internet

Java(Script) Gripe: Ham is to Hamster what Java is to JavaScript!

Computers And Internet

SportsTrax - the little mobile device that (almost) could

In 1994, the Toronto Blue Jays introduced a revolutionary concept: SportsTrax, a mobile device that gave you more-or-less real time updates on all games the Jays played. 577 more words


Can we run 32 bit and 64 bit code in the same process?

User redstone001 wants to know if it is possible to run 32 bit and 64 bit code in the same process – maybe in a different thread? 190 more words

Computers And Internet

Software engineering and ethics

Since software is eating the world, there’s the question what could eat software: a wrong decision. Nowadays that software is pervasive, we have come to depend so much on it, that when it fails, normally we blame it on human stupidity: a software mistake, a wore out server, a faulty network connection… But what if the failure (or success) is induced  279 more words

Computers And Internet

Powercfg shows an active remote client

Why won’t my computer go to sleep?

Check Power plans

Especially the Multimedia setting
Allow computer to sleep

I usually flip a couple of the timer settings, like minutes to sleep (example change from 30 to 25) and save the new updated profile.  415 more words

Computers And Internet