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[PowerShell] Decommission user on AD with PowerShell

The following script will do the following:

1.prompt you to input the username to be decommission

2. remove all group while writing a backup of the group to a csv… 96 more words

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MBTA Glitches

I have moved the log to a csv file

2017:05:21,15:35:00,93,Outbound,2865,Bunker Hill St @ N Mead St,29,3:45 pm from Devonshire St @ Milk St to Sullivan Station – Upper Busway,Sullivan… 813 more words

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Creating registry to make Outlook add-in to register on both 32 and 64 bit Office.

If you are writing an Outlook add-in and want it to be able to register itself with both 32 and 64 bit without creating 2 different setup files, you could edit the installer to put a registry key for both. 25 more words

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Tell Me About Yourself

I’ve been interviewing a lot of software engineers lately. I typically start my screen with a¬†question like “Give me a two minute overview of your career.” The goal is to give the candidate some time to settle their nerves and learn something interesting about them at the same time. 290 more words


[PowerShell] Getting list of Windows 8 and 10 from AD with PowerShell

This example uses Get-ADComputer and -Filter to get a list of Windows 8 and 10 from AD.

Get-ADComputer -Filter {(OperatingSystem -LIKE "Windows 8*") -or (OperatingSystem -LIKE "Windows 10*")} -Properties *|Select name, operatingSystem, OperatingSystemVersion|Sort-Object OperatingSystemVersion -Descending|Out-GridView
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