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Is Cryptonomicon the novel you should be reading now?

Are you baffled by encryption? Do the arguments between the FBI and Apple over an iPhone used by a now-dead terror suspect sound rather like secret messages you can’t quite decipher? 2,370 more words


Two new views of Steve Jobs and the Apple situation

In the February 11 issue of The New York Review of Books, Sue Halpern assesses the Steve Jobs phenomenon by way of reviewing the two movies and one biography about him that came out last year. 668 more words


Extrapolating with Scipy Splines

An easy way to extrapolate data in Python is to use Scipy’s built-in InterpolatedUnivariateSpline. While the functions is easy to setup and straightforward to use, I did run into some problems when training X and Y data that had repeated values. 111 more words

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What hath Jobs wrought? Some different thinking about the man and his work

The day after Steve Jobs’s death was announced, I made this series of comments on Twitter:

Jobs notes 1/3: Ca. 84, I had a 128K Macintosh on loan, w/Balance of Power game (still miss it) on floppy.

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