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Pacman Comes to Windsor

Or a town near your browser…

You can always count on Google for a good gag for April Fool’s Day.

Just in time for this year’s big day, swing on over to… 76 more words


Waking up internetless. Day one

Well, we knew it was coming, although not for long due to Bell’s incompetence and the shitty way they are handling this “discontinuation of service”.  I was going to title this post “ 657 more words


How to Restore Windows 7 Backups on Windows 8.1 or 10

An easy way to copy your files to new Microsoft Windows would be to connect your drive to your PC and copying backup files you need so you can …


One in five Brits never backup their devices

Those who don't backup their PCs, and those who don't backup their PCs. … One in five never backup their home computers and over a third never …


Chillblast Fusion Cyborg Review

Chillblast Fusion Cyborg

The Chillblast Fusion Cyborg is a compact and quiet gaming PC capable of some excellent performances considering its small prices. While there isn’t much room for future expansion, it’s a well-balanced system that we’d heartily recommend to anyone on a tight budget. 210 more words


OS X 10.10 Yosemite Review

OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Yosemite does make compromises in its quest to integrate further with iOS, but there’s a lot to like here, and some really neat new features. 236 more words