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Content Creation/Editing

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  1. Open Live Writer (Free: https://www.openlivewriter.org)
  2. WordPress.com (Free, web app: …
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Excluded Computers: Marie Hicks's Programmed Inequality

It should be no surprise, fifty to seventy years after the fact, that the introduction of electronic computers in government and industry reflected societal prejudices on women’s employment in the workforce. 578 more words


Tech Update

With Kyle Randolph

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Student Features

Laptops 💻

So my laptop 💻 finally met its death. Yesterday I wiped it clean twice, it just wasn’t updating its fire wall or anything let alone updating windows. 133 more words

Everyday Life

naming paint colors

yesterday i stumbled upon this tumblr blog post.

i am not well versed in the mechanics of machine learning, but the results of this experiment were both hilarious and amazing. 188 more words


Top 10 Reasons Your Job Might be Automated

10. Machines don’t give a shit about your favorite sports team, movie, TV or streaming series, cars, food, drinks, types of women or men, tasteless jokes, what you did last night or over the weekend, or what programming language you think is the best. 185 more words