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Microsoft Tech Support, HUH?

I tried using their trial for System Center, which is comprised of eight downloads totalling near to 3 GB. after downloading all but one file, the site denied me access providing this error: 420 more words


Jobs in Multimedia

Multimedia covers a wide variety of job areas including web design, computer games design, advertising graphics, animation and new media. Multimedia is used in libraries, museums, security systems, cable TV, publishing houses, schools, retailers, films, games, training and video conferencing. 497 more words


Error on Color Printer

“Error 49.38.07 Error (4A04)” on Laserjet M551

It was found there was a corrupted print job in the queue.  Once cleared it started functioning again. 34 more words


New computers at #5 & #7

On October 20, Kevin installed 2 computers at station #5 and #7. These computers are both running Windows 10.  He has set them up to turn themselves on in the morning and off at night so he has asked us to touch them. 19 more words


Yahoo's NSFW Image-Blocking Algorithm Has A Dirty, Dirty Mind, According To A Research Paper

The internet is a bottomless repository just not of dirty pictures, but of pictures we find dirty because we, as a species, think with our genitals. 291 more words



A sudden squealing of brakes and a dull thud caused me to glance up. Nothing…. at least so far as I could see through the two dozen heads waiting to cross the intersection with me. 711 more words


“I think therefore…“

From the archives 2014:

The movement of the robotic face of the Geminoid DK robot is uncanny. It is almost… but not quite… perfect and has a vaguely disquieting effect, looking remarkably like Henrik Schärfe, who was part of its creation. 743 more words