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It was a long time ago when people looked for Public Libraries and not Computer Shops to search on what they want to know in this world especially students who are now being modernized by the developments of our technologies. 405 more words


Beware the Hype of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has made great strides in the past few years, but it’s also generated much hype over its current capabilities.

That’s one takeaway from a Friday panel in San Francisco involving leading AI experts hosted by the Association for Computing Machinery for its 50th annual Turing Award for advancements in computer science. 375 more words


Computers and fever

From Paris to Bangkok we all noticed some climatic changes. In the last few years summer became more and more hot, while other seasons became really strange. 322 more words


Neither Technology nor Magic

I think I managed to save my laptop.

Folks, nobody has to tell me I’m not the greatest tech support guy ever. However, I’ve done it long enough to realize that if you have one kind of failure, you can usually figure it out. 468 more words



So then, hang about. ThinkPad Retro is now a thing. Will I be upgrading? Unless I sell the X250 & pay the difference or I am bequeathed a hefty sum, not likely. 113 more words


Strings, Computers and Landscape. . .

There is an interesting wave of papers on possible applications of deep learning and neural networks on the string theory landscape.

Evidently it’s something interesting to work with, mainly if you’re a student looking for a “manageable big problem” to tackle and has interest on computational physics. 33 more words