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4/26/2018 Regression Test (Replacement Title)

A vimeo video with a caption with special characters:

This is a video ~ ` ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ – = { } \ : ” ; ‘ ? 915 more words


Caper Website | Deep Learning Engineer

Deep Learning Engineer

We at CaperĀ are backed by Y Combinator, and are focusing on compacting image recognition and sensor fusion into a smart shopping cart, allowing shoppers to throw their groceries into the cart and checkout without cashiers. 205 more words


Is an Alienware PC worth it?

Alienware is a pre built PC aimed at gaming. The esthetics may look nice and the system is powerfull but is the price tag worth it? 267 more words


Alexa wants children to say please

A good manners feature will praise children if they ask questions politely.

Source: Alexa wants children to say please


VisiCalc Workaround

I attached the DOS VDI to the XP machine where it showed up as e:, then copied all the VisiCalc files to it. I then shutdown XP and fired up DOS. 16 more words


VisiCalc Roadblock

I was wrong about the mount command: the default is read-write. I think what’s going on is that DOS-formatted drives know nothing of Unix permissions. This is what Linux sees: 150 more words