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Still Arting

Sunflower Bouquet, acrylic, 16″ x 12″

This past week I participated in the Art is Ageless show at the Presbyterian Manor in Lawrence.  This art show is an annual event and anyone who is a senior citizen can enter, not just residents of the Manor.  450 more words

understanding coding through other computer tasks

one of my goals as an “educator” is to always have an answer for someone who says this sort of thing– even while literally standing in front of a laptop, doing computer tasks (as they were today.) 2,740 more words

What is Digital Logic?

What actually happens inside a computer?


You may already know computers use binary (zeros and ones), but what is physically going on? This drove me nuts for the longest time. 847 more words


Learning TensorFlow

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been teaching myself TensorFlow, Google’s open source library for deep neural network (actually, graph computation in general).

It was so easy to get started with TensorFlow that I was fooled into thinking I’d be writing an character-based recurrent-neural-network language model in a couple of days. 799 more words

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

In Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal, Ethan Hunt and his team travel to Dubai to intercept a meeting in the Burj Kalifa. I love this scene because it delves into the nuances of Nonbiometric Security measures. 152 more words

AWS Simple Storage Service

So the world’s going insane over open cloud selection and there is unquestionably credit to be given to Amazon for their market ruling and maybe amusement changing, AWS arrangement. 515 more words