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Expletive Deleted!

Neither a borrower nor a lender be!”  Sage advice from the English Bard, advice which I unsuccessfully tried to impart to my daughters as they were growing up. 724 more words

Funny, Eh?

Microsoft Paint Is Being Sent To A Nice Farm In The Country

Microsoft Paint has been there since the beginning of Windows. Over 32 years and 26 versions of the operating system, Paint has been in the menu, waiting to be used to… 269 more words

Home Page


In an earlier post, I wrote about a tram service bridge that connects Moonlight Fields’ leisure/tourist line with the tram depot. This bridge, I wrote, was extremely popular with pedestrians. 219 more words

Life In General

Turning Off Auto-Playing Sound for Videos on FB | Computers & Internet - BabaMail

How to Turn Off Auto-Playing Sound for Videos on Facebook

If you’ve got a Facebook account which you use frequently, you’ve probably realized how often changes are made to the app. 124 more words


Letting Go of Things

It struck me recently that I’m surrounded by a world of things I don’t really need. Miscellaneous gadgets, books, pens, pencils, computers, tablets, phones, wires, chargers, memory sticks, hard drives, and so on. 385 more words


Top 20 Countries in PPP GDP

According to Wikipedia:

Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) is measured by finding the values (in USD) of a basket of consumer goods that are present in each country (such as orange juice, pencils, etc.).

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