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Apple unveils MacBook Pro models with 'touch bar' controller

Apple on Thursday unveiled new MacBook Pro laptops infused with touch control features that have become popular on smartphones.

MacBook Pro models shown off at a special event at Apple’s headquarters in Silicon Valley touted keyboards that had “ 119 more words


Future Goals

My future Goal is to create 3D Special effects or create my own 3D animations.  I’d really want to work at a famous Company that creates Video games.   97 more words


Custom Gaming PC $800 build

Thinking of getting myself a gaming pc since i never owned one before. I mostly play videogames on  a console system like PS4. I  Might order the parts separately,   but I think I will need to do more research on custom built computers. 65 more words


Electronic Collapse

What does everyone think would really happen if the electricity really went out –‘or if maybe just the Internet suddenly went out ?? Not necessarily forever but for just a few years? 815 more words


When Technology doesn't work as it should

When technology doesn’t work as it should, I get very frustrated. It is a pet peeve of mine. When my parents or myself pay for a piece of technology meant to do something, then it is meant to do something. 109 more words


How Not to Network a Nation

I’ve been looking to read How Not to Network a Nation by Benjamin Peters since MIT Press announced it last November, but a mixture of delays, library closings over summer, and general busyness meant that I didn’t lay hands on a copy until a few weeks ago. 385 more words