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Is it just me?

My parents are aging, and that’s certainly better than the alternative, but as they age I see them struggle more each day with the technology that has taken over their world. 413 more words


vmtools Upgrade in CUCM and IMP

vmtools has a simple upgrade in Cisco’s CUCM and IM & Presence.

  1. Start the vmtools guest install in interactive mode.
  2. utils os secure permissive
  3. utils vmtools refresh…
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Ok, Computer

It happens. One day everything is fine and then you go to your computer and nothing… Last time was dramatic. I had all my work and photos on the hard drive. 97 more words


Old dog, new tricks

So, there’s this person I know, who never swallowed the bait offered by those trolling cyberspace for hits. He was pretty adamant about not wanting to have a ‘presence’ that could be searched and then be pestered by those who found it. 422 more words

Do We Hate And Love Each Other At The Same Time? Definitely, So!

Our Relationships Are Lame Ducks. Harmony And Peace Are Elusive …

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Negative Issues Keep Popping Up …

Saturday, October 19, 2019 at 3:48 pm. 3,690 more words


Los problemas a la salud, adicción a juegos de computadoras y problemas físicos

Photo by Marek Levak from Pexels

Kimberly Díaz Collazo Presentación dada el día 21 de octubre de 2019.

Informática 105-001

En este tema se habla de los problemas de salud que la adicción a los juegos de computadora causan y los principales problemas físicos.  164 more words

Steam Remote Play Together takes local multiplayer games online | Rock Paper Shotgun

Steam Remote Play Together will let you play local multiplayer games online with pals who aren’t, y’know, local. You can try it in a beta today. 6 more words

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