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Can Students Have Too Much Technology?

I recently read a very interesting article about how access to technology impacts students’ success. The article, published by the New York Times, was called… 275 more words

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WhatsApp Download and Backup Chat Logs From iPhones to PCs

Wouldn't it be simpler to move your chat history to a computer and free up space? With iPhone Backup Extractor and WhatsApp Xtract, your iPhone …


Hmmmmm....Turning Japanese In My Webstats

Wait, wot?

Why do I have 20 views from Japan so far today?

That’s kind of odd.

Given that usually this site gets about 300 page views that’s a fairly big chunk. 133 more words


'Truth Will Out'

Let’s talk about Venus.

I’m in love with her.

The circumstances surrounding why it came to be that I’m in love with her are the great tragedy of my life. 313 more words


I Have Done Nothing Wrong

Now, I will admit that I may have made a huge fool out of myself.

That is very possible.

But I can’t think of anything _wrong_ I’ve done. 315 more words


Flash Verse Is Fun

I used to write flash verse like crazy on Twitter.

But I moved on to writing full songs.

I guess I just am STILL scratching my head about why people are so upset with me. 205 more words


'You're Only Hurting Yourself' -- #Lyrics / The Smiths Meets Arctic Monkeys

This song would be kind of a mixture of this song….

with this song…

You’re Only Hurting Yourself
lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner

people complain no matter what you do… 198 more words