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Don't make me angry.. you won't like me when I'm angry

After week of feeding me copied and pasted bull$hit from the FAQs, that even though I had quoted their FAQs in my support ticket, I had enough of their non-support. 310 more words

Every Day Life

Check Out The "50 Best Android Apps 2015" at TechRadar

I can remember a time where there was question whether the Google Play store (for Android) would be a success or not; especially, at a time when Apple was already established and was the ruler of the “app” market. 83 more words


Cool Things Happen When People Listen To Me

At last, it seems as though people who may — or may not — be connected to Alexa Chung have decided to stop doing their impression of In The Company Of Men and have decided to leave me alone. 288 more words


ANOTHER VOICE: From PCWorld: Bloatware: Why computer makers fill your PC with junk, and how to get rid of it

Before we get to pcworld.com’s take on bloatware—-which we have been telling you about forever……notice their FIRST headline, it’s all about the money. If you want that crap on your PC you’ll get it cheaper, because the makers of that junk pay good money to have their junk installed. 1,161 more words


World average internet speed

as per Akamai 2014 rankings and as published on Wikipedia

… “South Korean homes and the country has rolled out 1 Gbit/s (1,000 Mbit/s) connections nationwide, which cost $20 per month, approximately 263 times faster than the world average and… 40 more words



Well, today I took on a daunting task.

It’s a revisit of something I did more than a year ago. I worked my fat fingers right to the bone on it. 685 more words



The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted today to accept FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal that the Commission “use its Title II authority to implement and enforce open Internet protections.” Or, to put it in plain English, your ISP must provide equal broadband access to you or any site — Amazon, Netflix, etc. 215 more words