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Power Down

Burning circles into my eyes,

The blinding screen glares and flashes

Perpetual static.

White on black, plasma on plastic,

It stares through me,

Inviting me to stay awake a minute more. 113 more words

Andy Geels

New Release: EaseUS Todo Backup 8.3 Version - Premium Data Backup Performance Software

This backup software takes anxiety away from common users who lack … Meanwhile, it enables users to transfer system to different PC, virtual PC and …


How to write Korean in your computer with Windows 7

Here is a tutorial, how to type Korean in Your Windows 7 computer. I must say, I was sometime desperated and also, I don’t know, how to switch a keyboard to a half width and full width, if It exists in Hangul. 226 more words


The Best Tips For Choosing A New Laptop

Choosing a new laptop nowadays is a joy with all of the great features, beautiful designs, and relatively low prices. On the other hand, the wealth of choices also makes it extremely difficult to decide which model to purchase. 343 more words


Bored with Minecraft? Mod it!

Not every computer program lends itself to modification.  Binary programs are intentionally obscure.  Open source is one cure for this, and if you like doing the weirdest thing you can think of with your computer, having the human written code makes your life so much better. 177 more words


Well Hello Beautiful, Are Those Real Or Silicone?

Within ten years, computers will have common sense, logic, natural conversation and even be able to flirt with you, according to Professor Geoff Hinton.

Hinton is a Google employee who develops AI systems.   429 more words

Yemeni group hacks 3,000 Saudi govt computers to reveal top secret docs – report

Yemeni hackers have allegedly released thousands of top secret Saudi Arabia documents, including spies’ identities, after gaining “full control” of over 3,000 computers and servers belonging to Riyadh’s Foreign, Interior and Defense Ministries. 492 more words