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Growing Up in the Digital Age

For as long as I can remember there has always been social media around me. Big name social media platforms, such as Facebook and MySpace, were being founded when I was only a toddler. 896 more words

This Column Now Powered By Benjamin Franklin

Or rather now moderated by Dr. Franklin. No, he doesn’t sit on the desk playing with a kite and a key and cautioning me whenever I overstep the bounds – at least I don’t think he does – but two of his works sit here and do; Poor Richard’s Almanack and his autobiography. 355 more words



Don was our typewriter salesman from Billings and his territory included mine. He had gotten wind of what was going on and, knowing that my work was very satisfactory and appreciated in the rest of the territory, sent a memo to Helena praising my work and expressing his confidence in me. 967 more words

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Nëse keni parë reklama të padëshiruar në Skype

Nëse keni pas rast të shihni reklama të padëshiruara në dritaren e Skype një nga mënyrat më të lehta për ta bllokuar këtë është ta hapni skedarin hosts nga… 67 more words


The $5 computer that can change the world

The world collectively dropped its jaw when the Raspberry Pi was first unveiled. A $35 computer that could be used to power just about anything? … 282 more words


The Raspberry Pi Zero is a tiny computer that costs $5

The tiny Raspberry Pi computer has just been released in a new version that’s even smaller than previous credit card-sized editions. But the new Pi Zero has another trick that’s even more important than its tiny size: It’s on sale for just $5. 380 more words

.Allen Not Just Another File Extension

The sun is rising over bunny castle here at the temple. Last night we had a long talk about the Oracle programmers who disappeared in the mists together with Mr. 393 more words