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My Gremlin

All of my annual insurances are due in March, from coincidence rather than design. I resent the hours spent in front of the computer finding the best deals year after year, but I realised long ago that loyalty is a really bad idea in insurance terms. 339 more words


When it comes to matters of taste, an epicurean, when pushed, can be downright manichean, even if they’re a vegetarian.

I bring this up because I’ve had it up to here with… 373 more words

Shut Up and Restart

Most people reading this know that a computer technician will tell you to restart a computer to fix a problem, and for some odd reason the problem is fixed when this is done. 606 more words


In the future, computers will be able to guess how old you are

“How old are you?” is one of the most loaded questions on earth. Kids play age-based guessing games at carnivals, adults lie at cocktail parties, and rich people spend millions to stave off the effects of aging. 447 more words

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The future of productivity

Start with a generous scoop of touch-based interactivity. Add a heaping spoonful of wearable technology and a dash of holographic computing and you end up with a futuristic souffle that looks something like this: 23 more words


Pacman Comes to Windsor

Or a town near your browser…

You can always count on Google for a good gag for April Fool’s Day.

Just in time for this year’s big day, swing on over to… 76 more words


Waking up internetless. Day one

Well, we knew it was coming, although not for long due to Bell’s incompetence and the shitty way they are handling this “discontinuation of service”.  I was going to title this post “ 657 more words