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OMG, where is the year going?

I swear, one minute it was Christmas, the next minute it’s summer. More projects in the house have been completed and we decided not to move, so that is a relief as moving costs so much money and I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do right now anyway. 341 more words


eSports competition strives to go mainstream, culture still an issue

ATLANTA (AP) — They stare at their computer screens, eyes transfixed on the bloody spectacle in front of them, trying to figure out if there’s an enemy player just around the corner. 1,020 more words


Why Super-intelligent computers are not the right way to replicate consciousness

This is a time when we have seen people trying to figure out how to conceive, create, build a sort of machinery capable to be conscious, and between all the theoretical misunderstandings, the only fact which everybody agrees and almost sings together is «we do not fully understand consciousness». 918 more words


The master of my domain. Except for your WiFi connection.

There must be two dozen WiFi connections within range of my laptop. One of my particularly ingenious neighbors has named his network the “Virus Distribution Center.” It’s a secured connection, but I’ve never tried to get into it. 1,012 more words



Last week I went to Liverpool for a day. It’s not very far from where I live but access is complicated by the Mersey Estuary getting in the way! 176 more words

One or more network protocols are missing!

I want to write a random woolgathering post about how all various things are happening in the world and thoughts are occurring in the mind of the Ultimate Ground of Being and all, but right now I’m going to write about a Microsoft Windows thing, because well there it is right there. 629 more words


The kingdom saved her

Once upon a time, there was a first grade girl whose parents could go from outwardly calm to nuclear in fractions of seconds too small to count. 1,144 more words