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Reach for It!

Web design involves a whole collection of different skills — from copy-writing and typography to layout and art — all fused together to create a website that not only features a pleasant aesthetic but that says something. 481 more words

Techy Crap

Windows 10 will keep spying on you no matter how hard you try to stop it

When you boot up Windows 10 for the very first time, you have the option to customize several settings related to the collection of data from… 313 more words


Legaleze or Cybercrime?

You decide. Today IG changed their Terms of Service again. The good news: they are disavowing the implications of legaleze which gave them the right to sell your photos without your knowledge or consent. 321 more words


Turn Back While You Can

Fingers tap on Macbook keys louder than the harsh clank of high heels against the linoleum floors. A near-ancient professor stands at the front of the room, strategically blocking my view of the projector screen. 348 more words


Report - Morning Walk

COLD! Frigid! That’s all that I can say about my morning walk today. It was 28 deg as I got out on the walking trail today. 350 more words

Computer Memory

The computer memory is a temporary storage. It holds the data and instructions that the Central Processing Unit (CPU) needs.Before a program can be run, the program is loaded from some storage medium into the memory. 16 more words

Computers Can Learn Like Humans

By Cerise Carey

Scientists have created an algorithm that allows computers to recognize and draw simple visual concepts, such as handwritten characters. A research group under the guidance of Dr. 194 more words

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