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Game 7 From Another Dimension

With the help of the 18th edition of Out Of The Park Baseball, I’ve been running my own 2017 season all year long. I was the “general manager” of the Tampa Bay Rays, while the computer controlled the other 29 teams. 141 more words


About Attempted Fraud


Do you ever reply to those phishy texts?  Don’t.  That’s the advice of police now.  No jokes, nothing; block them.  Why?  For one thing, they know it’s a real number and you have provided part of a pattern–people are effectively patterns of perception/definition/response=protocols.  93 more words


About Our Beloved Cell Phones

‘OMG. Who really cares? They’re plastic pieces of crap that dominate our lives anyway. Now they’re dominating our virtual lives and conversation! Machines already rule the world, it’s just like pets; “Look what I just got MY human to do!!”‘ 163 more words


Get Windows XP for Free

If you need Windows XP for backward compatibility in a virtual machine on almost any computer, this is how to get it:

Step 1: go to the MS download page for XP Mode  162 more words


The Reddit Revolution

I’m really starting to enjoy using Reddit, though I haven’t mastered the learning curve of it, its nooks and crannies.

In particular, I’m a fan of a subreddit (that’s the proper name and usage of one of its forums, right?) called Ask Me Anything, where people tell of what they do or what problems they have, and they invite people to…ask them anything. 71 more words


The Start Menu Hot Mess

Maybe this is happening to some of you, but my Windows 10 computer has been acting up lately.  Not the entire computer, but the Windows 10 operating system itself has gone a bit wonky on me. 123 more words


New Firefox

Improved security.  Go to options by clicking the ‘hamburger menu’ , click on the question mark/help, click on About.  It’s also quicker but if Mozilla is hyping it for more security it’s time to get it, now. 102 more words