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The Start Menu Hot Mess

Maybe this is happening to some of you, but my Windows 10 computer has been acting up lately.  Not the entire computer, but the Windows 10 operating system itself has gone a bit wonky on me. 123 more words


New Firefox

Improved security.  Go to options by clicking the ‘hamburger menu’ , click on the question mark/help, click on About.  It’s also quicker but if Mozilla is hyping it for more security it’s time to get it, now. 102 more words


Have You Ever Formatted A Nice Big Flash Drive To...

a horribly tiny one?  Have you then wondered what on Earth you could do, short of driving to the nearest computer service and either admitting your mistake or trying to stammer your way into “Well, Windows made me do it!” , I wonder (Trump) why my fingers keep typing that… … 426 more words

Current News

Language Barrier

Perhaps I should have known something was wrong earlier on in the evening.

Friday night, I'm watching the Rays game with Texas. I'm also on the computer which sits to the right of my TV in the bedroom, which prevents me from noticing the ore-game show has no sound. 155 more words


Free Access to Searches

I made a comment earlier today about authorities’ free access to internet searches.  It also occurred to me that many people might actually think “Well, why not?” 693 more words


Personalized Searches

Or “I want to stick with only what I know, I absolutely am not looking for anything I don’t know or have, and I certainly don’t want to know about a service or product that I haven’t just searched for, unless I want my entire search history to be kept permanently.” 185 more words


Educating Pandora

Technology, especially late in the second decade of the 21st century, is ever evolving.

There's so many apps you can get on your Android or IPhone that most of us don't really play around with it all that much. 282 more words