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Adobe CS5 Works in macOS Sierra; but I was worried!

Hi everyone!

I updated only a few days after the macOS update (macOS Sierra ver. 10.2) because I was watching social media and some of the message boards and didn’t see any large outcries about “broken” applications. 180 more words


Promoting LGBT+ Computing

On the 23rd of June 1912 pioneering computer scientist Alan Mathison Turing was born. He would go on to revolutionise crytpanalysis and thinking machines. His contributions to the field of computing were ground breaking and he is oft considered the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. 164 more words


10% off SAP Crystal Reports 2016, Through Friday Only - Deal Alert

SAP Crystal Reports software is the de facto in reporting, and it’s currently discounted 10%, through Friday, if you use the code CRYSTAL10 at checkout… 80 more words


Apps all iPads should have...

I recently made a list of apps-all-ipads-should-have at my school. I thought it may be handy to share. Click on the link to see a full list with images too. 17 more words


IBM releases DataWorks to give enterprise data a home and a brain

While the gears of research are turning fast developing new methods of machine intelligence, another, perhaps more impactful, trend is brewing in the field. Open source frameworks like Apache Spark are hitting their stride at the ideal time to put data analytics in the hands of the business development analyst without forgetting about the needs of the data scientist. 419 more words


IDG Contributor Network: From chatbots to Einstein, Artificial Intelligence as a Service

The recent announcement of Salesforce Einstein — dubbed “artificial intelligence for everyone” — sheds new light on the new and pervasive usage of artificial intelligence in every aspect of businesses. 81 more words


New 'Artificial Synapses' Pave Way for Brain-Like Computers

A brain-inspired computing component provides the most faithful emulation yet of connections among neurons in the human brain, researchers say.

The so-called memristor, an electrical component whose resistance relies on how much charge has passed through it in the past, mimics the way calcium ions behave at the junction between two neurons in the… 832 more words

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