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Raspberry Pi meets Cognitive Neuroscience

When I started my masters degree, I didn’t entirely know what I was taking on. I chose to study cognitive neuroscience because I knew this was an area which presently receives a lot of funding for PhD research, and also because it seemed like a robust, scientific approach to psychology. 720 more words

Research Methods

Raspberry Pi - an idiots guide to installing Raspbian on a Mac

So, once again I need to admit my ignorance…

A few weeks ago, my friend borrowed my SD card ‘to take an image’ and somehow corrupted it – I don’t know how and neither does he, but he did managed to back up all my files. 649 more words

Raspberry Pi

Android "M" refinement is the aim of the game this year

As most of us know its that wonderful time of the year when google releases its new or improved operation system for Android at google I/O 2015. 363 more words


Five new states of matter, maybe.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_states_of_matter lists the currently known states of matter. I had an idea for five new ones, well, 2 anyway with 3 variants. They might not be possible but hey, faint heart ne’er won fair maid, and this is only a blog not a paper from CERN. 549 more words


Six reasons why Photonics and Optics are important for the future!


Our modern day electronic devices are based on transistors and other semiconductor devices. Moore’s law has proved to be nearly accurate as we develop better and smaller circuits having more number of transistors per square inch. 1,970 more words


Transmitting Information At The Speed Of Light, Almost

University of Utah engineers have taken a big step toward computing at the speed of light. Their research will help create the next generation of computers and mobile devices-devices that will be capable of speeds millions of times faster than machines are now. 569 more words