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The 3 hottest cloud jobs for 2017

I get this question a lot: What’s the best cloud job this year? Followed by: Which cloud jobs pay the best? The same answer—data—applies to both questions, though with three variations. 100 more words


Raspberry Pi beefs up its Compute Module for industrial users

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has upgraded its Compute Module which is designed for embedded computing and industrial users wanting to produce customized products powered by the microprocessor, such as large-format smart displays. 226 more words


AWS Lambda Command Line Automation

As one begins to write more sophisticated AWS Lambda functions, it quickly becomes clear that using shell scripts and the CLI to package, deploy and test will speed up development time. 226 more words


Alibaba Cloud partners NUS, EZ-Link to boost data capabilities

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

(From left) Ethan Yu, VP of Alibaba Group and GM of Alibaba Cloud Global, Prof Ho Teck Hua, NUS deputy president (Research & Technology) and EZ-Link CEO Nicholas Lee at the MOU signing. 414 more words

Money Matters

AT&T denies refunds for DirecTV Now customers, despite the service's performance issues

A number of consumers report they’re unable to get a refund for their subscription to AT&T’s recently launched streaming service, DirecTV Now – something they’ve requested after being unhappy with the new service’s performance. 1,278 more words


Understanding our new president's priorities through Twitter

Pundits and Monday morning quarterbacks have spent much of the last two months lost in a fog of speculation and assertions as to what drove President-elect Donald Trump’s victory in early November. 871 more words


What to consider when choosing the right IT Support Partner

When things are running smoothly and you have someone with a little IT knowledge in the office why bother looking for an IT Support partner? 399 more words