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New toy

I bought a new laptop a while ago. I am on it now (yay). Huge hole in my pocket though cause it was an expense that I hadn’t accounted for. 117 more words


How to (Not) Overclock a Xeon 2660 V4

This summer I dumped my connection to Apple and built myself a super computer.  I’ve not regretted it for a second but due to the unique nature of my setup I’ve had quite a few questions about it.  609 more words


Usability testing for Thuraya XT-Pro dual accomplished – without any failure from WiLLERHOF.net (Jura alscacien et Vosges/France) to Yekaterinburg (Ural/Russia)



What great fun we have had! We have been using the iPads to create some fruit and vegetable faces using an app called Pictoboldo.

Click here… 171 more words


Unlock the cloud’s full value: Make devops mandatory

Most people who are good with cloud technology are also good with devops. That’s not an accident: It’s impossible to get the full value out of cloud computing unless it’s done in the context of automated devops. 144 more words


Microsoft brings F# to Jupyter Notebooks on Azure

Microsoft’s Azure Notebooks cloud service is adding support for F#, the Microsoft-developed “functional-first” language.

Azure Notebooks, a free service for sharing documents that contain live code and equations, features the… 140 more words