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Algorithms are like invisible judges that decide our fates

Companies now use ‘voice analysis’ software to determine whether to hire us. And, once we’re employed, to predict if we’ll stay

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Mary Coombs computer programmer

Mary Coombs (1929-), computer programmer, was one of the first programmers to work on the LEO computers produced by J Lyons and Co. and the first female commercial programmer. 60 more words


Cloud Computing …. Designing a Private Cloud

 I have been working on designing Cloud based solutions for Private Cloud. So, I thought, I will share some insight here. I am writing this with the perception that the readers have no or very little knowledge about the Cloud computing, so please fo…

Apple PC hardware choices for the photographer

Choices, choices. Image from the Apple Malaysia homepage.

At some point early on in the digital era, the world decided that Apple was the way to go for serious photographers and graphics professionals – granted, there were applications that were Mac-specific or just worked so much better on a Mac than a PC that it made sense. 1,843 more words


Perhaps new algorithms will simplify determinig protein structure

An Algorithm Set To Revolutionize 3-D Protein Structure Discovery |

One of the great challenges in molecular biology is to determine the three-dimensional structure of large biomolecules such as proteins. 125 more words


Maybe older engineers should look to NewSpace

64-year-old engineer sues Google for age discrimination

A California man named Robert Heath has filed an age-discrimination lawsuit against Google in federal court, seeking to form a class action of workers who allege they were denied a chance to work at the search giant because of their age. 203 more words