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As a woman in science, I have been told that I am likely to undervalue my skills and underestimate my capabilities. Unfortunately, knowing that doesn’t make things a whole lot better. 1,534 more words

Computing in Schools: For Good or Evil??

At the ISTE Conference last week, Audrey Watters and David Thornburg were on a panel debating whether computers are helping or hurting in schools. Audrey blogged about this saying, 306 more words


The Expenditure of TCPv4

While working on an TCP/IP problem today, I was finally struck by the fact that we have for all intents and purposes expended the entire TCPv4 addressing space. 75 more words


How Our User interfaces Help to Ruin Lives

Lauren Weinsteins Blog: UI Fail: How Our User interfaces Help to Ruin Lives.

I’ve seen this problem many times first hand. Unsure what the solution is…general computers can not be designed to meet the needs of the dumbest or most confused user. 15 more words


Portfolio refreshes are driving near-term sales growth, but the ongoing market shift to software threatens data center hardware vendors

HAMPTON, N.H. (July 1, 2015) — Server, storage and networking hardware revenue for the vendors tracked in Technology Business Research Inc.’s (TBR) 1Q15 Data Center Benchmark… 626 more words


Software Life-cycle. Part 2 - From Craftsmanship to Computational Science

I decided to learn the programming language Python. I was steered towards the MIT OpenCourseware ‘Introduction to Computer Science and Programming’ 6.00 course, taught by Prof. 208 more words

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