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Thinking About Realistic, Ideal, Human-like Artificial Intelligence

Although I studied artificial intelligence at University, I don’t hold the right to call myself anything close to an expert. However, that doesn’t prevent me from being able to make a perhaps ignorant yet potentially interesting or thought-provoking post about it. 1,935 more words

Artificial Intelligence

I.T. as street vendors

Yesterday while talking with a colleague, I was trying to get a cross the idea the most ‘programmers’ don’t understand what goes on inside a computer. 238 more words

IT Issues

Java - Date

This website has a good explanation of the date class: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/java/java_date_time.htm.

Let’s recap those important one here.

You will get:

You will get if no input parameter is supplied (study line 9 carefully): 50 more words

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Customized linestyles in matplotlib

So it seems matplotlib has only four defined linestyles, personally I quite dislike them. The worst thing about the “dotted” style is if you increase the linwidth, it just increases the width of the erstwhile dots in only one direction and they end up looking pretty much like railway track sleepers (without the tracks) than dotted lines. 80 more words


Java - Loop Control

Loop Control Statements:

What do you think is the output of the above two programs?

Source: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/java/java_loop_control.htm

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Finding the Offending Directories | FreedomPenguin

Sometimes you really don’t want to back up certain things on a computer. I wrote this article to show how I diagnose when too much is being backed up.

Garage Band

Today we used Garage Band on the IPads to create music to go with our settings we created for our school Christmas play.

What setting did you create music for?

Whole School Event