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Computer Power Could Warm Your Home!

Computer servers are essential to our modern way of life. They enable us to process research for universities, allow us to online shop to our hearts delight but how can we make this energy demanding modern infrastructure more sustainable? 338 more words

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Edsgar Dijkstra, a famous Dutch computer scientist (well, at least famous among computer scientists of a certain age), was once asked what you should look for when you planned to hire a computer programmer. 587 more words


Exact computation of sums and means

A while ago, I came across a mention of the Python math.fsum function, which sums a set of floating-point values exactly, then rounds to the closest floating point value. 740 more words

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Videos on Getting Started With Cloud Computing

A number of people have asked if I would post links to videos that provide useful introductions to Cloud Computing. Believe it or not, there are many, many videos on this topic posted on YouTube, and I will post here links to those that I think might be useful if you are getting started with cloud computing. 59 more words


Slowing PC revenue growth will lead Lenovo to emphasize its data center business

By Dan Callahan, Research Analyst

Without relief from acquisitions, slowing momentum within Lenovo’s base PC business lead to single-digit organic growth

Lenovo’s corporate growth slowed in 1Q15 as it faced a perfect storm of business conditions. 675 more words


NetApp strengthens services and flash offerings while increasing layoffs to support profitability amid continued revenue declines

By Stephen Belanger, Analyst

NetApp’s revenue declined on a year-to-year basis due to decreasing storage spending, OEM challenges and increased competition from EMC and IBM… 638 more words