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comScore Says Canadian Internet Use Is The Highest In The World

According to a recent study by comScore, Canadians are spending the most time on the internet in the world! The study tracked Canadians’ web savvy trend in 2014 when comScore announced that  195 more words


Amazon Unlocked could help put an end to the 'app burnout' fallacy

Critics have argued for years that people are sick of software. The New York Times claimed in 2013 that people suffer from app burnout. More recently, Fortune used signs that people aren’t downloading many apps… 542 more words


Marketing Through Your Mobile Companion

Our phones have become extensions of our arms; we feel like something is missing without it. It has reached the point where mobile phones account for more than 50% of internet usage, completely surpassing desktop internet usage. 965 more words

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Mobile Marketing: Why You Need It?

Mobile marketing is the next big thing. Ever since the internet came out, people have been able to communicate and interact with one another at real time. 1,007 more words

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Mobile Marketing Trends and Opportunities

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Consumers are rapidly adopting mobile devices and the habit of using multiple screens at once. With the increased presence of screens in our homes (TVs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets) comes the increased use of those screens. 917 more words

Mobile Marketing: Wake Me Up So I Can Sell On The Go-Go

Okay. Let’s just get this out of our system now.

How do you direct marketing efforts to people that aren’t focusing on the channels you put your integrated marketing communication (IMC) efforts into? 641 more words


A Dance with Dragons: Programmatic Ad Buying vs. Native Advertising

For those of you familiar with A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones) you probably know that the 5th installment, A Dance with Dragons… 724 more words

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