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The great convention debate.

One of the great things about going to various fan conventions, be they comic cons, horror cons, sci-fi cons, etc, is the opportunity to see and interact with various celebrities. 423 more words

I Don't Know: 12 Struggles of An Indecisive Girl


Ever heard of the idiom “you change your mind more than you change your underwear?” Yea, me too, many times. It didn’t take long for me to come up with this post because it is all too true for me. 893 more words

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Top 5 Keys to Convention Preparation and Smaller Conventions

The top 5 keys to convention preparation from the designer and publisher perspective. Also, how do you prepare for a smaller convention? Which conventions should you attend? 14 more words



I like this tattoo from Queen of Ink because it has a lot of different drawings, you only see a small bit on me in this pic but I can assure you that they are nice all over the body. 86 more words

C4 Hunted Review

I first heard of the new Channel 4 Show Hunted at Victoria station, on the floor a massive advert says “There are 88 CCTV¬†cameras in this station HIDE YOUR FACE”. 543 more words