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I bowed on bended knee
on foreign shores             on silk cushions
where no one knew me
to an invisible deity.

Did you see me?
Did I exist for you? 489 more words



To fit all these words into sentences and conversations. Cram as much meaning in as possible, that way you can be certain you didn’t forget anything important. 123 more words


Cons And Kids

First off I want to point out I, myself, do not have children. But I am not inexperanced. I have over 29 younger cousins, most I’ve babysat many times or helped out with. 571 more words


Bed Need & Bed Excess Certificates of Need in Ohio

  • ODH plans to publish bed excess and bed need numbers on or around April 1, 2016.
  • Those interested in developing a nursing facility or selling beds in bed excess counties should be planning now in anticipation of the published numbers.
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Bed Excess

5 top productivity hacks from the wisdom of Oriental Russian philosophy

By Alisa Louse.

Hi, productivity fans!

Russia, as you know, is synonymous with efficiency and organisation. According to top historians, Russia is also the cradle of the Orient, birthplace of eastern philosophy. 417 more words


Novias a todo color

Queremos novias con vestidos a todo color La incorporación de notas de color a los vestidos de novia ya no es un sueño, Paloma del Pozo nos trae novias a todo color con su colección Colores para un nuevo poema . 51 more words