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Watch Kevin Hart and Conan O’Brien Do Crossfit Together

In his new comedy special, “What Now?” Kevin Hart proved that he had the stamina to perform an energetic stand-up routine in front of a football stadium packed with 50,000 people. 164 more words

Kevin Hart Works Conan's Powerful 'Taint' With This Aggressive Gym Session

For a 53-year-old guy who sits at a desk for a living, Conan O’Brien is in pretty good shape. His lanky body, however, resembles a doctor’s latex glove filled with milk compared to… 187 more words


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Joseph - White Flag

Your yelling’s getting loud
Keep it down now, keep it down now
There’s talk going ’round this town
Keep it down now, keep it down now… 281 more words


Sharon Osbourne Explains Why Trump, Mr. Bragadocious, Doesn't Want to Be President

Sharon Osbourn worked with Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice.   Sharon explained that she “would be terrified” if Trump were actually elected president, “because he’s a… 198 more words

From the desk of John W. Evans: Patton Oswalt's Conan Appearance

John W. Evans is a Jones Lecturer in creative writing at Stanford University. He is the author of Should I Still Wish: A Memoir (February 2017),  1,333 more words