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Big Show Told Conan About The Time Hulk Hogan Pulled A Perfect Prank On Him

He may not be facing Shaq at WrestleMania 33 anymore, but the Big Show is still proving he’s a superstar (in both the actual and WWE trademark sense). 197 more words


I'm Mad About Conan

Let’s talk about Conan.

In the past several years we’ve seen a variety of different Conan books, games, and even new comic books arise, all of them telling new and different Conan stories. 1,994 more words

Game Design

Conan O'Brien Tapped Crying Jordan And Shrunken-Head Shaq To Try To Dunk For Him

It’s tough to expect people in vision-obstructing costumes to dunk, but it does make for good late-night comedy.

Conan O’Brien tapped into a bit of internet culture for a sketch in honor of the NCAA Tournament. 317 more words


Writing Unrepentant Characters

From the Iliad to the western dime novels, there is a long history of anti-heroes or protagonists that behave with only their self interest in mind and lack virtue, morality, or other heroic values. 861 more words

Weird Fiction

Adam Pally's Fatman Is the Hero America Deserves

Was Adam Pally, star of Fox’s Making History, appearing on Conan last night in an inflatable Batman suit under the name “Fatman” more enjoyable than the entirety of… 107 more words

Conan O'Brien

Adam Pally Was Drunk When He Picked His 'Greatest' Costume For 'Conan' Yet

Whenever Adam Pally visits Conan, he comes dressed in a new ridiculous costume. It’s like Paul Rudd’s never-not-funny “Mac & Me” bit, but with… 211 more words