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Round Trip - Wonder Woman/Conan #2

Last month’s opening instalment of this series was big on action, a characterization of Conan that foregrounded his grim humour and mercenary streak, and a Wonder Woman who, divorced from her familiar milieu and suffering amnesia, was cloaked in mystery. 1,294 more words


Comic Review - Wonder Woman/Conan #2 (DC Comics)

Our pal Kit reviews comics for us! This is one of those reviews.

Warning: minor spoilers.

“Man of iron and woman of granite. The two greatest warriors of any age” … 564 more words


Conan Apolgizes To David Letterman For Messing Up His Horse Joke With A Horse Joke Of His Own

The saga of Conan and David Letterman’s horse gift has possibly come to an end after a late night back-and-forth between the two hosts. As we’ve detailed in prior posts, … 263 more words


Comic Reviews for 10/18/17

Batman #33

To close out the last arc, last issue, Catwoman accepted Batman’s engagement proposal. In this arc, she has to meet the last supervillainess that Batman proposed to. 2,644 more words


「Detective Conan X SHIBUYA109 Halloween Party 」!

This Halloween, Detective Conan is collaborating with SHIBUYA109 by Tokyu Group to bring us the grand「Detective Conan X SHIBUYA109 Halloween Party」!

From now til 31st October, spending 3,000 yen (~US$30) at SHIBUYA109 shopping malls (Shibuya Store, Osaka Store, Kagoshima Store) grants you a chance to play a mystery game to earn a Halloween limited sticker, or earn a limited edition Halloween themed badge! 250 more words

David Letterman Tells Jimmy Kimmel His Side Of Conan Story About Crazy Horse

On Night 2 of his visit to Brooklyn, Jimmy Kimmel heard David Letterman’s side of the Crazy Horse Named Dave Story, with which Conan O’Brien regaled Stephen Colbert last Friday on… 402 more words

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